People Describe The Biggest A-Holes They've Ever Encountered Online
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Some people are just plain nasty, that is a sad fact. There is true evil in this world, and we see it on display every single day. It can often make one lose all hope in "humanity."

At my core, I try to believe that most of us have good hearts, that are connected to kind souls. But my beliefs are tested almost hourly.

One of the scariest things is trying to pinpoint whether or not most of these people are just callous and rude or, quite possibly, they simmering sociopaths, destined to be the villain in a Dateline NBC or podcast episode.

Let's compare notes.

Redditor SmokeAndCannon wanted to hear about the people we wish we could've avoided in person and online, by asking:

What's the biggest @sshole post you remember?

My list is too long to even try to narrow down. I'm just going to say that most of our political officials, on all sides, need a muzzle, a sedative, and a new career path. Start there...

Divorce Time

Real Housewives Goodbye GIF Giphy

"Oh man I often think about the guy asking if he's an ahole for asking his pregnant wife to wear a diaper at night because she was disturbing his sleep whenever she got up to pee." ~ Morrigans


"I remember a girl in her late teens who thought her older sibling was faking their child's food allergy so she tried to catch her by not telling them about the ingredients before serving them a dish. Someone else had it first and recognized the ingredient and stopped the kid from eating it in time and called her out. She then tried to play it off saying her sibling was a drama queen and she was trying to trap her. Reddit tore into her, of course, since the child could've... well, died." ~ SylancerPrime


"The guy who moved into his younger girlfriend's apartment, and threw away her fancy drinking jars that she loved from their shelf because they bothered him and he wanted her to just drink from normal cups. I think about this entitled jerk a lot. ~ SelfDiagnosedUnicorn

"get over it"

"Girlfriend of a widowed father of two, she moved in to his place. He was still struggling with letting go of his late wife. So the gf in her eternal wisdom decided to throw away all family pictures of his late wife one day when the dad was away because she felt it was time for him to "get over it". He did not get those pictures back, they were legit gone forever. When she posted this on AITA but didn't get the validation she wanted she just doubled-down instead." ~ YoungDiscord


Angry Season 9 GIF by Shameless Giphy

"The girl who found a lost dog after someones house was destroyed then refused to give it back because they had "bonded." ~ dawsonsmythe

I dare you to try and keep any of my animals. What kind of lunatic does that?

"emotional support"

Steve Harvey Reaction GIF by Super Deluxe Giphy

"The guy who was mad his GWB wouldn't give 10k usd because he provided her with "emotional support" by listening to her rant about her ex a couple of times." ~ Hopelessyhopeful


"The OP deleted it so I can't link. OP was the wife of a man whose first wife died. OP was jealous of wife #1 and destroyed all the photos and knick knacks from the first wife, including deleting all the digital photos. She burned everything physical. Her husband packed up his teenage daughter and left her. It was 3 or so years ago and I still feel rage thinking about that vile OP. I hope her husband divorced her. It's the least she deserved." ~ fluidentity


"OP wasn't the a**hole in this one, but her son was. Basically she found out that her son was using her daughter-in-law as a stay at home maid. They had two kids, I wanna say, and DIL did EVERYTHING - cooking, cleaning, childcare, EVERYTHING. OP gave DIL some money for a girls' weekend and her son forced her to cancel it because he wanted to go out with his friends that weekend, leaving her to watch the children."

"DIL called OP in tears and OP loses it - tells her to drop the kids at her house and go take her weekend. OP takes the kids to her sister's (with DIL's permission) and goes to the bar where her son is and tears him a new one to the point she gets kicked out of the bar. First thing she does after that is call her other two DILs up to make sure her other son's aren't pieces of crap." ~ SpidersMcGee

People Share Their Scariest 'We Need To Leave Right Now' Experiences

People Share Their Scariest 'We Need To Leave Right Now' Experiences

Reddit users talk about those moments where they knew they needed to nope out of a situation immediately.

Awful Dad

"'ll never forget the one guy. He'd just turned 18 and was getting ready for college when his dad walked in, said "your mom cheated on me. I'm not your real dad. I'm not paying for your college. Move out after you graduate high school."

"The dad had known for the son's entire life but didn't say anything until that moment because he thought it was the mom's job to do it. And the kid assumed his family would pay for his college like they did with the others so he didn't save any money or look for scholarships." ~ justking1414

Call John

John Cena Mind Blown GIF Giphy

"The kid that ruined his little brother's signed John Cena poster. The little brother had gotten it signed when he met John Cena during a Make-A-Wish event that was held for him." ~ nsa_k

You'e No Father!

"The husband who missed his child's birth for a sports game, then lied to his parents with a big dramatic sob story about how he'd actually been there and it was so hard and stressful. Then he got mad when his wife called him out on lying. You know you're an a**hole when your own mother tears you a new one for what you did."


"Also, I wouldn't say the biggest as**hole in the grand scheme of AITA, but I feel like Iranian Yogurt Guy deserves a shout-out as one of the most memorable AHs:**hole/comments/bjd41e/aita_for_throwing_away_my_boyfriends_potentially/" ~ crockofpot

Not so Merry

"I'm surprised I haven't seen someone post about the woman who made her mixed race step daughter sit out of their family Christmas pictures because her parents are racist and it might make them uncomfortable." ~ klr8593

"Yeah! She didn't even like her parents anyway and basically the only contact was through Christmas cards! So like just don't send them the card! Or send them the card and make sure to block them on anything. Don't hurt the kid because people you don't even talk to are racist!" ~ Pokabrows

That's Just Morbid

"The one where a pregnant woman posted about her partner and his family were pretty much planning for her to die in childbirth. I don't know if there was ever an update from her but it was quite worrying." ~ Alisaurusrex82

"I remember that one. Wasn't that because the husband's mom died in child birth and the FIL had taken on both parental roles and wanted his son to do the same? Like I totally understand having a contingency plan since childbirth is dangerous but holy crap, it was like they wanted her to die." ~ AlexGarrido

'because she likes it'

Steve Brule GIF by MOODMAN Giphy

"The one with the guy whose daughter was super depressed, he got her therapy and she made some improvements, but then asked if he'd be the ahole if he canceled her therapy 'because she likes it' and her grades hadn't yet improved." ~ FoxesStoleMyGloves

A "her" thing?

"The woman whose boyfriend (husband?) declined to pay for any medical care or baby costs while she was pregnant with his child because they kept their finances separate and that was a "her" thing. If I recall correctly, she was making barely minimum wage while he made six figures and he told her to go to a food bank." ~ maddallena


"The guy who blamed his recently diagnosed with cancer wife for not having kids earlier. To top it off he was so disgusted and disappointed with her that he went a booked a hotel room for himself just after she had gotten diagnosed, leaving her with her family." ~ art_mor_

No Karen!

"The woman who stole her dying son's wish (make a wish foundation) to get a vacations instead of letting the kid meet his favorite band because that way she would "remember for the rest of her life because raising a kid with cancer was so stressful." ~ franska5

"I used to do some work with MAW when I was a corporate travel agent, and this kind of behavior was not rare. No, Karen, I don't believe your 7-year-old son gives a crap about staying in a resort that has the best spa facilities." ~ dynamiterolll


"The one where a piece of crap dad got his daughter scratch cards for her birthday and when she actually won a lot of money from the card, he just confiscated the money for himself. That was the post that made me realize that sub just wasn't good for my health. I already have high blood pressure. And, to my credit, I've never gone back." ~ I_Consume_Shampoo

but the lighting is just right...

French Reaction GIF by Rodney Dangerfield Giphy

"The woman who 'borrowed the ambience' of a poorer little girl's birthday party to give her child a Nintendo switch right before the other girl opened her presents because she didn't like the other mom. I still shake my head thinking about it." ~ gimmetheloot2p2

That little kid is a psycho in training. Those parents need to sleep with BOTH eyes open. I hope John Cena sent another poster.

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