People Break Down The Biggest A-Hole Moves Of All-Time
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Whether it's at work or school, there is always that one person we can peg as the a**hole.

Anything, whether it's a person of any gender or a company, is capable of cruelty and scheming.

Maybe we were victims of a rotten prank once, or we witnessed another person being majorly inconvenienced and we all rolled our eyes and thought, "that's such an a**hole move."

But there are certain behaviors that give an individual the title as the ultimate a**hole.

People identified what those behaviors might be when Redditor coffe_the_witch asked:

"What's something that everyone in the world can agree is an a**hole move?"

It comes at a cost.


"Charging extra fees for online ticket purchases."

– TeeKeeBoom

"Convenience fee? Convenient way to rip me off."

– maddieforgotpassword ·

The Latest Textbook

"Publishing a new version of a textbook with a few dozen changes, charging $350.00 for it, and making THE CURRENT VERSION the required book for the class."

– pewnanner

These moves are undoubtedly a**hole territory.

Annoying Online Experiences

"Hiding the close button on Ads."

"Making impossibly hard to cancel subscriptions."

– KungFu-omega-warrior

Inconsiderate Parking Maneuver

"Blocking someone’s driveway."

– Spiritual-Wind-3412

"Guy parked his BMW 7 series blocking the entrance to the underground parking of my building. I called 311 (the city’s local help line) to report it, 3 minutes later a tow truck showed up. As the tow truck pulled away, buddy comes running out of the restaurant in his pinstripes and chases after it as the truck drove down the block. Truck kept going."

– millijuna

Beware of these occupational hazards.

Unexpected Pay Cut

"Lowering a wage from what was promised in the job description."

– DustyJonathon

Downside Of Office Kitchens

"Eating food that is marked with someone's name."

– DustyJonathon

Causing harm has got to be the ultimate a**hole category.

Animal Cruelty

"Abusing animals. Special place in hell for those people."

– lunkercat

They Never Saw It Coming

"Robbing a blind person."

– maghreb23

"I work at a small pizza shop and a blind lady orders from us quite often, she ordered from another local shop a few days before. Delivery driver showed up at her house and took her bills only to find out she had a bunch of ones and not fives. the other pizza shop driver stole her money and gave her incorrect change. Boss found out and went over to that restaurant and talked to the guy who did it and got her money back."

– RexThe-Great

Pet Negligence

"People who neglect their pets. just watched a video of a woman throwing her dog out of the car and leaving the dog with two amputated legs on the side of the road, she had another dog in the car but she only left the dog with amputated legs on the road. What a very sad word we lived in."

– SnooMuffins4495

Next to those who inflict physical pain on other living things, scam callers, I think, are the second worst offenders.

The lengths these lowlifes go to convince an elderly, or other vulnerable individual, to fork over their savings or suffer legal consequences is infuriating.

These threatening, scheming calls seemed to have increased during the pandemic, and their convincing methods have only become increasingly sophisticated as we have become more alert and wise to their ways.

Stay vigilant, and if your gut tells you it feels wrong, it's a total a**hole move.

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