Is bigger really better? And not just REALLY better but ALWAYS better? That's a question that's continued to boggle the human brain. You might have noticed that people are quite polarized on this concept. Especially concerning sex. Yes, definitely that.

But there's more to observe about this expectation than just the horizontal mambo (as one of my neighbors liked to refer to it). So much more.

People shared their thoughts with us after Redditor rayvtoriq_ asked the online community,

"What are examples where 'bigger is better' isn't true?"

"The giant ones..."

"Stars. The giant ones die quickly, the small ones can live for billions of years."


The very smallest red dwarfs can live for trillions of years. They cook their hydrogen fuel very slowly and over low temperatures. Talk about stretching your rations!

"The length..."

"The length of silence after you ask someone to marry you."


Ouch... did you really have to go there? We're all suffering from secondhand cringe.

"I'm at the age..."

"Kidney stones. I'm at the age where I'm starting to dread those things. Hoping to go as long as I can without one, luckily I've never been a soda drinker and am an absolute man-sl*t for water."


Well done! You're doing better than a lot of people. Probably best for many people to just give up soda altogether.

"You would think..."

"Vegetables. You would think more = better but the bigger they are the less flavor there is and the texture gets weird. For certain veggies at least. Zucchini for example."


An excellent point. Smaller and flavorful is the way to go.

"Anyone who's ever been pregnant..."

"Babies. Anyone who's ever been pregnant has that thought of what if this baby doesn't fit through that hole? C-sections suck. Emergency C-sections when you are 10 cm dilated and the baby is stuck are terrifying."


"The amount..."

"The amount/weight of stuff you have to unload/carry from one place to another."


Moving is the best time to unload all the unnecessary crap. Easier when you are doing the packing than on your actual moving day though!

"To say something that isn't necessarily obvious: cruise ships."

"These lumbering behemoths that cruise lines have been building don't really lead to a more enjoyable experience for passengers: they're overcrowded, impersonal and the desperation to pack in more and more "activities" actually can make a vacation more stressful. Plus, they are environmental disasters."

"Small ships tend to offer a much better experience: better service, better food, better itineraries, and an overall more relaxed, more personal time."


"Better quality products..."

"Personal care products. Better quality products tend to be more concentrated or have less filler ingredients, so you need less product for the same results. I notice this with moisturizer especially."


I feel I should add a disclaimer: Your mileage on this may vary.

"If it's a little meteor..."

"A shooting star. If it's a little meteor, it's cool and you get to make a wish. If it's a big meteor, we're all dead."


You just watched Don't Look Up, didn't you?

"It might be weird..."

"Beards. It might be weird, but this is a hill I will die on."


When my own beard gets too long, it starts to itch, which drives me utterly insane. I do not recommend.

"I still remember waking up..."

"Rats. I still remember waking up in the morning to go to school and my cat was at the front door with a rat she had killed almost as big as her. She had such a proud look on her face."


Your cat SHOULD be proud. Who's to say that thing wouldn't have eaten her first?!

Well, look, you managed to get through this entire article without finding one mention of a penis. Disappointing, I know.

Have some observations of your own? Feel free to tell us more in the comments below!

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