People Share Their Best 'You Picked On The Wrong Person' Experiences

Why can't we all just get along? Why do people have to act a fool or try to belittle others with violence?

That is why is can be so delicious to watch a bully or just an ignorant dude get a good comeuppance. Now I don't advocate for violence but, a quick thumping to knock the shoulder chip off or cause to fall from that pedestal they think they're on is sometimes necessary.

Far too many people believe they are invincible so they just act any kind of way to anybody. And every once in a while they meet their match, or they meet their rhetorical "maker." And they cry. And it's beautiful.

Redditor u/ZPM89 wanted to know about the time people made that bad decision to come for someone they should've just ignored, by asking:

What happened when you saw someone pick on the wrong person?

High school is a rough time for many. And bullying doesn't seem to have slowed down. I remember some awful bullies in my school days. And one of the best day was when this one evil kid decided to try and throw this science kid across the room. That science kid knew martial arts. One of them limped to the principal. Guess who?

The Pick Up

lio rush sport GIF by WWEGiphy

"Saw a little person bodyslam someone who was about a foot taller than him into for picking on him in high school."

- Send_Derps

Stay on the field boys...

"During high school the wrestling team and football team shared the weight room where you work out. Some of the football players started picking on the soon to be state champions younger brother. We found out that day that football players while strong can't get out of wrestling holds that make you a human pretzel."

- Zkenny13

My Buddy

"Watched a guy at a bar pick a fight with a buddy of mine. My buddy is pretty chubby and honestly soft spoken until he gets a few drinks but wouldn't say much to offend anyone. So the fight began and nobody told the other guy that my buddy has been teaching Taekwondo for years. The fight was over very fast."

- treetreestwigbranch


"Back in 2019, my family and I decided to go on a road trip up the east coast. One night, we decided to stop in Fort Bragg, NC. While there, we elected to head to this small bar to get some dinner before calling it a night. Upon arriving, I notice there's this one really loud dude who's trying to flirt with every single girl that walked into the bar. Anyways, there's this one lady that he's really bugging, and you can visibly tell that she's uncomfortable but he's not stopping."

"That lady then decides to go sit down next to this really quiet bunch of dudes in the corner. Upon noticing the company these men were giving her, he walks up to them and starts losing it. He yells a ton of obscenities and tries to show off the fact that he was a Ranger or something, but these dudes just ignore him. Eventually, he gives up and just grabs the girl's arm."

"At that exact moment, one of the men stands up, grabs that dudes arm, flips him like a ragdoll onto the ground, and pins his arm to the ground. They have a quick chat about niceties before letting him go and that dude is promptly ushered out of the restaurant. Later found out, they were special forces of some type!"

- Renoux_Venture


nerds GIFGiphy

"6th grade, bully decides to pick on the class nerd one more time by pushing his books from his desk to the floor."

"Class nerd grabs a pencil and stabs him directly in the shoulder. The look on the bully's face was pure confusion as the pencil protruded from his shoulder. The nerd was suspended and missed a big overnight trip for our "gifted" kids class, but I like to think he never regretted it."

- reflectrofluid

See there, think before you act. An act like a person not a savage. And maybe get a therapist. Or least takes some deep breaths.

J got it...

mma fighter GIF by K_TcH1Giphy

"An incident on the street of our town, too long to explain and not relevant anyway, but a bully of a man grabbed hold of my arms but he didn't realise my six foot son was nearby. J appeared out of nowhere, lifted yer man up by the lapels of his jacket, roared into his face "get your f*****g hands off my mam" and HURLED him across the pavement."

- Rosieapples

Chad looking guy...

"I was at a Machine Gun Kelly concert a few weeks ago in general admission. We made friends with some people next to us; a dad who took his 14 year old daughter and her friend to the show. He was a really nice guy and his daughter was so excited to be at her first ever concert. 2 minutes after the show starts, a fight breaks out right next to us. We quickly realize it's the dad we met, fighting some late twenties Chad looking guy."

"It lasted only a couple of minutes— we watched as Chad ripped the dad's shirt in half off of him, only for the dad to then clock him so hard in the face that he fell to the ground and scurried away. We later found out from our new friend that the Chad guy had come up to his daughter from the crowd and started touching her inappropriately. He finished out the concert with his daughter, shirtless. It was awesome. lol"

- Odd-Sandwich-3111

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Oh Lou...

"A buddy of mine got a job at a steel mill after graduating with a degree in chemical engineering (the job wasn't related to his degree). While working there, he made a friend, a guy named Lou, whose job it was to stand on a platform over a vessel of molten steel and use a long heavy rod to bash through the cooling steel crust on the top (please forgive my terminology, I don't know the trade)."

"Lou was an unassuming man, about 5'8", bald and not particularly imposing. But he was crazy strong and tough because of the job, among other things. One night, they went for a beer after work and were standing at the bar drinking and chatting. Some drunk a-hole bumps into Lou and gets aggressive. This guy throws a punch and connects on the side of Lou's head."

"Without setting down his beer, Lou grabs him by the front of his shirt with one hand, lifts him off the floor and seats him on the bar. Lou lets him go and quietly says, "I'm going to give you a chance to reconsider." The guy sobers up really fast and says, "Thank you. Please accept my apology." Lou let him get down off the bar, at which point he turned around to the barkeeper, paid his tab, Lou's, and my buddy's, then quietly left, still looking shaken."

- Scutifur

Lady Cop

ronda rousey ufc GIFGiphy

"Was standing in line to get poutine in Montreal. Some drunk dude started harassing a bouncer then a police woman came and he started to get physical with her. She flipped him over on his back and handcuffed him. Amazing!"

- sids99

Forks Out

"The local sheriff's grandson was a bully and would hide behind his grandpa's name. One day during lunch period in high school, he decided to steal a couple books from a nerdy-looking kid I didn't know. Kid immediately saw through it and demanded his stuff back. Bully said he'd have the kid arrested on false accusation charges."

"Kid grabs a fork from someone's lunch tray and drives it into the bully's leg. Bully screams and lurches out of the chair, dropping the books from under his loose-fitting shirt as he does so. Kid picks up his stuff and goes back to eating like nothing happened."

- Lentra888

Middle School

"This is personal. Me and a friend would walk home from middle school. I was in 8th grade and he was in 7th. There was a 9th grader that walked the same route. He was 5 inches taller and 30 pounds bigger than me. He would pick on us all the time. Throw us down. Punch. Spit."


"Due to covid, Mcdonald's has had an unusually long line. A gang member thought he could cut the line and throw up his gang sign out the window to the long line of people he just cut in front of. The person behind him (small framed dude with his kid in the car) is furious, gets out of his car to confront the gang member. Gang member also jumps out and starts to square up to this scrawny dude."

"Thinking he is the most dominant of the pair, the gang member laughs and tells him to "F**k off before you get hurt". Within 2 seconds, the scrawny dude throws 3 jabs as quick as lightning and drops the gang member on the spot, jumps in the gang members car, drives it onto the road and parks it, gets out and throws the keys over a fence, gets back in his own car and proceeds to stay in line until he receives his order. As he's driving out, the gang member has half come to and boots the man's car as he drives past."

"Annoyed (I'm guessing because his child is in the car) this dude gets out and drops the fool again. Jumps in his car and drives off. Moments later, the gang member comes to again and realises his car is parked on the road. He walks up to it and before he reaches his car, somebody screamed out to him "Your keys are over that fence". By that time, foods ready and we out. Moral of the story, DON'T MESS WITH HUNGRY PEOPLE!!"

- BlaccMonk


Wonder Woman Vintage GIFGiphy

"When I was in middle school one time I saw this boy creepily sneaking up on a girl and he grabbed her butt. She spun around smacked him in the face with her purse and started kicking him in the nads. He freaked out and ran off. Never saw him mess with a girl again."

- Little_BabyBirdie20


"When I was in HS, 40 years ago, a megajock started harassing, and basically stalking, a girl I knew from a previous activity. She was dating a man who had relatives in the Mafia, and some of them paid him a little visit and while they didn't do anything to him beyond warn him what they could do to him if he kept it up, he got the message and left her alone."

- notthesedays

Big mistake...

"One of my friends went to an inner city comprehensive school in a rough part of a big city in the north of England. One of the bullies at the school was known for being a sadistic prick that picked on anybody. One morning some new students arrived at the school, and it was apparent they were of gypsy origin."

"The bully made an incredibly derogatory comment about people from gypsy origin. Big mistake. One of the girls of gypsy origin charged at the bully and literally just pummelled him to the ground, then just started savagely beating him. She was landing punches left right and centre, and literally going at him like a wild animal."

"She would not stop! It took 3-4 teachers to get her off him, and even then she was still trying to go for him so they had to get him out of the room. She was screaming all sorts of obscenities at him and saying that he better look over his shoulder as he's a marked man. The bully had to change school and house, according to my friend."

- thunderfart_99

Have a night night...


"I was dating a woman who's about 5'10 and while not really aggressive, you don't want to mess with her."

"Apparently someone grabbed her butt while she was in line at a bar, she turned around and knocked the guy to the ground with one punch. An hour or two later, a cop showed up, asked her what happened and said "Thank you, just wanted to double-check the facts. Have a night night."


Good Day Sir

"When I was 10 or so my grandparents and I were driving back home to Canada from their condo in Florida. We were coming through the Detroit/Windsor border crossing and stopped just before the border at a Walmart. Some dude rudely tried to shove past us into the store. My grandfather tapped him on the shoulder and told him to apologize to his wife and grandson for being ignorant and inconsiderate."

"This guy was 30 or so if I had to guess, at the grandfather was 61. The guy shoved my grandpa, and then miraculously he was on the ground out like a light. My grandfather waited until he woke from his nap, got the apology, and then bought me ice cream and a hot wheels car. Good day."

- CognitiveRedaction

"okay that's cool, thanks bro"

"My husband. 7th grade, middle school (ugh) - his family moved and he had to start at a new school. The "alpha male" of the school went up to him his first week there and just socked him in the face out of nowhere - to this day my husband has no idea why, he hadn't even looked at him - he thinks the guy was like trying to assert his dominance, show him who was in charge at that school or whatever lol."

"Anyhow, guy throws a hard punch, husband didn't go down, didn't even flinch. He just laughed at him, said something like "okay that's cool, thanks bro" and walked off laughing. This is not how it went down with the other boys "alpha" dude tried to intimidate, and it made him look really stupid and like a fool in front of all the other kids lolol."

"Husband's best friend that he met there is the one who told me this, bc he saw it happen and it made quite the impression on everyone. I thought that was cool AF how my husband basically took this douchebag down and humiliated him without having to lift a finger lol. He's still the chillest dude. :)"

- Maximum-Barracuda-27

Out Cold

finn balor fainting GIF by WWEGiphy

"The girl in my high school who had a black belt in grade 9. Very few people knew this, but one guy must have heard a rumor or something and harassed the crap of her."

"All the dumb jokes you can imagine if you were picking on someone for being in karate. Screaming HI-Yah, and fake karate chops… He was warned that she could kick his butt and he asked her to prove it. So one day she did. She knocked that boy out cold. It was fantastic."

- YVRkeeper

Go forth with kindness. Nobody likes a bully or a fool. When you lead with violence, karma will find you. Please let me be there!

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