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Those seeking work who were unable to earn a college degree or receive advanced training needn't be discouraged.

There is a wide range of jobs out there that surprisingly require little to no experience and actually pay a decent wage.

Many would even argue holding a degree of higher learning didn't help them land the jobs that made them happy.

Curious to hear examples of the kind of work people do without extensive training or expertise in a field and are able to earn a comfortable living, Redditor moonlightandmischief asked:

"What is a well paying job that requires minimal schooling or training?"

These jobs deal with death and rebirth.

Handling Road Kill

"Picking up dead animals for the highway department. The training is mostly just handing you a shovel and assigning you to a truck. It pays really well, which is nice, because you'll want to burn your clothes. Try to get promoted to 'driver' as soon as you can."


Having A Green Thumb

"For students in Canada, treeplanting can be very lucrative but is also very physically demanding. No education required. My first summer I only made about $3.5k a month but that went up every year. My last few seasons I was making about $10k a month."


Backyard Farmer

"Growing microgreens to sell to high end restaurants nets around $150,000 in London. Or if you're in California, you can legally sell weed."


The benefit of these jobs is on-site training.

Mining Business

"Mining/Miner. I work in an above ground stone quarry."

"Needed no degree, all training was on the job. I was familiar with equipment from running farm equipment. People here make around 85-100K per year."



Only Requirement Is A Jacket

"Where I work in a cold storage warehouse requires little to no experience. Around $25/hr, all the overtime you can handle. Some parts of the year when they need extra help they pay 10 extra an hour, and sometimes 20. So you could be making like 53/hr including overtime. Not bad. It's pretty hard work though."


Obscure Opinions People Are Fully Committing To | George Takei’s Oh Myyy

We all have a set of beliefs about even the smallest of topics. Like sandwiches should have structural integrity. That's something we can all agree on, right...

Making The World A Cleaner Place

"Trash collector."


"The high pay is more about the hazards and health risks, i guess. As well as the fact that you have to find ppl who actually want to work in this field."


Staying Vigilant

"Honestly, unarmed contracted security. For an entry level job where you mostly just stand there and call the police when needed, here it averages between $15-20 an hour and it seems anyone with a clean criminal record and a negative drug test can land a position."


Unlimited Overtime

"Natural gas technician… I was making 40 an hour with unlimited OT. They hired me and after 1 year of training on the job I was making 100k a year without trying. Had guys working 60-70 hours a week making almost 200k a year."

"Saved a sh*t ton of money for 5 years and bought a pizza shop. Make close to same money but own my own business now! I loved the job and had a ton of fun but never had any passion for it and hated being on call constantly."

– MoNeyMillz28

Communication Skills Are A Plus

"Apparently the helpdesk at my work are making 19/hr. Basic hardware/software/windows OS knowledge, attention to detail and ability to communicate and you're gucci."

– SourLimeSoda

Training In Under A Week

"Becoming an insurance adjuster."

"I took a 5 day class, passed a test, total cost a few hundred. Found a job and make about $32K starting and you pretty much learn as you go and switch companies/get promoted every few years. Doesn't take too long to get into the $80K range and you can become senior-manager level after 10 years if you want."

– absolute4080120

Playing Hostess

"Just went through the entire thread and I'm so surprised there are only 1-2 people saying to work at a semi high end restaurant being a server/ bartender. Im a hostess and make 25/hr."

– sglstudios

The following jobs dealing with machinery get the spotlight here.

Getting On Track

"Railcar Carman. Just need a drivers license & a high school diploma or equivalent. Twice yearly raises and great benefits for a job they do on the job training for and also send you out to training."

"Also conductors and engineers but their schedules are crazier and even the guys who have 20 years in get sh*t schedules."


Working With Plastics

"I work in the plastic industry. Setting up blow mold machines and injection machines. Only about 4 months of training no school. Make about 30 a hour."


Going With The Flow

"I hate to put it out there but tow boating in the Mississippi River 42k a year for six months work all the over time you can stand. The catch is it is miserable work, you'll be cold, hot, tired and well fed. Its a mostly male dominated field as the work is very body intensive but I've seen 3 females out here in 6 years so its not impossible."

– HardcaseHondo

It Pays To Maintain Heat, Ventilation, And Air Conditioning

"HVAC Tech. Still need an aptitude for figuring out mechanical problems. And must be ok working in hot dusty attics and the occasional weekend/holiday."

"If you set up your own residential shop after a couple years, and are prompt and good at your job, you could rake in the money. And if you get into commercial, that's where the very big money is."


When I first started college, I was a theater major. But then I realized a degree in theater was not going to guarantee me a stable career in a very unstable and unpredictable industry.

So I switched my major and study focus to English literature.

When I became lucky enough to eventually sustain a living supporting myself as an artist, I wondered if having a BA in English would have taken me further in life if being a performer didn't work out for me.

Many of my friends started well-paying jobs that had nothing to do with what they studied in university.

Again, I'm not here to knock a college education, but with so many jobs out there that don't require much experience and offer on-the-job training, I wonder if all my money spent on college tuition could've served a better purpose in investments.

Just a thought.

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