People Share The Best Male Equivalents To A Getting A Woman Flowers
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Some people are not great at giving gifts.

What do you get someone, especially if you want to show your appreciation... or even love?

It's a bit harder than you think.

You could always default to flowers, right? Everyone likes flowers.

But what about something a bit more personal? Especially if you wanted to break out of the mold, so to speak?

People shared their thoughts after Redditor Banshee3011 asked the online community:

"Men of Reddit, what's something to get for a guy that's equivalent to flowers?"

"I dated a woman once..."

"Any gift that shows you actually listen to what they say goes a long way. I dated a woman once who noticed I drank a lot of seltzer water and felt bad when I didn't finish cause it went flat."

"She got me these can toppers off Amazon that was a couple dollars and meant more to me than most anything I've ever received."


This is sweet!

It's the little things that count.

"I now make it a point..."

"A lot of us men are often conditioned to be "tough" and remove any unjustified expenses beyond bare function. So, there are things we like, but feel guilt about buying. A gift can be a great way to give people what they liked but never bought."

"As an example, one of my female friends heard that I was stressed out and needed something relaxing and - and actually gifted me a bath-set - the full salts, essential oils, and a holder-tray to put on the bathtub to watch something on the phone."

"I now make it a point to have a 1-2 hour bath every Sunday night and I have felt super-relaxed and recharged for the week."


I have to say I'm definitely a shower person and not a bath person at all but I can't help but feel a little envious.

I might steal this idea... for myself.

"I once went on a first date..."

"I once went on a first date with a girl for a drink and when we got to the place it was pouring so I dropped her off at the door. I go in and she’s sitting at the bar with two beers. I have been in dating apps for a bit and for some reason a simple beer seemed like the nicest thing ever."

"Most of the time the bill comes and they don’t move and then I give the waiter my card and they walk away and my date says, "Oh, I was going to split it.'"


This is very thoughtful!

Not that everyone goes out on a date expecting a free meal but it is nice to see such consideration.

"I bought my now husband..."

"I bought my now husband a tiny plant only two weeks into knowing him. It’s in our yard now and massive almost 22 years later!"


It's awesome that you've kept it alive!

How big is this thing now?!

"I've asked my guy..."

"I've asked my guy this very question before. He said garlic bread. And honestly I too would prefer garlic bread over flowers."


I think I too would like some garlic bread... ideally some I don't have to make myself.

"I buy my boyfriend..."

"I buy my boyfriend Hot Wheels of obscure cars we like. That or old vintage adverts of said cars. It’s thoughtful and cheap, and fun to just have shit randomly show up in the mail. We’re both car fanatics, it just works."


This is adorable.

You probably have a nice little collection of memorabilia.

"My ex made me..."

"My ex made me cheesecake bites. So I would say our favorite dessert."


This is a real winner.

And also... cheesecake bites.

I want cheesecake bites.

Or how about just cheesecake?

I'd settle for that.

"If a woman gave me..."

"A potted plant to use for fresh spice/garnish. If a woman gave me a basil plant, I’d probably propose on the spot."


This is a very useful gift!

I think I'd like to get one myself... but I admit I don't get as much sunlight in my apartment as I'd like.


"Literally just a hug. A lot of us are used to not getting anything as gifts anyways BUT are also more starved for affection than you might think."



This is true.

Many men are conditioned like this so it's nice to remind them that people do care.

Sometimes a hug is all someone needs.

"Get to know him..."

"Get to know him and see what he likes. I would say it's not about the flowers for women, it's about the thoughtfulness that is needed to get a gift for the person you want to make happy."


This is correct—the simplest and probably the most useful advice.

Next time you have trouble figuring out what to get someone, you might want to take some of the advice here.

Trust: It'll pay dividends.

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