People Share Their Best 'I Didn't Just Dodge A Bullet But A Tactical Nuke' Experiences
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How many stories have you heard about last-minute decisions that change the course of someone's fate?

You make a right turn and not a left and learn the road on the left was on fire?

We survive on pure luck sometimes.

Most of the time we never know it.

But when you do witness it, it gives you some perspective.

Redditor Long-Jeweler-5845 wanted everyone to share how their lives at one point were spared. They asked:

"What’s your best 'I didn’t just dodge a bullet, but a tactical nuke' story?"

I've lost count of the amount of nukes I've dodged. Many have to deal with relationships. Obvi...


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"I was once the last person to cross a bridge before it fell... looked in my rear view to see what the noise was to see open air where there should've been road... and some white faced people who were just about to cross as well."



"When I was 14 I went to my best friend's house for her birthday party. A 30 year old guy that worked for their parents asked her to tell me that he wanted to take me out on a date. I said I had a boyfriend. He seemed nice but he started following us everywhere and just standing back staring at us (they had a huge farm)."

"I got nervous and called mom to come get me. Months later we saw his wanted poster at our grocery store. He was serial killer Angel Resendez, the railway killer. Mom didn't believe me until it was on AMW that night and they interviewed my friends foster parents. Then she freaked."


The Bad Guy

"My mom's BFF had a son get out of prison. He was doing tattoos for a living. We lived in a state that still had tattoos illegal at the time, so he and his mom came to our house to give us a tattoo. I was like 18 at the time and I think he was in his early 20s."

"We were told he went to prison because (while he did have a drug problem at the time), he took the fall for someone carrying a f**kton of meth. His mom kept hinting (and eventually outright suggesting) I let him take me on a date. She swore up and down he needed a good influence like me."

"I'll admit, I did feel pressured quite a bit. His mom was one of my favorite people in the world and I felt like i was letting her down. But I was not feeling it. Dude was not attractive at all. Worst of all, he was covered in swastikas (that he claimed was to survive prison). I also found it really creepy that he kept oddly stroking my foot while doing a tattoo several inches above my ankle."

"But, we managed to end the tattoo party with no dates made. Cool. About 3 months later, I'm listening to the news as background noise and I hear her son's name mentioned, police are looking for him. He strangled his girlfriend and all four of her children."


On the Fence

"I’ve posted this story before but when I was a young child, I was outside playing with the hose by myself. A man appeared at my fence and asked me to come over. I walked over, he leaned down and picked me up. I started kicking at him and he dropped me almost immediately, then walked away. After that I ran inside, hid in my closet and never told a single person."

"I had almost forgotten about it, or thought I had imagined it until years later when my mom was telling me about how they recently solved a cold case of a man who kidnapped and murdered a girl around my age at the time from our neighborhood and left her body in a field a few miles from our house."


Bad Woman

"Not me, but my mom - one day, a male coworker of hers asked her on a date. She was friends with him and liked him well enough, but she had a boyfriend at the time so she politely turned him down. he took it like a champ and jokingly said 'ah, you should dump that guy - I'll treat you much better!'"

"Less than a year later, he was arrested for murdering his ex-wife with an axe because she wouldn't let him borrow her car."


Well all of you sound like very lucky people so far.


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"I had a two friends that were going to score some drugs. I almost went with them to get dropped off home on their way back. They were both killed, robbed, and set on fire."



"I was about 11 and my dad wanted me to come along with him to pick up some furniture about 30 minutes away. I made a huge stink about it, basically being an annoying little male adolescent turd, saying how I wanted to stay at home and play, I'd be really good, it was boring, etc."

"He finally got fed up and stormed out and told me to STAY PUT and he'd back soon. About an hour later, he comes home in a police car, pretty shaken up, and just reached over and hugged me hard. Turns out that he was driving down the highway and traffic got busy ahead, and this semi truck in the lane over tried to stop too late and jack-knifed."

"When it was coming to a stop from swerving all over the road, it fell over on the passenger side of the car, right where I would have been if I had gone along with him. The car was totaled (obviously), with the entire passenger side crushed down flat. Actually, he was lucky HE made it out alive. He never made another big deal about me coming along if I really said I didn't want to go."


Bomb Day

"I went to Boston U and lived less than a mile from the finish line of the Boston Marathon. In 2013, my friends and I had decided that we were going to walk down to the finish line to see the end of the race, after a 'light' 9am drink as is tradition for college students on marathon Monday. We got way too drunk and decided to go to McDonald's instead. Quite literally dodged a bomb."


gunning for me...

"I was bullied pretty badly in middle school by this one kid. Before I could finish 7th grade, my parents and I moved to another state. On my last day in middle school, the kid who bullied me was unusually nice to me. Found out after my last day in middle school in that town that my bully beat a teacher with a metal baseball bat."

"Apparently he was gunning for me, and got frustrated that I didn't show up and decided to just take it out on a teacher. Last I heard, he went to Juvie for that."


The End

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"My dad's story but basically he was trying to hitchhike back to his house when some kids (visibly drunk) pulled over to pick him up. Whenever he would reach for the handle they would drive off until they eventually just sped off down the road, went airborne over the next hill and crashed the car. They all died."


You never know when the Universe is saving you. So just be grateful.

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