Automatic Dog-Petter Is Hitting All The Right Spots With Pets And Their Owners

Automatic Dog-Petter Is Hitting All The Right Spots With Pets And Their Owners
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Did you know you needed a dog petter in your life?

If not, you do now.

The puppy petting machine has been met with mixed results.

The prototype petting machine, according to the man who built it for his dogs, is comparable to a human's massage chair.

The first dog appears not to be too enthused about the contraption. The second dog––a far more petite one––shows that this machine was not built for much smaller dogs!

You can watch the video below:

Automatic Dog Petter ||

Is the machine a practical one?

Depends on who you ask, judging by the reactions.

Some loved it.


You've got that right.

Oh myyyy.

Others, meanwhile, were not necessarily fans.

This is a perfectly reasonable question.


Others cited different problems with the machine.

Turns out someone also developed a cat version.

Cat Petting

Meanwhile someone found the idea of the product so absurd they make a "joke package" out of it.

But at least one person really wanted the joke item instead of their actual gift.


Seems like a tough call. What say you?

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