Australian Soccer Players Apologize After Donning Blackface For Serena Williams 'Costume' 😡
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Despite the fact that it's 2018, incidents of blackface are happening all over the place. Most recently, some Australian soccer players decided to pose as Serena and Venus Williams and Aliir Aliir.

Australia's Penguin Football Club apologized on Wednesday after one of their players posted photos of himself and two teammates dressed in blackface.

Beau Grundy originally posted the photo of himself, Mitch Stanley, and Matt Chamberlain. On his Facebook post, which has since been deleted, he posted the photo with the hashtag #madmonday.

In Australia, mad Monday is a tradition where members of a sports team (traditionally rugby, but apparently sometimes football, AKA soccer) go out the day after their last game of the season and get as drunk as possible.

The trio was attempting to portray Serena Williams, Venus Williams, and South Sudanese Sydney Swans soccer star, Aliir Aliir.

Defying any ounce of good judgement whatsoever, Grundy, Stanley, and Chamberlain painted themselves black. The two who portrayed the Williams sisters also donned black, curly wigs.

This all comes in the wake of the horribly offensive cartoon of Serena Williams and Naomi Osaka posted by Mark Knight in the Herald Sun, Australia's "most-read newspaper".

The Penguin Football Club issued a press release following the offensive photo.

The Penguin Football Club were not aware that three of our players intended to dress in this manner and the incident did not happen at our facilities.

Around sixteen of our players had hired a bus and travelled to Rocky Cape Tavern to hold their end of year celebrations.

The Penguin Football Club would like it acknowledged that it is unacceptable in this day and age that three players would consider dressing for a Mad Monday as they did.

It was not their intention to upset anyone and all they meant to do was dress as one of their sporting idols.
Their actions were never intended to be racist in any way.

Those concerned have been reprimanded and will be given support to make sure they understand that their behaviour was racist and hurtful and that it will not happen again.

The club will certainly be supporting our players through this unfortunate incident.

The players concerned have acknowledged that what they did was completely and utterly unacceptable and would like to apologise unreservedly for their lack of judgement.

The Penguin Football Club will put strategies in place in 2019 to ensure that this completely unacceptable behaviour never happens again.

We are a community-based grass roots organisation and will work with our players to make sure we are more inclusive and tolerant

The PFC is held in high esteem in our local community and understand our role and influence in being advocates for an inclusive community.

Sometimes players make mistakes and for that we apologise.

This tweet shows screenshots of the original photo and Facebook caption.

The internet is enraged.

Some are having a hard time believing the men didn't know what they were doing.

Others are demanding action be taken against Grundy, Stanley, and Chamberlain.

The Penguin Football Club has also defended the players, saying they were just trying to dress as their sports idols.

H/T: Daily Dot, NY Post

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