Atheists Explain What They'd Ask God If There Actually Was Life After Death

Many people are convinced that there is life after death. But there are different interpretations of what that life might look like. Atheists, however? They don't believe in any of it. Why would they? There's no proof, as far as they're concerned.

But suppose they had an opportunity to ask?

Would God, whatever a god might look like, answer?

And what might that answer be?

People shared their thoughts with us after Redditor SoAllofThis asked the online community,

"Atheists, if there is life after death and you were standing before a supreme being after you passed away, what would be the first thought that came to mind and the first question you asked them?"

"Is this the start..."

"Is this the start of my own Isekai?"


Depends, did you see a truck?

"Are any humans' beliefs close to who or what you are?"


Well, according to Michael from The Good Place, "On October 14, 1972, during a magic mushroom trip, Doug Forcett described to his friend Randy the nature of the afterlife to a surprising degree of accuracy — getting it 92% correct."

Sooo... maybe?

"What is it..."

"What exactly is it you say you DO here?"


I'm good with people! I'm a people person!!!


"Who are you?"


What If the being replies: "I’m you"?

What then?

"So which one..."

"So which one is it, and how worried do I have to be?"


After that, you can always ask, "So which one are you, and what's next?"

"I'd ask..."

"I’d ask, when can I see my dogs?"


Sorry, your dog is in Dog Heaven. It's on a different cloud. If you want to go there, I'll have to reincarnate you as a canine.

What's your position..."

"What's your position on honest doubt vs disingenuous piety?"


Something tells me plenty have gotten into so much trouble over the years asking about different variations of this question while growing up in a fundamentalist Pentecostal family.


"I’d like to speak to your manager."


Next, you can ask, "Do you know who I am??" and see where that gets you.

"Could God..."

"Could God microwave a burrito so hot that he himself could not eat it?"


It's worth a shot.

Well, God... the ball's in your court.


"Was it all just a prank, bro?”


*God points at camera*

We've got youuuu!

I'd want to know what the hell is up with wasps, personally. Someone answer me that.

What would you ask? Feel free to tell us more in the comments below!

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