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America's love affair with Anna Kendrick won't be over any time soon.

How can you not love a person who is willing to troll herself? That's what happened this week when the Pitch Perfect and Up In Air actress suddenly remembered she was in another little movie called Twilight.

It may have jogged her memory that this week marked ten years since the first film came out when she saw co-stars like Taylor Lautner and others posting about the anniversary.

However the memory came back, Twitter was here for it.

Maybe she should have taken the lead.

You know your tweet has reached epic proportions when responds.

Maybe that is why she blocked it out?

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People typically think of cannabis legalization as one of those cut and dry things.

If you don't use marijuana, you probably don't want to legalize it.

If you do use marijuana, you are probably pro-legalization.

... except it's not that simple.

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Chosen family is family. Sometimes they are the closest and most important family. Just because you share blood with someone, doesn't mean you have to form a bond.

That's why best friends are so important.

BFFs are forged in many ways. They're there for you in triumph and sorrow. They hold your hand. T

They know where the bodies are buried because they helped bury them. That's why it's so heartbreaking to lose them.

It's just a bitter pill to swallow when it's a relationship you thought was going to be endless.

Redditor FindingDale wanted to hear all the reasons why sometimes we just have to say goodbye to certain people in life, by asking:

How did you lose your best friend?
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Humans have had an undeniably significant impact on our environment and the other species that inhabit the planet with us.

What might happen if humans weren't here to exert that influence, though?

What if we never had?

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