game changer

Woman comfortably sleeping with diffuser and essential oils
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We all need a helping hand or a little boost every once in a while, and fortunately, we can buy ourselves some game-changers for pretty affordable prices.

But we might still be surprised at just how much money we can save on something that will make our lives better.

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When most people think of going through a life-changing event, they think of near-death experiences or a tremendous psychological revelation.

But some people have experienced other events they found not only to be life-altering but which they believe everyone should experience at least once in their lifetime.

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People Share Their Favorite Purchases Under $50 That Completely Changed Their Life

Fam. Weighted blankets.

If you (or your kids - I see you, exhausted parents) struggle to stay asleep at night, weighted blankets might be a game changer for you. We got one for our 1-year-old after a week of her waking up at 4AM for baby jam sessions.

Best $31.99 we have ever spent. Ever.

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Do not play fast and loose with the advice you give. You just might make someone radically alter the course of their life.

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