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The Absolute Worst Ways To Propose To Your Partner

Reddit user aloe_veracity asked: 'What is the worst possible way to propose?'

Strange wedding proposal
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From our friends and families' own cringy stories, to the tales captured on social media, we've all witnessed our fair share of proposals that totally missed the mark or were just plain awkward.

In fact, most of us have come across so many of these stories, we all have an idea of what the worst proposal in the world would be.

Redditor aloe_veracity asked:

"What is the worst possible way to propose?"

Stealing the Spotlight

"At someone else's wedding or wedding reception."

- N-y-s-s-a

"I had to stop my friend from doing that. One of the nicest dudes ever, just a little naive."

"Fortunately, this was before the wedding, I didn’t slap the ring out of his hand or anything like that. I just very clearly told him it was a bad idea whilst at the pub."

- Polite_as_h**l

Clearly a Subplot from 'Grey's Anatomy'

"Arrange a fancy date night with your girlfriend, including dinner at a posh restaurant."

"In the middle of the meal, fake a brain aneurysm. Bite into a concealed blood pack, collapse, and fall onto the floor, the whole bit. A 'doctor' or a 'nurse' planted at an adjacent table rolls you onto your back, checks you, and says that you're not breathing and you have no pulse."

"He or she rips open your shirt to apply a defibrillator... revealing, 'WILL YOU MARRY ME?' written on your chest in red body paint."

"Pull out the ring, and say, 'I can't live without you, baby.'"

- Thatimensfaa

So Romantic

"Chucking the ring at them and saying, 'Here, wear this.'"

- Kai6180

"My friend got engaged like this and thought it was so cute for some reason. They did not last."

- Bada**Bumblebee

Wedding Dress Included

"My mom told me that my cousin’s girlfriend got tired of waiting for him to propose (apparently he said he would but hadn’t gotten around to actually doing it) that she straight up bought a wedding dress and told him they were getting married."

"He said, 'Okay.'"

"I believe they’ve been married for about 20 years now."

- PorkrindsMcSnacky

So Nervous

"My husband proposed to me while I was driving. At night. On a very busy, twisting road."

"He had a big proposal planned but then got super nervous and kind of just blurted out the proposal while we were in the car."

"We celebrate our 25th anniversary this fall. My thought was if I had the power to make him THAT nervous, I was in a pretty solid position."

"Honestly, it's not how you're asked; it's who's doing the asking."

- Neener216

Worth Waking Up For

"Mine might be the worst. I was a broke 19-year-old and thought that if I can't spend money on a good proposal, I'd go with the element of surprise."

"I woke her up at 3:00 AM and gave a speech about how we were going to be together forever and propose."

"Her response: ARE YOU F**KING KIDDING ME...'"

"We've been married 14 years this October."

- the_navillus

Red Flags in the Morning

"I got woken up an hour before my alarm clock rang. He just came home from visiting his parents for the weekend."

"No elaborate speech, just a 'Now or later?'"

"Me, being an unarticulated zombie for the first hour after being woken up, managed to mumble, 'Now.'"

"I got the ring stuck on my finger. It was slightly too small. And then I just went to work."

"Later that day, he reminded me that I still 'have to' say yes. Of course I did."

"A day later, colleagues figured out he never asked. He just demanded. So I told him to ask me, but he said since I already said yes, he didn't need to."

"After a little back and forth, he asked."

"I should have seen that red flag waving in front of my face, but it took two years to see it."

- Mondfairy

Practical Purposes Only

"This is the story of how my parents got engaged."

"Dad: Hey, you should move in with me."

"Mom: No. Not until we're married."

"Dad: Okay. Fine. Let's get married."

"Mom: Wait. Are you seriously asking me like this?"

"Dad: Yes. Why not. Marry me and then you can move in with me."

"And then they got married."

"It did not go well."

- biddily

Short and Sweet

"Proposing via text."

- Salty-Entertainer-29

"will u marry me?"


- aloe_veracity

Public Proposals

"For me personally, the worst would be any grand gesture around people. I’d rather you ask during a cozy night on the couch."

"My ex and I just talked and knew we were going to do it. We picked up the ring together and were walking out of the store. He bent down on his knee at a bench, and no one was paying attention. I’ll never forget how precious that was to me."

"I was at a large music festival last year and saw a guy propose to his girl quietly in the back of a crowd. No one seemed to notice that either, but I saw it and started crying to myself at how beautiful it was. She was snuggling into him the whole rest of the set."

- ApprehensiveBanana07

Quite the Rebound

"Say the wrong name. Other than that, you'll be fine."

- shipsaway9

"Something similar happened to a family friend. Someone she met online proposed to her within weeks of meeting her with a gorgeous diamond ring."

"She got caught in the moment and said, 'Yes.' It was at a fairly busy restaurant and everyone started clapping and cheering for them."

"When she got home, she took off the ring to send us a photo of it, and that's when she noticed that there was someone's else initial engraved on the inside."

"Turns out that the guy's ex-fiancee had broken up with him just months before their wedding. He met my friend online and decided to ask her to marry him instead out of spite and possibly because he didn't want to lose his deposit on the wedding venue and catering."

- Dane_k23

Fooled Ya

"Propose after being caught cheating."

- BeneficialSomewhere

The Argument to Win Them All

"While in an argument about wanting the get married, bring out the ring and just say, 'Here.'"

"A friend of a friend was 'proposed' to this way and thought it was the cutest. The red flags were waving themselves."

- royal_rose_

A Different Take

"Propose from prison."

- No-Art-9083

"Propose in prison."

- aloe_veracity

"Propose ON TOP of a prison."

- Ok_Wave_7359

A Jarring Experience

"Shock them by proposing to them right after they've told you that they've lost their job."

- BroadcasterX

Proposing or being proposed to is supposed to be one of the most special moments in a couple's life, signifying all that is to come. Imagining how someone could approach this moment in some of these ways is really staggering.

Things People Secretly Love But Would Never Admit To In Public

Reddit user sweet_chick283 asked: 'What do you secretly love that you would never admit to in public?;

Collection of VHS tapes
Bruno Guerrero/Unsplash

What makes us all unique is our passions and the things we love, whether it's singing in the shower, reading books, or listening to specific music artists.

Unfortunately, we live in a world where we are judged for our various tastes and interests thanks to social media, and it makes us consciously selective about sharing the things we love on the internet.

Curious to hear about people's personal desires under anonymity, Redditor sweet_chick283 asked:

"What do you secretly love that you would never admit to in public?"

These aren't really chores for the following Redditors.

Good Clean Fun

"Mopping, im a janitor and generally hate my work... but damn mopping is so good."

– MrDDog06

"When you have a great rhythm going it is something special. I get the same feeling while I vacuum, but won’t let my wife know I enjoy it."

– Bogus_34

Act Of Unwrinkling

"Ironing clothes. A dozen of them. Can’t explain how it relaxes me. I told one person and they looked at me like I’m crazy."

– eerie_white_glow

"My mum misses the days when dad would be out on a Friday night, my brother out with friends and me upstairs quietly playing PS1. She would pour herself a Bacardi & Coke and do the ironing while watching her TV shows."

"I'm sure she doesn't really miss it now that we've moved out and they've retired but it was her wind-down after a busy working week so I can see how people can find it relaxing."

– xdq

Our solo actions can spark joy.

Big Brother Is Watching

"pretending to be on the Truman show and whenever im in my house i act all inconspicuous so they dont know that i know that they’re watching me."

– Bec_121

"C’mon man, you’re not supposed to let him know. You signed a contract when signing up for live views. I’m reporting you."

– doeswaspsmakehoney

The Multi-Tasker

"Playing video games naked at home while eating cheese."

– thickening_agent

Releasing The Kraken

"I love the feeling when you've eaten good fibre and let out a solid long train log in the toilet. That feeling is heavenly."

– therapoootic

"Even better when it’s a clean wipe and not a poo crayon."

– TheWarmestHugz

Ultimate Comfort

"My (male 41) weekend routine is coming home from work, make hot chocolate, start a fire, dress in a ugly pink nightgown made for old ladies and watch forensic files."

– crazyloomis

Some people are obsessed with collecting things.

So Kawai

"Sanrio stationery stores. All those different multicolor pens, a thousand kinds of erasers, spiral bound notebooks galore... my kids sadly have absolutely no appreciation for this wonderland..."

– HavingNotAttained

It's A Staple

"Office supplies have a weird, special place in my heart ever since I was a kid. They don't even have to be 'cute' necessarily."

"Japan's legendary stationery stores is unironically a reason I want to go."

– _CozyLavender_

Not Caring Anymore

"The older I get the shorter that list gets. Not because I love less things, but because I don't care about hiding it."

– Bi-Beast

"YES!! I'm 53 now. I'm working my first job in public since 2006. Today is Halloween and we're allowed to dress up so I am sitting here waiting to go to work dressed as a VERY bad Wednesday Addams. My bf said I'd 'look stupid' because no one else will probably dress up and I'm like, 'WHO CARES!' My makeup looks horrible and not like I practiced, but I DO NOT CARE! I'm having fun with it anyhow and I don't care if my coworkers dress up or not. I'm bein' ME! :)"

– deanie1970

Honorable mentions start here.

The Savior

"Picking up worms from the street and sidewalks when it rains and moving them into the dirt so they don’t burn in the sun, every time it rains I do this."

– sky_kitten89

Hero Of The Moment

"Yoooo I scoot SO many snails and worms. I work as a tech/mechanic at an automotive shop, I had a peoject car towed to my house the other day and it was covered in snails. I saw them when the tow guy/coworker was unloading and I was like, 'oh! It comes with free snails!' and began moving them. He laughed then realized and said, '... Oh, you're serious. Uh... Okay.'"

"I don't care who knows it. These little things barely can look out for themselves, why shouldn't we if we can take a moment to help? I don't care what happens next, it probably doesn't matter overall but I can help this moment."

– chris14020

Why should some of the hidden desires mentioned above have to be secret?

Redditors opening up about some of these would make them a hit at parties–no shaming.

As a matter of fact, I'll totally be down for a Forensic Files viewing party where we all make hot chocolate, light the fireplace, and cozy up together in our respective pink ugly nightgowns for old ladies.

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