7 Private Investigators Reveal The Absolute Strangest Cases They Got Hired For.

1/7) My favorite case was one where the suspect had a criminal record where he had been charged withcocaine usage and had snorted cocaine out of a hooker's butt.


2/7) Private investigator here. One case I observed was a low level criminal (who was supposed to be disabled), who would spend all day going from Walmart to Walmart, filling up shopping carts withwith energy drinks (Monster I think), walk briskly out the door without paying, throw them in his trunk, and take off like a bat out of hell.

At the end of the day he sold a trunk-load of energy drinks to a corner store and I video taped him walking out with a wad of cash.

Definitely not as exciting as the movies, but it was a fun day for me.


3/7) A few years back I accidentally became the owner of a detective agency. I intended to just be an investment partner, but the owner and actual PI died shortly after I made my investment and lo - I now owned an detective agency.

After quickly getting the various legal licenses, etc., I just started taking cases. The entirety of what I knew about how to be a PI was from various TV shows, movies, and books. For cases, I would just rely on random people whose life has become so bad that they decide calling a PI is the next logical step. Much later I learned that normal PIs never take these so-called "domestic" cases because they are always a huge mess. Real PIs get almost all of the work from lawyers and hire off-duty cops to do all of the leg work. As a result, I had a TON of crazy cases. Several TV seasons worth. Here are a few classics:

-Guy calls me to help catch his neighbor who is knocking over his trashcans at night. We set up a small night vision camera to catch the guy. Watch the video the next day - it is the wind. The client freaks out, says that his neighbor could have had an invisibility field or could have been moving too fast (like the Flash) to show up on camera. Wants to pay us thousands of dollars to rent a heat-seeking camera or one that can shoot thousands of frames per second... Turns out lots of crazy people call PIs to investigate the TV controlling them, alien abduction, etc.

-Seventh Day Adventist lady in an abusive relationship who wants to divorce her husband but apparently needs the husband's permission, which he won't give her. So she wants us to hire a prostitute to seduce him, get it on video, and then mail that to the church leaders to show the marriage is broken.

-Criminal who is serving 20 years in jail for hiring a hit man (who happened to be an undercover cop) to kill his friend. In prison he came into some money and hired us to prove he was innocent. His plan to do this was to have us tell his friend that he better recant his testimony or else our client would use his new money to hire a hitman to kill him "for real this time." This criminal genius told us this plan on a recorded phone call from jail.

I got even more!

Keep going for even more amazing cases!

-Get hired by a wife to see if her husband is sleeping with his secretary. We follow them, recording them going into his single-bed hotel room at 10:20pm after a nice dinner and leaving together the next morning at 8am.

-Get hired by a wife to see if her husband is sleeping with his secretary. We follow them, recording them going into his single-bed hotel room at 10:20pm after a nice dinner and leaving together the next morning at 8am. She says it proves nothing, that they could have just been working late...

-Guy calls to ask for Paddy, my late partner. We tell him he is dead. Conversation that follows goes like this: Bob: Dead? Tell him its Bob. Davevr: Bob - Paddy is dead. B: sure, ok, whatever. Who's this? D: This is Dave. How can I help you? B: Dave huh? Dave... yeah, Dave, I think Paddy mentioned you. D: I doubt it, but go ahead. How can we help? B: I was just calling to make sure the thing is still on for Friday? D: What thing? B: The thing, you know... D: I don't know, Bob. What? B: Well yeah, I know you don't "know", but is it on? D: Bob, I have no idea what you are talking about. B: Ok, I get it. Of course you don't know. But - all I'm saying is, we're good, right? D: We are not good Bob. I don't know what you are talking about. B: Of course. Got it. No idea. Great. Friday? D: Bob, Paddy is dead so whatever you think is happening on Friday is not happening. Understand? B: Perfectly. Tell him I will see him then.

Different call, also asking for Paddy. Conversation goes like this: Guy: I was told to ask for Paddy. Davevr: Paddy's dead. This is Dave, how can I help? G: Hmm, I was told to ask for Paddy. D: You did that, I told you he was dead, so can I help or not? G: Well, OK. I need to disappear. D: What do you mean, disappear? Like, from your girlfriend or from the Feds? (I literally had no idea what he meant) G: Really disappear. Like, dead. D: I don't know what movies you have watched, but there is no way to disappear unless you have a ton of money and a body. (I made this line up on the spot btw just to shut the guy up). G: I have 3 million in cash. Body is no problem. Can you help or not? D: .... I can't talk about this on a cell phone. click

-Never called back. Later found (from tracing the # that called me) it belong to a real estate investor who was being sued for millions in back taxes from the government who died in a private plane crash about a week after that call...


4/7) Cases where older people get a phone call from the "IRS" and get tens of thousands of dollars on prepaid credit cards and read the numbers off the back to the guy on the phone with the Indian accent to pay their tax debt.

This happens a lot actually. It's just weird that otherwise intelligent people can be talked into doing stuff this dumb.

Please talk to your grandparents. Make sure they know this is a common scam and their are many, many variants of this scam. No reputable business or organization takes payments by I-tunes gift cards. Their grandchild did not get locked up in Mexico, they aren't overdue on their electric bill and their power is about to be shut off, the police don't have an old warrant that they'll dismiss for a small fee.

A lot of these victims are so sold on the lie, that store clerks will stop them in the middle of purchasing $3k in moneypak cards, TELL them that they are being scammed, and these victims will argue with them that they need to pay the guy on the phone.


Keep going, they get EVEN better!

5/7) I am a private investigator and I have came across many cases. I will label a few of them.

-A police department in a small town in the Appalachian Mountains wanted me to keep an eye on an old lady.

-A manager at a Walmart in Indiana wanted me to watch a couple of employees because he thought they were talking about him behind his back.

-A retirement home hired me to watch one of their tenants, the tenant was a 90 year old lady with Epilepsy, but the pay was great though :)

-A casino in Reno hired me to watch everyone who uses a certain slot machine.

-A trucking company made me follow one of their drivers, who was pulling a shipping container from Salt Lake City to Ottawa.

-A factory manager hired me to watch his employees whIle he jacked off furiously in his office.

-A tenant of an apartment building hired me to watch his landlord, who also hired me to watch the tenant.

The weirdest one of all? A Donald Trump supporter hired me to watch his neighbor because he was convinced his neighbor was "A Soviet".


6/7) A woman in her midlife, presumably between 45 to 50, was found dead behind a dumpster around a local bar in the middle of December.

She was wearing a skirt that was pulled up to her waist, and leggings that were pulled down, and torn in multiple spots. She also had abrasion around her buttocks, the heels, thigh, and wrists.

At first, the cops are thinking that they have a sexual abuse on their hands.

However, certain things were not adding up. Even though it was mid December, that particular bar was fairly populated, and thus, someone should have reported at least hearing a woman in distress as the dumpster was near the parkinglot of the bar.

Also, the abrasions on her buttocks were rather strange, as if someone had dragged her across the cement floor. Some state that it is possibly due to livor mortis ("marks" caused by settling of the blood).

After some investigation, they found no traces of physical proofs that suggested neither sexual abuse nor rape. No semen, saliva, or hair, was found.

Later it was revealed that due to loneliness of losing her husband and daughters (husband through divorce and daughters simply grew up and started their own lives), this woman went to the bar to meet potentially a new partner but have gotten carried away drinking.

Once outside in the freezing cold, she wants to take a leak and hides herself behind the dumpster. While doing so, she is slowly suffering from hypothermia due to the cold winter wind and lowered body temperature caused by the alcohol. She begins feeling hot (due to paradoxical undressing, caused by hypothermia), she presumably stripes off her jacket, and other pieces of clothing. At this point, the hypothermia is really getting to her and she begins slowly losing conciousness.

While laying on the freezing ground, skirt pulled up and leggings down, she begins convulsing which leaves abrasions on her body. Leaving behind a curious scene that appeared as if she had been taken advantage of.


To the last page for the CRAZIEST case of all!

7/7) I've worked as a private investigator for around five or six years now running my own business. It's usually a pretty bad idea to just up and start an independent PI company as your gateway to the job (in fact it's pretty darn stupid), but I live in a town that's small enough that I was able to make it work. My first year or so was pretty rocky as I tried to adjust to the job, but having a couple of friends in the field to give me pointers here and there definitely helped. I eventually began to hit my stride, and as my reputation increased, so too did my client base.

I tend to get a lot of cases from paranoid spouses, and most I'll take, however absurd. I'm in no position to turn down a paying customer, and when they turn out to be correct it always feels good to help them out an unfaithful partner. This case, despite having a reasonably explainable conclusion, was creepy enough to have definitely caused me to think a little more about what to accept and what to decline.

Roughly two years ago I get a cold call from what sounds like an older man. He asks to make sure he's called the right place, and when I tell him he has, he immediately launches into a particularly long-winded rant about how his wife is plotting against him, and how she's planning to, "take him out". I try to get him to calm down and ask when he would be able to come over to the office so we could discuss things over a coffee, what he should bring, hash out whether or not this was a legitimate case, and if so, negotiate a fee. He's adamant that he needs to see me as soon as possible, so he comes in a couple of hours later. I don't have any cases at the time, so I'm all for it. He's an older gentleman in around his late fifties, early sixties, probably, and is visibly shaken when he shows up. We talk for a little while and he's definitely calmed down by this point, but he's still obviously frightened. He tells me that his wife has been going out to meet with other elderly women for a sort of book-club type deal and that he's sure that they're all out for his blood. Things get really interesting when he reveals that every morning, around 4:00 AM, he's woken up by an abnormally loud sound, like dogs barking and growling frantically. He tells me that he always wakes up to see his wife standing in the bedroom doorway and that two other elderly women resembling a few of her friends are always standing motionless behind her. Making no movements, just... Staring.

The creepy part is that his wife is still in bed with him, sleeping. They don't move as long as he doesn't, but he tells me that as soon as he performs anything noticeable, they stumble off before he has a chance to put his glasses on to get a better look. The few times that he had gone to check, he found his back door opened, but never anything else out of place

I'm a little weirded out, and at first think it may be sleep paralysis, but the fact that a previously closed door is open and that he is able to effortlessly move rules that out. I ask if he has a carbon monoxide detector in his room. He tells me he does, and that it hasn't ever gone off. I ask about things like his address, when his wife usually leaves, when he usually leaves, the location of her book club, pictures of his wife, her friends, things like that. We come to an agreement, I take the case, and he goes off on his way.

I head off to his place that night and park my car on his street in a location in which I can see his front door and the gate leading into his backyard. I set up my camera and turn on a podcast. Since I have to be there before he goes to sleep to ensure I don't miss it (it's possible that they could arrive before 4:00) I'm out there for around six hours with no signs of any activity. The roads are dark, save for dim, country streetlights, and more or less barren. There's this almost piercing feeling of silence and isolation, not unlike the town had suddenly become entirely deserted; like I'm the only living thing outside on that night. My podcast had long ended and a permeating essence of dread enticed me to turn the music that had replaced it off, for fear of unspeakable whispers worming their way into the silence between guitar strums.

3:30 sharp and almost as if on cue, the sound of a dog barking nearly gives me a heart attack. What's worse is how incredibly loud and oddly discordant it is. That is, it's odd until I realize that it's multiple dogs, as if every dog on the block started barking in eerie unison. This is when I catch a glimpse of them in my rearview. Two small, shriveled figures and one taller, more lithe one, all slowly stumbling across the sidewalk, all clad in white dresses, appearing so suddenly it's like NPCs have just entered my draw distance. The tint on my windows ensures they don't notice me as they pass by, but I'm nonetheless silent as a mouse, deathly afraid that one might peer over into my window as they pass. Their footsteps echo as they pass my car, and as they do my blood runs cold. It is not, in fact, three old ladies. It is two old ladies dragging along one lifeless, stark white mannequin, rigid like a corpse fresh from the grave and dressed as the old man's wife. I try to shake myself out of my daze and begin to take a few pictures with one cam, video them with the other. Sure enough, they turn right down his driveway, their mannequin in tow, and one of them unlocks the back gate, vanishing from view. I check the footage and pictures to make sure they're clear. Trying to get over the horrid bizarreness of the whole situation, I try to think of something since It's obviously not a good idea just to leave the old couple there with a pair of creepy old ladies who're probably suffering from dementia or something. Since it appears they're usually watching him for a half hour or so, I assume they've probably no intent to harm him, but one can never be sure. I pull out my cell and call up his phone, hoping to try to drive them out. Few minutes later, they're shambling away down the street, mannequin grinding against the pavement. I wait until they're out of view before letting out a breath of relief.

The guy doesn't initially believe me when I tell him what happened, but I show him the pictures and video and he goes pale. Despite the definite creep factor involved, he reacts instead by letting out the deepest sigh of relief I think I've ever heard. He mumbles something and I can see tears starting to run down his cheeks. He smiles a little melancholically and thanks me, saying that he has to apologize to his wife for not trusting her and not talking to her about it first.

I'm not entirely sure what happened after, but I assume he took the photos to the someone as the visits stopped happening after that. I'm not sure of the details, but apparently the women had pretty much gone off their rockers due to old age. His wife had given one of them keys in case they ever wanted to come over. I honestly don't understand the logic behind this one, other than she's old, I guess. Either way, I believe the two of them are in a home of some kind, now, and the husband made up with his wife pretty easily.


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