It's hard to take your vows seriously when you broke them all before you even made them.

This is based on the AskReddit thread "People who have witnessed a "There's not going to be a wedding" moment following a bachelor/bachelorette party: what went down?" Link at the end of the article.

1/16. College friend was to get married to a guy she had only known for 4 months. She found out where the bachelor party was and wandered in to find the groom getting it on - with the best man.



2/16. My buddy got super wasted at his bachelor party and the father of the bride was shocked that the polite young man marrying his daughter was in his eyes "a raging alcoholic." Buddy got so drunk, he began to let some secrets slip about his relationship with the bride.

The FoB was a bit old school in his thinking. The Bachelor let the following slip:

i) His daughter was basically living with him since Junior year of college and her apartment in college was for show for the FoB.

ii) Even though he is drinking a lot, his future wife can out drink him 2-1.

iii) His future wife has cute tattoo on her inner thigh and all their friends had seen it when they went skinny dipping at the FoB's bakehouse.

iv) We had a massive graduation party at his lakehouse when him and his wife were in Europe for two weeks.

v) The bride is into some pretty kinky stuff.

That drew the line. The FoB declared there would not be a wedding, where has he gone wrong raising his daughters. Then he said his life is messed up. He has four daughters total and this was his oldest, who he considered the best behaved.



3/16. A stripper came to my buddy Jack's bachelor party and proceeded to put a condom on a dildo and bang herself in front of the crowd. It was awesome. At the end of the night, Jack, the groom-to-be was cleaning up a bit and put the condom wrapper in his pocket absentmindedly.

The next day his fiancee Kristen was doing the laundry...

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She found the condom in his pocket. She freaked out, thinking that he had cheated on her.

Jack tried to reassure her and explain the situation, that the stripper had used it on herself. Kristen is a really cool lady and takes it pretty well and calms down... but she can't quite shake the feeling. So, Jack tells her to call me to confirm what happened.

Kristen calls and asks "so what happened last night?" Mind you, I'm totally in the dark about the situation, and Jack and I had never discussed what we are supposed to tell Kristen, so I totally downplay it. "Not much, the boys just had a few beers and smoked some cigars"


Next thing I hear: "YOU LYING JERK!" Click!


4/16. My best friend's wedding was cancelled when he learned she slept with a stripper after her bachelorette party. Like three days after.

Worst part was that it was a destination wedding/honeymoon and he couldn't get a refund so we all went anyway and he was super depressed the whole time. His family was all there too.

He is happily remarried now with a kid.


5/16. I was at a Bachelor party the Tuesday night before a Saturday wedding. After drinking heavily all day, we were at a baseball game.

The groom punched a police officer in the back of the head and knocked him out. I watched it happen in slow motion, and thought to myself, "Welp, this wedding isn't going to be happening."



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6/16. I worked at a music venue in the Detroit area that was also a popular wedding reception location. Came into work one week in the fall, when pretty much every weekend is booked solid with weddings, and noticed Saturday was open, no one scheduled.

Talked to the wedding planner, she tells me the groom cancelled...

She tells me that the groom, excited for the wedding, left work at lunch on Friday, bought a nice bottle of wine, and headed home to surprise his bride to be. Except, he was the one in for a surprise, as he walked into his new house to hear sounds coming from their bedroom.

He walked in to find his bride in bed with another man... His dad.


We tried to talk him into doing a big screw you party because we'd never fill the space and there was no refund, but he declined.


7/16. I'm a musician. I work on a street that's infamous for drunken revelry and debauchery. One night, a bachelor party came in around the same time as a bachelorette party.


The show I work with does special things like funny songs for special events, so I bring them both up at the same time to do something special. In the middle of this, on stage, they start making out. And they Do. Not. Stop. I finish my routine as best I can and get them offstage.

Later, as I'm looking around the audience, my eye catches on them again. They're in the back corner just going at it , while their respective parties hang out up near the front of the stage. And they are really getting into it. Hands down pants and up skirts. At some point they disappear.

I take a break and head to the restroom. I hear a woman screaming from within. I sit in the lounge area outside the bathroom for about 10 mins. The bachelor and bachelorette come out, looking a bit disheveled, but not too bad. They see me, and immediately want to chat. There's curiously no guilt on them at all.

I have to piss like a race horse, but this is too good to pass up...

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Come to find out, they both are getting married to other people, but know each other from having lived in the same small town of about 5,000 all their lives.

They ran into each other for the first time since high school graduation at our bar and old feelings emerged that neither had ever attempted to act on. They don't stay long, and as they leave I hear the bachelor say "I have my own room, let's go there."


Pretty sure neither of those weddings went ahead.


8/16. In the early 90's my friend's brother was getting married. The night before the groom and best man decided they should kill the ex-boyfriend of the bride. They did, they got caught, and the wedding was cancelled - for obvious reasons.

As far as I know, the two are still serving time.


9/16. The groom's mom was a heavy drinker and got belligerent when she drank, so understandably the bride wanted the groom to try to limit her drinking.

The afternoon before the wedding, the bride arrives to find groom's mom smashed with the groom himself feeding her beers. Next thing you know, the bride and groom are in a straight-up fist fight which leads to an Anchorman-style street brawl between members of both families in the parking lot.



10/16. Several years ago, I got a phone call from the maid of honor for a wedding I was going to attend (as a guest) two weeks hence. She was flustered, but managed to get out "There's no wedding, Groom called it off. He's in love with someone else."

Well, I didn't press. I was friends with both, so I knew that the full details would eventually make their way back to me.

Oh, and boy did they...

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Turns out, a couple weeks before the wedding, Groom called Bride and said he was coming over. They needed to talk.

When he got to her apartment, he broke down in tears and confessed that he was in love with someone else. He loved her, but couldn't marry her because he didn't love her in the way a bride deserves.

There was much crying and shouting over it all, but eventually the bride recovered from the news enough to ask him who he was in love with.

"Well," Groom said, "it's [Bride's Brother]."

The wedding was definitely off at that point. Now, five or six years later, Groom and Bride's Brother are married and happy.


11/16. Bachelor party in Vegas. Bachelor hooks up with a girl, gives her his cell phone number so they can continue the party that night. Bride-to-be is sitting at home with the iPad getting all of the iMessages from the girl.


She canceled the wedding that day.


12/16. Sister of the groom chatted with the sister of the bride. Just casual conversation but it came to light that almost 100% of what the bride had said about herself besides her name was a complete lie.

She lied about where she went to high school. She claimed her family had a ton of money she was set to inherit. She claimed she owned a home in Hawaii. So on and so forth. Small lies, large lies, it was basically all fake with her.


I have no idea how she thought this would work for the rest of her life.

Sister of the groom called him up and says he really needs to figure some stuff out. A few fights and some long thinking later the groom leaves her and leaves town.


13/16. The day of the wedding the bridesmaids discovered a bunch of heroin and syringes in the bride's bag.


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14/16. While the working the night before a wedding at a hotel, the staff and I heard a loud noise from upstairs. Cue the bride screaming and sobbing shouting, "The wedding's off!!!" while storming out the place followed by the groom stark naked covering his nether regions with his hands and apologizing profusely.

Turns out she caught the mother of the bride and the groom shagging.



15/16. I was at an engagement party of a long-time friend the other day, everything was good until afterwards.

As soon as we got back to their house (I was crashing) they had an argument and she punched him in the face twice Then said, "If you tell anyone I did this I'll say you're abusive and raped me." Followed by: "if you leave me, I'll kill myself."

He said he was done with her, but somehow the wedding is still on. I'm supposed to be best man, but there's no way am I condoning the wedding in any form, that includes going to the thing.


16/16. Buddy of mine was getting married. We drank and he told me about the abuse and how she masked it all as BDSM play (Dom/sub lifestyle). The wedding was 2 weeks away. He hated it, and only did it because he had low self-esteem.


She was really aggressive--she had come on to me the year before and I said no. She went so far as to wake me up by sitting on me naked on the couch when I crashed once at their place. I told him about it later, but he acted like he didn't care, even though I knew better.

Anyway, we come home from the bar. I'm not really that drunk, but tired, so I fall asleep for a bit in a chair watching an old MacGyver rerun. He goes off to his fiance and I assume they are having kinky sex or something.

About 30 minutes later I wake up to my buddy putting stuff in a backpack. He says he is going to go to a hotel, he cannot stay here with her anymore. Says he will drop me home.

That's when she comes out in full crotch less leather Dom gear with some guy on a leash, and starts yelling at him. He isn't having any of it and leaves, while yelling at her for cheating and also leaving me there.

Then she yells at me for not trying to stop him. I just say, "You are the one with handcuffs."



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