This article is based on the AskReddit question "Redditors who worked in retail what has to be the most "Are you serious" moment ever?"

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1/15. I worked at Walmart. A woman came in to return a bag of soil because "the bag was dirty". She was dead serious.


2/15. I used to work in H&M located on 5th ave in NYC. One day I hear over our radio a frantic call for the porter to come to the ladies fitting room. Turns out a woman decided to defecate in the fitting room, and use some shirts to wipe herself.

The real are you serious moment was that she continued shopping through the store casually.


3/15. Watched a man carrying six bottles of red wine simply drop all six bottles on the ground (shattering them) and walk out of the store, khakis stained bright red like a savage business casual warlord.

My assumption was that it was an accident and he was horribly embarrassed and just left. I'd like to believe that it was an intentional piece of performance art, because it was the most beautiful thing I have ever witnessed.


4/15. I worked at a bakery counter in a grocery store. Lady asks me about a cake that has fresh raspberries on top, I tell her, "It's a white cake, raspberry filling, and fresh raspberries." She thinks about it and then asks, "Does it taste like cherries?"

After looking at her and trying not to say anything rude for a good solid minute, I managed to say no, and I walked away into the back.


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5/15. I hear "excuse me?" and look up from stocking the milk, which I'm standing in front of. "Could you tell me where your milk is?"

I almost didn't answer her, milk is basically the whole aisle and I had it in my hands.


6/15. One time before HDTV and flat TV's but still since cable ready TV's

A lady came into Wal-Mart with a huge floor model console TV, the kind that had no remote, and wanted to return it and get her money back.

She started yelling at me when I told her I wasn't accepting the return as she had no receipt and the TV was obviously over 15yrs old, and she demanded to speak with a manager.

So I paged a manager who told her basically the same thing, she then started demanding to speak with "Sam".

We were like "Sam Who?"

"Sam Walton - Your Boss!" she screams.

My manager had about enough of this lady's BS and told her, "Well ma'am we have a wide selection of shovel in Lawn & Garden so you can go dig him up!


7/15. Not retail but I worked at McDonald's when I was 16-17. My first day, in the grill area training during lunch rush this guy comes in through drive thru and orders 100 burgers, 50 plain, 50 with cheese. I was like, "wtf man?" I was told it was a lunch truck guy that would order them (at the time we had a 49 cent burger and 59 cent cheeseburger day) then dress them out and sell them for like 2 to 3 bucks a piece to his customers.


8/15. A guy came in who I have never encountered in my life, served him and all was well. 3 hours after my shift, a notification pops up on my phone. This guy had found my Instagram and my Snapchat and added me. What's creepy is the only thing he knew about me was my first name. That was it. Also, I only recently moved to the area and know nobody here. Creeped me out for sure.


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9/15. I work at Macy's in the women's shoes department. Our customer base mainly buys clearance items, and rarely spends more than $40. Everyday I watch as customer after customer asks if they can use coupons, get an extra % off of the price or any discount possible. Now, one customer took the cake over every other one. She came to me and asked for the mate to 18 clearance shoes. As I work off commission and this was a pretty large sale, I basically ran around the stockroom to gather these shoes. I brought them all out neatly stacked in their boxes, and rang them up at the register for her and her total came to $236.

This is where things went south. She asked if she could use her 20% off coupon, now normally hell yeah you can use that coupon, but in this day we were having a sale. All clearance shoes were marked down 80% and were roughly $10-20 per pair. So coupons were prohibited. She then SCREAMED at me until I called my manager. Like calling me every name in the book, telling me I'm an idiot, that I shouldn't be allowed to work there because I must be dumb, everything. My manager finally came and when she explained that coupons weren't allowed for this particular sale, the woman bought all 18 pairs, for $236, but made someone else ring it up so I wouldn't make commission on the sale. Little did she know the other sales person rang it up using my ID number.


10/15. I used to work at a grocery store as a bagger. This guy said he wanted his milk in a bag, and he has a lot of stuff... so when I finally got around to the milk (cause prioritizing and all that jazz), I wanted to confirm that's what he said. It just slipped my mind. So I asked again...

He proceeded to yell, so loud that the next two lanes got quiet and they were all staring at what was going on, "Are you stupid? You have hearing problems? Where is your manager? They should fire you for being so stupid. I already said I wanted it in the bag."

I just want to make people happy. Of course, the manager was working that day, so he didn't say a word, even though he watched it go down. I at least had the sympathy of the checkers from the other two lanes.


11/15. I work in produce. Someone came into the produce section and starting complaining to me that we didn't have milk on display. In the produce section.

We ended up calling someone from grocery and he came back and said she complained the entire walk over to the dairy section, and when she got there she ended up not buying any milk because "it isn't fresh enough.


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12/15. Worked at a Target and have literally a thousand stories, but the one that sticks out to me was one I wasn't actually present for. Gentleman walked in one day with a blender, sat down in our Starbucks, and proceeded to make himself a smoothie. I can't emphasize enough that this is retail, this is hardly the weirdest thing that's ever happened to us. The floor leader on duty ask if he needs anything, is looking for anything, he smiles and says no, thank you, very polite. When he's finished, he takes the blender, goes into the bathroom, and proceeds to pour the smoothie onto his head and begin to shave. In a Target bathroom, which admittedly, are already a little akin to the Twilight Zone. Anyway, a male employee was sent in to ask what exactly he was doing, and apparently, the man replied with "What? It's not like I'm doing anything illegal? What're you going to do, call the cops?"

Yes, apparently. I guess several other male employees were called up to guard the door before anyone else could get in before police arrived. Don't know exactly what happened to the guy, but I'm glad he's getting use out of his blender.


13/15. Woman bought a shed. I asked her her loading bay number and she said she hadn't driven. Asked her if she needed the number of a man with a van or something. She said her husband could carry it.

I stared at her and said very slowly "Madam, it is a building."

She insisted that I was being ridiculous and demanded we bring it up so her middle age, slightly chubby husband could carry it out the store as they only lived "about ten minutes walk away".

We brought it up, with extreme difficulty, and she asked me "what's that thing?" I said "That's your shed madam." "There's no way Jeff is carrying THAT!"

Oddly she decided to pay the money to have it delivered.


14/15. I worked at Suncoast (video retailer) during the early 2000s and some dude kept calling me for weeks asking me if the movie "Churro Man" had come out on DVD. He had a pretty thick Hispanic accent to his English. I considered myself a film buff and I had never heard of a movie called Churro Man. Every time he called I would look up "Churro Man" in the computer database and of course nothing would come out. I would ask him if he got the title wrong, perhaps it was "The Wicker Man" and he was like "Nah dude, it's Churro Man, I saw a commercial that it was coming out on DVD." It got to the point where I just thought the guy was messing with me.

One day the guy came into the store in person. He came up to the register and was like "You guys finally got it huh?" While holding up a DVD, it was True Romance.


15/15. Worked in a local fruit market as a teenager.

Packed this lady's grocery bag and went to put it in her shopping trolley when she started screaming at me about what a horrible young girl I was and don't I have any compassion etc etc.

Turns out she had her pet rabbit sitting in the bottom of the trolley (wrapped in a fur coat no less). I was "trying to crush it to death" by being nice and loading up her groceries for her.

I ended up crying while the next lady in line consoled me.



Image by Clker-Free-Vector-Images from Pixabay

Have you ever been reading a book, watching a movie, or even sitting down for a fantastical cartoon and began to salivate when the characters dig into some doozy of a made up food?

You're not alone.

Food is apparently fertile ground for creativity. Authors, movie directors, and animators all can't help but put a little extra time and effort into the process of making characters' tasty delights mouthwatering even for audiences on the other side of the screen.

Read on for a perfect mixture of nostalgia and hunger.

AllWhammyNoMorals asked, "What's a fictional food you've always wanted to try?"

Some people were all about the magical foods eaten in the magical places. They couldn't help but wish they could bite into something with fantastical properties and unearthly deliciousness.


"Enchanted golden apple" -- DabbingIsSo2015

"The Minecraft eating sounds make me hungry" -- FishingHobo

"Gotta love that health regeneration" -- r2celjazz

"Pretty sure those are based off the golden apples that grant immortality. Norse mythology I think?" -- Raven_of_Blades

Take Your Pick

"Nearly any food from Charlie and the Chocolate factory" -- CrimsonFox100

"Came here to say snozzberries!" -- Utah_Writer

"Everlasting Gobstoppers #1, but also when they're free to roam near the chocolate river and the entire environment is edible." -- devo9er

Peak Efficiency

"Lembas" -- Roxwords

"The one that fills you with just a bite? My fat a** would be making sandwiches with two lembas breads and putting bacon, avocado and cheese inside. Then probably go for some dessert afterwards. No wonder why those elves are all skinny, eating just one measly bite of this stuff." -- sushister

Some people got stuck on the foods they saw in the cartoons they watched growing up. The vibrant colors, the artistic sounds, and the exaggerated movements all come together to form some good-looking fake grub.

The One and Only

"Krabby patty 🍔" -- Cat_xox

"And a kelp shake" -- titsclitsntennerbits

"As a kid I always pretended burgers from McDonalds were Krabby Patties, heck from time to time I still do for the nostalgia of it all. Many of my friends did the same thing." -- Thisissuchadragtodo


"The pizza from an extremely goofy movie. The stringy cheese just looked magical lol" -- ES_Verified

"The pizza in the old TMNT cartoon as well." -- gate_of_steiner85

"Only bested by the pizza from All Dogs Go to Heaven." -- Purdaddy

Get a Big Old Chunk

"Those giant turkey drumsticks in old cartoons that characters would tear huge chunks out of. Those things looked amazing, turkey drumsticks in real life suck and are annoying to eat."

-- Ozwaldo

Slurp, Slurp, Slurp

"Every bowl of ramen on any anime, ever." -- Cat_xox

"Studio Ghibli eggs and bacon" -- DrManhattan_DDM

"Honestly, any food in anime. I swear to god half the budget no matter what the studio goes into making the food look absolutely delicious." -- Viridun

Finally, some highlighted the things that aren't quite so far-fetched, but still far enough away that it's nothing we'll be eating anytime soon.

That tease can be enough to make your mouth water.

What's In It??

"Butter beer" -- Damn_Dog_Inappropes

"came here to say this. i was pretty disappointed with the universal studio version which was over the top sweet. it was more of a butterscotch root beer. i imagine butter beer to be something more like butter and beer, which wouldn't be crazy sweet, but would have a very deep rich flavor" -- crazyskiingsloth

Slice of the Future

"The microwave pizzas in back to the future two" -- biggiemick91

"I've been fascinated with those for years! They just look so good!" -- skoros

As Sweet As They Had

"The Turkish Delight from Lion Witch & Wardrobe. The real ones I had weren't bad but nothing special." -- spoon_shaped_spoon

"Came here to say this. I know it's a real thing, but I always imagined that it must have been amazing to betray your siblings over." -- la_yes

"You're used to freely available too sweet sweets. For a WW2 era schoolkid, it would have represented all the sweets for an entire year." -- ResponsibleLimeade

Here's hoping you made it through the list without going into kitchen for some snack you didn't actually need.

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