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People Confess The Best 'F**ck You' They've Ever Given To A Boss They Hated
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We've all had to deal with a boss or manager who we never exactly saw eye to eye with.

Knowing that keeping our job depended on keeping them happy, the most we could do was shrug off their irritating behavior, force a smile, and get on with our work.

Providing, of course, that their behavior didn't surpass the basic standards of human decency.

But when that happy day arrives that you find yourself with an even better job, and a boss whom you actually respect and admire, it gives you the opportunity to let your true feelings be known to your soon-to-be former employer.

While some choose to take the high road and leave as diplomatically as they came, others have no fear of leaving with a gesture that makes no effort whatsoever to hide their feelings.

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A man walks away with bags packed
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I've always dreamed about exiting a crappy job.

I want to do it Angela Bassett 'Waiting to Exhale' style.

There is nothing worse than being undervalued when you know you've given 110%.

But so many bosses and corporations just don't care.

This is why so many places in shock over the loss of personnel thanks to the pandemic.

People refuse to be treated like crap.

Hopefully, a lesson can be learned from this.

Treat people like people, and they'll work hard.

Otherwise, they'll leave... and they all may leave at once.

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People Describe The Oddest Jobs They've Ever Had

Working in entertainment production is one of those things that sounds awesome - and make no mistake, it is.

It's just that it's also one of those jobs that means when your partner calls you at 1 in the morning to ask where you are, and you tell them you're out measuring lemons for Beyoncé... it's not a euphemism and it's not that weird.

Queen Bey wants a bowl of 15 evenly sized lemons for her dressing room, Queen Bey gets a bowl of 15 evenly sized lemons for her dressing room.

And because catering runners care about doing their jobs well and usually have a multi-tool on them anyway, Beyoncé is getting the sexiest, most uniformly sized, lemons we can find.

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People Share The Craziest Thing Their Boss Has Ever Asked Them To Do
Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

There is a fine line between doing your job and being asked to an accomplice.

I can't tell you how many times I've looked at a supervisor and thought... "Who did you sleep with for this job?"

Some bosses have no boundaries.

And what may sound like a simple favor or just part of your job description is actually nonsense.

Nonsense they gaslight you into doing.

I know we all have stories...

Redditor thekutsiwanted to hear about all the workplace lunacy a higher up has caused. They asked:

"What's the craziest thing your boss asked you to do?"
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People Describe The First Thing They'd Do If They Suddenly Owned Disney
Kenrick Mills on Unsplash

In case you were living under a rock, the Walt Disney Company is an entertainment industry behemoth and is globally recognized.

Basically, a singing and dancing rat dominates the world and he brings smiles to children and to the young at heart.

Many of our favorite Intellectual Properties–like Star Wars, Marvel, the Muppets, and companies like National Geographic and 21st Century Fox, and many others, now fall under the wide umbrella bigger than that of the one used by another widely known IP, Mary Poppins.

But unlike the beloved British witch who repairs broken families in London, Disney, the company, is not practically perfect.

Along with crushing box office records and making dreams come true for millions of guests visiting their world-class theme parks comes great responsibility–keeping legions of fans happy.
In spite of the pressure that comes with endless scrutiny, would you want to be in charge of the Mouse House?
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