1. The voice of ET was played by a 2 pack a day smoker who had never acted before. That was her actual voice.

2. The entire plot of Home Alone is set into motion when Kevin gets into a fight with his family over spilled milk. Dont cry over spilled milk, might be a good saying, but in this case, it doesnt really work.

3. The little boy from The Shining had no idea he was making a horror movie, not until after it was finished and released.

Now you can look at The Shining again, but through his truly innocent eyes.

4. Saving Private Ryan - In the beginning when they're clearing out the trenches and bunkers after taking the beach, two German soldiers come out with their hands up and yelling, seemingly trying to surrender. They're both shot dead and the American soldier says they were saying "Look! I washed for supper!"

It was actually in Czech, not German, and the man was saying "Please don't shoot me! I am not German, I am Czech, I didn't kill anyone! I am Czech!"

He was a Czech taken prisoner by the Germans and forced to fight for them.

5. In the movie Inception, most people that watched believed Cobb's token is the spinning top. He clearly states in the movie that it was his wife's. If you go online there is a consensus that Cob's token is his wedding ring. This changes a lot about the story because you realize Cob has never struggled with knowing when he is and isn't awake. He only keeps the top to show how he struggles with forgiving himself of his wife's death. The end of the film now doesn't show a mystery of whether or not Cob is awake but it represents him letting go of his wife.

6. The Beast from Beauty and the Beast was 11 years old at the time of his curse. The rose the enchantress gave him bloomed for 10 years until his 21st birthday when it began to wilt.

So an 11 year old orphan prince turned away a strange beggar woman who showed up at his house during a thunder storm in the middle of the night, and she curses him and every other member of the household, including his dog.

7. In Ferris Bueller's Day Off, Buellers constant complaint, and his justification for many of his shenanigans, is that his parents won't buy him a car. Toward the end of the movie, when Bueller's mom is driving his sister home from picking her up at the police station, there's a quick throwaway line where mom complains that this mess screwed up the deal she was working on, and that the money from that deal was going to be used to buy a Ferris a car.

Ferris Bueller screwed himself out of the car he so desperately wants.

8. The moral of Grease is that in order for true love to work out in the end, you have to change who you fundamentally are as a person. She becomes shallow and manipulative and somehow it's a good thing!

But it's all saved by the deep moral message imparted to us at the end:

We go together like

rama lama lama

ke ding a de dinga a dong

remembered for ever like

shoo bop shoo wadda wadda yipitty boom de boom

Truly inspiring words.

9. The "bad guy" in Mrs. Doubtfire is not a bad guy at all. Pierce Brosnan is a successful, generous, patient man who does nothing wrong the entire movie. Mrs. Doubtfire tries to bait him several times into doing something bad, and he never falls for it. (S)he even tries to kill Pierce, and he doesn't get mad.

10. The Joker's entire speech to Harvey Dent in The Dark Knight is a lie.

He styles himself as an agent of chaos and not a schemer. But that's all lies and manipulation. He is the master schemer. From stealing the mobs money with a clever heist, to planting an explosive inside a henchman and beyond. The entire movie is the Joker scheming and manipulating everyone into thinking he's just a crazy madman. The speech to Dent is just telling Harvey what he needs to hear to push him over the edge.

The Joker is only an agent of chaos in the sense of chaos being a level of order that is difficult, if not impossible to grasp due to its complexity.

11. Rose from Titanic is a massive b****.

She shows up at the survey ship with tons of crap. All of the pictures she brings with her are of her, and not of any loved ones. Narcissistic lady that she is. The survey ship is spending millions of dollars trying to find a gem that she has in her possession, though she has no claim to it. (Remember, it was a wedding gift, not some trinket she was given beforehand. The value of that gem might have kept her ex from killing himself.) After regaling the crew with her poor little life story, she just tosses the damn thing over the side.

She married and had kids, hence her granddaughter. But when she dies, she goes to spend eternity with Jack, a twit she lost her virginity with and spent about twenty hours with back when she was a kid.

Also, there was totally room on that floating door for more than one person, scooch over and let Leo DiCaprio on the damn door!

12. Marty Mcfly in Back To The Future - his new family is nothing like his old one, mom, dad, sister, brother. They are all nothing like they were before. They are new people, with different lives and different personalities. And Marty can't do anything to get his old family back. The one he knows and loves is gone forever.

13. Shaun of the Dead: The entire plot is revealed at the start of the movie.

"We'll have a bloody Mary first thing (Mary gets impaled and dies), a bite at the King's Head (Philip is bitten), a couple (David/Di) at the Little Princess (Liz), a stagger (when they pretend to be zombies) down to the bar for shots (killing zombies)"

14. In Django Unchained there is a scene when Leonardo DiCaprio goes ape on Django and Dr. Schulz because he finds out that they are trying to retrieve Django's enslaved wife. He starts yelling and slams his fist on the table, cutting himself with a glass by accident. He starts bleeding considerably as a result. In fact, the whole thing was an accident but he decided to keep playing his part, which ended up being one of the most climactic scenes in the movie.

15. The main plot of The Matrix was supposed to use human brains as processors for the machines, not power sources. That's why Neo could do all those things; he could interact with the code more fully.

Bet you learned something. I sure did.

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