ASL Interpreter's Hilarious Signing Of Chaotic Brexit Mess Is Absolute Perfection

Brexit is a mess and most of us don't fully understand what is happening but there is some good news. A sign language interpreter has done a perfect job of breaking it all down so we can fully grasp the entire mess, or at least the emotions the majority of people are feeling,

A Twitter user, Ell Poter noticed the talented interpreter translating the Brexit agreement on BBC and posted the clip with a caption that read:

"The sign language interpreter doing the Brexit Agreement on BBC News is perfectly conveying the perplexing f**kery of this situation."

The tweet quickly went viral and Potter wanted to make sure people understood she was in no way mocking the interrupter.

"To be clear, as this tweet takes off & people add their own comments, I am not laughing at this incredible interpreter or at the deaf & signing community; I think the way she expresses this clusterf**k is amazing, and it's the most accurate analysis of Brexit I have seen today."

People loved it.

How do things always turn to Trump?

We know, we know, back to Brexit.

We may not fully understand Brexit but we do appreciate the wordage.

Ultimately thought, sign language wins.

Maybe we do need to bring her to the White House.

H/T: Indy100, Metro

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