Zombie Enthusiasts Reveal What No One Seems To Consider For An Outbreak

Zombie Enthusiasts Reveal What No One Seems To Consider For An Outbreak

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The Zombie Apocalypse is upon us! That has been everyone's belief since the premiere of 'The Walking Dead!' Ever since AMC started filling our brains with Zombie culture it feels like civilization has begun serious preparation for an undead mutiny. Which actually does raise some interesting questions.

Redditor _drflanigan inquired.... What is something that no one seems to consider in a zombie apocalypse? **_Just in case... how would life change? What would we do? Will Andrew Lincoln come save us all?**


Safe drinking water. I've seen in zombie movies/shows where the characters drink muddy stagnant lake water. I feel like you are just asking to die or become extremely ill of dysentery.


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As zombies gradually lose weight their pants should come off!



...and now I have an image stuck in my head of a horde of zombies tripping over their pants.




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The gasoline will go bad in a few years and we'll all be reliant on bicycles to outrun the shambling damned.


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Oil platforms. Anyone who've been to one can confirm: Those things are floating cities.


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Most zombies won't be able to make it through a winter. Their blood would freeze and they would not be able to move.


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Wanna survive the zombie apocalypse? Steal a yacht. Zombies don't swim. Even in the fiction where they can survive ocean pressures and walk on the sea floor out to islands, they can't swim up to boats that are far enough away from land.

Personally, I think water-world was just a sequel to a zombie flick.


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Housing would finally be affordable in New York again.


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The poop will probably hit the fan at a very inconvenient time. People spend a large part of their waking life at work. You won't be home, surrounded by your supplies and weapons when you find out zombies are attacking. You'll probably be at work, surrounded by your useless colleagues with safety scissors as the most effective weapon in your grasp.


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The zombie, as a species, is designed for failure. Its chief food source, the living human, is also its only method of reproduction, and its number one predator. That predator is smarter, faster, more mobile, probably stronger, and more creative than it ever can be. And it can be taught, in a ridiculously short time, to kill a zombie from 50-100 yards away, with reasonable reliability.


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i think bugs would be a problem. zombies are rotting corpses with flies buzzing around them all day. If a fly eats zombie flesh, presumably that fly turns into a zombie and could infect a healthy person.

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