In this day of youthful obsession when people are going to extremes to hide the aging process, it's refreshing to see that feeling young,never gets old! 


Granted there are things that become difficult to accomplish as we grow older but difficult is not impossible. 

Redditor zkool posed that thought when they asked :

What are you never too old for?


The simplest kindness is always appreciated.

Having someone tell you that you did a good job.  helps_using_paradox

Animals are always the answer. 

Pets. Watching the faces of the elderly when they interact with animals, you can see how much joy they get from it.  Johns_got_a_mustache

Playing with your food?

Molding your mashed potatoes and gravy into an erupting volcano.   Dr-Pepper-Phd

We're not judging. 

Chicken strips. It's not just a "kid food", man.  SyingKung

Education is essential always.

School, college or in general learning. I come across several people in my industry who get complacent after reaching management level, stop learning new stuff and expect to coast along on their experience until then.  gigibuffoon


Whipped cream knows no bounds.

Squirting whipped cream directly into your mouth.  trjones1

Art saves lives. 

Entertainment. The movie and video game industry is absolutely huge. People who still think those things are too nerdy or things you grow out of are either sheltered or ignorant.  neofang101

It's always about the snuggle babies.

For me, it's stuffed animals. Those fluffy babies got me through some tough times.  GorillaS0up


Oh My!

A spanking! TalmadgeReynolds

When you hear jump always ask how high!

Jumping in a bounce house.  stagehog81

Never forget Bugs Bunny!

Cartoons. Still watch all the ones I used to watch whenever theres a marathon or it comes up on Netflix/Hulu. I ended up buying Avatar the Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra box sets last year. Although, you do realize that some of your favorite shows like are extremely fucked up and you where just to young to notice it. Bikinigirlout


Good sex. walpolemarsh


Take nothing for granted.

Everything. If there is something you want to do, don't let anyone tell you otherwise because you're too old. You won't get younger again. ColaApe

Singin' in the Rain!

Playing out in the rain. At least once each decade. sassafrass14

Never stop building.

Legos. I may or may not have purchased a 200 lb bin of loose legos last month. And I may or may not have told my family they were for my little niece and nephew. Rudeirishit

And snow angels! 

Snowball fights. JollRoints


The beach keeps you young. 

Body surfing and building sand castles at the beach. Thankfully I have a niece and nephew now, so I can make a nice one and "help them out a little". theshoegazer

Wisdom is forever. 

listening to other people's advice......even if they are 10 years younger than you, they still might have something useful to say.  potatoslasher

Everybody wants to be Top Gun. 

Watching jets fly over or going to an air show

I just had a conversation with my coworkers the other week where 3 of us span 3 different generations. We were all discussing a recent flyover we saw nearby of the Blue Angels to an air show and all confidently agreed that seeing jets in formation is cool no matter how young or old you are!


Life is never to old. 

It's never too late to have a happy childhood.

Tom Robbins, Still Life with Woodpecker  asymmetric_hiccup

H/T :zkool


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