Yes, Justin Bieber Is Now Selling Hotel Slippers—And They Just Sold Out
Ricky Vigil/GC Images via Getty Images

It's not uncommon for pop stars to pivot and use their fame to make money in other ways. Clothing lines seem to be a popular choice. So it's not surprising that Justin Bieber has started his own, under the name The House of Drew. What is surprising is his most popular item is hotel slippers.

Bieber has been seen wearing apparel emblazoned with his clothing line's logo, a smiley face with the word "Drew", his middle name, in place of the mouth. However, it was earlier this week when he and his wife, Hailey Baldwin, posted photos to their Instagram accounts showing off the footwear.

Bieber's post included a link to his store.

Hailey offered her support for her husband's new line.

The fabulous footwear was then available on his site for only $4.99. Due to the singer's popularity and the low price, the slippers sold out almost immediately.

It was impressive to say the least.

The House of Drew website only shows the sold out slippers and no other articles of clothing. It's unknown if and when more might be coming. Bieber has been seen wearing other clothes, such as a black hoodie with his line's logo. And it's easy to see how this image easily transfers to all kinds of comfort wear.

Well it better come soon. Maybe just restock the slippers.

I mean, it's either that or find other ways to make your fans happy. Maybe put out some new music?

Bieber and Hailey got engaged earlier this year and married soon after. While there was no official confirmation at the time, Thanksgiving saw Bieber announce his first time celebrating the holiday as a husband. The pair had dated in 2016 before splitting but got back together earlier this year.

Hailey changed her last name on social media to "Bieber" and also trademarked "Hailey Bieber" for her own commercial purposes. Combined with House of Drew, maybe we'll see a his/her line of inexpensive comfort clothes?

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