A global pandemic ratchets up the intensity on nearly all facets of life.To that end, it reveals so much about individuals, collective groups, and institutions.
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Nothing lasts forever, unfortunately, and it's not uncommon to long for the things from our past that no longer exist.

Whether it's a snack food from your childhood or a favorite TV show, we all have something that we wish were still around.

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Washington D.C. is honestly pretty sketchy.

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Image by Tayeb MEZAHDIA from Pixabay

The world's governments have done some horrifying things, both during war and peace times.

Many of the worst of these didn't come to light until the documents about them were declassified.

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Every single group has the friend: wildly adept at the far reaches of the internet, clearly doesn't consider that texted links are time stamped so we know they were freaking out at 3:37am, and refuses to trust photographs.

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