People Describe The Worst Types Of Candy Ever Made
Image by Jill Wellington from Pixabay

Most people are obsessed with candy to satiate their neverending sweet tooth.

From popular chocolate bars like my personal favorites–Twix and Nestle Crunch; to my least favorites—gummy worms and Sour Patch Kids—there is something for everyone for those who lean towards sweet over savory.
And then there are the kinds of candies that are just rotten and should be banished from Willy Wonka's factory forever.
Curious to hear from discerning candy enthusiasts, Redditor SmithB3tts asked:
"What's the WORST candy?"

Some might argue these are not worthy of being categorized as "worst."

Wannabe Chocolate

"Sixlets used to taste good to me and now they're terrible. I don't know if the recipe changed or if it's my tastebuds or both."


"Call me crazy but I like them."


Licorice In Disguise

"Good and plenty. The pink and white coated licorice. So gross."


Not The Bee's Knees

"From my Halloween candy days, my bro and I would pool our candy and eat a piece of two a day for as long as possible…. 'Bit o honey" was always the one I HATED. Bit o' chipped teeth what I used to say…"

"Thing is my friend recently said it was her favorite . I scoffed but she gave me a fresh piece and it was chewy honey flavored taffy…"


Offensive Flavor

"Those Jelly Belly jelly beans that taste like awful things...butter popcorn I'm looking at you. Or even worse still they had some Harry Potter ones that tasted like grass or vomit for goodness sakes!"


It's a wonder how these old-timey treats are still around in 2021.

Purple Chews

"Thrills gum."

"It's purple, and lavender flavored."

"Chews like cardboard, tastes like soap."


"Came here looking for this. Thrills may be a Canadian confectionary. My grandmother always carried these. Found a package in store a few years ago so I could inflict it on my kids and friends."

"Right on the package it said: 'It still tastes like soap!'"


Weird Peanuts

"Those pink peanut looking things."


"Circus peanuts. And they are actually supposed to be banana flavored."


"Dumb Dots"

"Whatever those dumb dots on wax paper are."


"Lol. I love those except for when the paper gets stuck to them."

"On a side note back on the 90s we could buy those with Acid on them. Like LSD. That was fun."


These seem to be the commonly despised sweets.

From Licorice To Lips

"I hate black licorice but that's already up here so I'll just say those lips they sell during Halloween Are they even edible?"


"Wax lips and wax soda bottles."

"Honorable mentions to horehound and coffee candy."



"I haven't seen a single mention of those Valentines candies that say things like 'Be My Lover.'"

"Cool concept, but actually eating them is like eating pieces of chalk. No thank you."


Made Of Sugar, Corn Syrup, Gelatin, Etc.

"Necco wafers pretty bad."


I stand by the fact that black licorice is the worst candy ever made.

There is nothing satisfying about the gelatinous rope that ties my stomach into knots.

It tastes like fennel and anise, not the kind of flavors I want in candy, that linger long after its been regrettably digested.

In all deference to those who love black licorice, I won't judge you, but I'll never get you.

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