We all have certain things about ourselves we would love to change.

Many aspects of our bodies, inside and out is the first thing to come to mind.

And what's frustrating is that many of those things we're passed down to us thanks to DNA.

Certain diseases and bodily aspects "run in the family."

Which often feels like a cosmic joke.

We have to learn to embrace it.

So let's do some venting...

Redditor dump_acc_91 wanted to hear about what generational issues have been passed along to many of us. They asked:

"Which sh**ty genetics did you inherit?"

My eyes. One droops, seems to be a paternal side issue. I'm looking into eye surgery but it's expensive.

Head to Toe

the addams family remix GIF Giphy

"Hair on every inch of my body except for the top of my head."


"Me too... And I'm a lady. Thankfully, due to the wonders of laser hair removal, no one can tell anymore that I used to look like the love child of a yeti and cousin It."



"Excessive sweating."


"Same and the treatments are considered cosmetic where I live. I just want to sweat a normal amount and not have to change my clothes multiple times a day like a normal person. lol"


"Same! My mom could stand in the sun for 2 hours not breaking a sweat while I will be drenched when the temperature rise by one f**king degree so thanks dad."


Scars of the past...

"Severe acne when I was a teen that left behind scars."


"Acne that forgot to leave with the rest of puberty is also not fun. I have the scars AND I have the angry zits that like to crop up along my bra line. At least at this point, my face is taking the least of it and I don't have deep pockmarks or scarring there. But I don't wear plunging necklines because my chest is a mixture of new and old scars."


Brush Away

"Teeth. I brush using an electric toothbrush for 2 minutes twice a day using prescription toothpaste, I floss twice a day, I've had braces and I floss under the permanent retainers once a day, I wear my night retainer every night and clean it every morning, have a dedicated tongue brusher and scraper that I use as needed, I go to the dentist twice a year and get fluoride treatments, I don't drink soda or eat excessive sugar, and I still have cavities."

"I had to get a root canal that ended up failing (missed by the guy who did the root canal and 3 separate dentists) and when the cap eventually rotted off I had to get an implant which got infected, then got infected again, then was deemed chronically infected and had to be removed. Now my wisdom teeth are acting up and need to be removed. I am so f**king sick of putting in so much time, energy, and money to be below par with most of the rest of the world I'm only 33 ;_;"


Bad Breed

Red Blood Cells Sickle Cell GIF by Discovery Giphy

"My parents met in their 20s, bonded over how they both have sh**ty circulation and everyone in their families has crappy circulation, and were like ‘I know, let’s breed!’. Went as you’d expect."


Bad circulation sucks. People don't understand the issues it causes. All of these can be difficult to deal with.

Bad Moves

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"Dad has IBS-D, mom has IBS-C. My GI said you’d think they’d meet somewhere in the middle and give you regular bowel movements. Sadly not, I’m also a C."


Issues of the Mind

"Likely Alzheimer's. Both grandmas had it, my mom has it, and I'm in my early fifties and starting to feel the beginning of decline. Frankly, I'm scared sh**less."


"I'm in the same boat, 2 generations in my family are diagnosed with it on my mother and father's side. Lucky me it's was late in life for both sides of the family, but I've always had notoriously bad luck so we'll see. If you haven't already, I'd definitely suggest seeing a neurologist sooner rather than later."


It's gone...

"Hair loss."


"Me too, but it's not a full bald. It's much thinner hair by my crown and down the middle of the top of my head. There's still hair there, but if you look at my head from above you can see that the hair there is much sparser."


"My wife says it not a big deal but I always tell her she would be freaking out if she started to lose her hair too. Hair means just as much to men as it does to women. Confidence killer."


Painful Endings

"I'm slowly going blind from RP. Thanks mom. My spinal discs are deflating and pinching off my nerves, Thanks dad."


"My son has RP as well. He is blind and uses a cane. He has a good government job, is married with two children. There is no cure but maybe someday. They are always working on trying to find a way to fix the retinal cells that are dying. It will happen but I am not sure if it will be this century."



Come On Reaction GIF Giphy

"Half of my face has my mom's bone structure, the other half my dad. Come on, evolution, I thought this was all about symmetry. OH and they both have addictive personalities which makes substance abuse almost instinctive. Luckily I was a pothead instead of an alcoholic or pill popper. We’re all doing better now LMAO!"


Well, we are who we are, for better or worse. Let's make the most of it.

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