There's a classic horror comedy called April Fool's Day about, you guessed it, everyone's favorite holiday. (Not.) The film follows a group of friends who spend a weekend on an island mansion only to be picked off one by one. It's a longer story, but it turns out that the party's entrepreneurial hostess led them to the island for some "staged horror."

I have to say... I'd be so pissed if that were me. Dangerous or mean-spirited pranks do nothing for me.

Perhaps it was with this film in mind that Redditor TheBunganator asked the online community the following question:

"What's the worst April fools prank you've either done or had done to you?"

"My mom did not appreciate..."

"My mom and her friend would randomly pull pranks on each other when I was little (so around 30 years ago). That ended when her friend listed my parents house for sale in the local small town newspaper, with the footnote: *divorce pending."

"My mom did not appreciate having to individually explain to practically the entire town that she was not getting a divorce and her house was not for sale."


That's a Micheal Scott type of prank, just saying.

"My brother..."

"My brother was at the beginning of a nasty custody battle for his eldest daughter against her maternal grandparents. My mom called me crying and said that she, my niece and my brother were just pulled over by police, and that my brother had been arrested for something made up by his ex. I was so scared and concerned and was freaking out."

"Crying, the whole nine yards. It went on for quite a while, then I heard him laughing in the background."


He was in on it? That's cruel.

"The following morning..."

"I stayed up late and then switched the sugar with salt by the coffee machine. The following morning I proceeded to wake up and make myself a steaming hot cup of salted coffee because I’m an idiot."


Was the prank for someone else or was it just for your future-self?

"Sister decided..."

"Sister decided it would br comedic to put glue on the door handle. 3 months later it wasn't sticky anymore."


This would annoy me to no end.

"Our teachers..."

"I was in 2nd grade. Our teachers loaded us up on a school bus and told us we were going to get pizza. We, being like 7 years old, were both stupid and excited. After we were all loaded on the bus and the headcount was done, the teachers told us to quiet down for instructions, then they both said "April fools!" and we had to go back to class."


Were your teachers trying to start a riot?

"I knew my boss..."

"I knew my boss was having a piano delivered that morning so I told him that his wife called as it was too heavy and had fallen through the floor. He fell for it but Im sure it limited my career."


Amateur. I don't even have to prank my boss to raise his blood pressure!

"My wife was six months pregnant and called me at work and told me her water had just broke."


Yikes. That's one way to temper expectations about having a kid.

"When I was still in school..."

"When I was still in school I decided to wake the house up 4 hours early by changing the clocks and waking everyone up in a panic saying we are late...joke was on me though as I was far too tired to function for the rest of the day though!"


The trick to success is to wake everyone up at the regular time but set the clocks to a few hours later so they think they're suuuuper late.

"Got called in..."

"Got called in to work by my boss. I sarcastically laughed and said nice try, and hung up. Next day I got called into the office being asked why I had an attitude for no reason when a simple "sorry I can't come in" was all she needed. Turned out she wasn't messing with me."


Jokes and jobs just don't go well together, sorry to say.

"My birthday..."

"My birthday is on April 2nd. When I was about 8 years old my dad told me on April Fool's Day that President Bush called and said there were no more birthdays and that they were illegal. I believed him and cried my eyes out. I still remember it very vividly!"


That's just mean! Sorry you had to deal with that.

Thankfully, this "holiday" is over. But if there must be pranks, can we promise that they won't be mean-spirited?

Have some stories of your own? Feel free to tell us more in the comments below!

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