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People Break Down The Worst April Fools Pranks They've Ever Witnessed
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There's a classic horror comedy called April Fool's Day about, you guessed it, everyone's favorite holiday. (Not.) The film follows a group of friends who spend a weekend on an island mansion only to be picked off one by one. It's a longer story, but it turns out that the party's entrepreneurial hostess led them to the island for some "staged horror."

I have to say... I'd be so pissed if that were me. Dangerous or mean-spirited pranks do nothing for me.

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Every year, people unite for one day just to screw with people. Spring has begun, and moods are generally positive. April Fool's Day is an opportunity to knock it all down. Don't waste it.

aab1020 asked: We are now less than 45 days from April Fool's Day. What 'long con' pranks should be started around now?

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