The Worst 'Adult Tantrums' People Have Ever Witnessed
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I've worked in retail, customer service at a movie theater, waited tables, bartended, and I'm an actor.

Trust me when I tell you, I could write a book on adult tantrums.

In fact, I could maybe craft a one-man show about it all.

Adults are crazy.

And it's funny how they tell kids to not act like a brat.

Yet so many people still live in denial about their actions.

Redditor Caio-Bulba-Brazil was dying to hear about the ways adults behave worse than children by asking the online community a question:

"What was the worst 'adult tantrum' that you guys witnessed?"

I don't have a worst because what I've seen is all bad.

I will say this... if you don't like your meal, don't eat it.

You don't have to literally throw it at your waiter.

That's called assault!

When at WalMart

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"I was working customer service at Walmart during a snowstorm. We were short staffed so I was covering the switchboard."

"The father of two of my coworkers called and absolutely lost it on me because his ADULT sons chose to go to work and kept saying I had no business keeping them there. I kept trying to tell him I would put him through to a manager but he didn't stop yelling long enough to hear me."


At Subway

"I saw a woman come into the Subway I worked at (at 9am) and scream at us because we no longer serve pepperoni. It was apparently so awful it not only ruined her day, but her entire life. She vowed never to return, and stormed out."

"My boss and I were both standing there flabbergasted. We never had stopped selling pepperoni… in fact, I had just finished restocking its container. Neither of us had any clue what she was on about."


He was not kidding...

"A sales guy I worked with just earned a huge commission on a multi-million dollar mortgage. Some of us convinced him he should take us out to dinner because we helped and he was a good sport and we (sales guy and 3 low wage earning women from support staff) went out to a local pub. The bank president was there, which was not unusual, he made the rounds of all the local places most nights after work."

"He came over to say hello and when he found out why we were there he got angry that he hadn't been invited and started yelling at us and banging his fists on the table, then he went back to his friends at the bar. We decided he had to be joking, there was no way he could be angry at us for that so we decided we'd be funny too. We asked the server if she would bring him the check, but don't really leave it with him and she thought it was funny too, so she did."

"He was not kidding. I've never seen a grown man have such a public tantrum in my life. He was screaming at us until we got up and left (and would not let us take the check back). I went to work the next morning and my boss (who was supposed to be with us but had something come up) was coming out of the president's office and this guy, who did not swear in front of women wanted to know WTF we did to make his boss so mad that he was trying to order my boss to fire the guy that got the commission."

"Later on, we figured it out. Because of that commission, the sales guy earned more money that year than the bank president."


How Rude

"A woman standing up mid-flight and angrily, loudly demanding that they land and let her off the plane immediately, because she believed an air hostess had been rude. In her words, she refused to waste her money on an airline that employed rude people, and would not spend one moment longer on the plane. She began yelling very aggressively while the staff calmly tried to explain why they cannot land. Eventually she was restrained."


In Lake Worth

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"My GF (now wife) and I were in a French restaurant in Lake Worth, Florida having dinner. Out of nowhere, the old guy at the next table jumped up, grabbed a waiter by the lapels and yelled, 'I don't like your attitude!'"

"His chagrined wife told him he had the wrong waiter, and he let the guy go and stalked out of the restaurant. When he came back and sat down, his wife hauled off and punched him in the side of the head. The other couple they were dining with - along with everyone else in the restaurant - audibly gasped. They left soon after. Good times."


Some people should come with warning labels.

BK is safer...

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"Worked security at a McDonalds. Some of the tantrums I've seen from grown a** people at 3am is AMAZING. Usually just hard not to laugh at them and make it worse."

"My favorite was the guy who couldn't use the toilet so he threw is food on the floor and stormed out. Then tried to come back in but wasn't allowed but he thought he deserved a refund for the food HE threw."

"An hour he stood outside and shouted."


The Freak Out

"Worked Security for a number of years. Saw adult tantrums on a near daily basis. One that sticks out was a dude who crossed rope barriers and a bunch of signs to a staging area that was clearly marked as off limits to the general public. He started munching on some snacks that had been set up for others."

"After simply asking him to leave the area... because he wasn't supposed to be there... dude freaked. He began screaming that he had a problem with authority, and that I had no idea who his daddy was, but my job was toast, and so on and so forth. Anywho, after far too long, he found himself under arrest for trespassing."


Mood Kill

"We were all 18 so technically adults. Anyway, this girl I knew in college was the typical spoiled rich girl. It was early into freshman year at the dorms and I was part of her friend group but we really didn’t know her long enough or well enough at that point."

"It was her birthday and she wanted all of her friends to go out to dinner at a nice restaurant to celebrate with her, but none of us had cars because we all lived on campus."

"The group was too big to get Ubers for everyone, so someone suggested we just take the bus to the restaurant. She was freaking out because she had never taken the PUBLIC BUS anywhere, but we all got on and it was a short 10 min ride to the restaurant."

"We’re all sitting at the table and enjoying ourselves and suddenly this bi*ch breaks down at the table and SOBS because she’s so disgusted and ashamed that she had to take the bus to her own birthday party, like it was something only poor people do."

"I just couldn’t wrap my head around how privileged she was. Totally killed the mood."



"Worked security at a hospital and had stuff like this in the ER. Biggest I remember is we had a guy who had a family member in the ER after an accident and he was told he had to wait in the waiting room because the patient wasn't at the hospital yet because they were being brought in by ambulance and he had beat them to the hospital."

"He decided that he didn't like how long it was taking and managed to run back into the emergency room and was running around yelling at us and the other staff. Luckily he didn't get far and we had a police officer at the hospital who was able to arrest him. Felt bad for the guy he was obviously upset."


Roll Around

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"Had a drunk obese dude refuse to accept that it was time for him to go home. He rolled himself under the craps table and kept trying to punch our ankles."

"We kept him penned in and called the cops. Trespassed him off property for a year."


Wow. Adults are a disaster. Goodness...

Do you have any tantrums to add to the list? Let us know in the comment below.