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One might make the argument that nostalgia is at its strongest. Between shows like Fuller House or the new Will and Grace, continuations or reinterpretations of old favorites have been very popular.

Morgan Cooper felt we could use another one and directed a trailer turning The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air into the highly dramatic Bel-Air.

And it looks pretty dope.

Bel-Air (2019) | Official Trailer (4K)

The trailer takes the story of Will Smith getting in trouble on the streets Philadelphia and being forced to live with his uncle in Bel-Air and gives it the gravitas you might expect from a modern Oscar contender.

The trailer stars Jerry Madison Jr. as Will Smith turning the struggle of the lifestyle he's used to clashing with the lifestyle of his uncle and cousin.

And people are here for it!

The trailer has gotten so popular that it even reached the ears of Will Smith. Not Madison playing the character, I mean Will Smith-Will Smith.

He posted a video about it to his YouTube Channel.

Spoiler: He likes it.

How I Really Feel About That BEL-AIR Trailer

Smith interviews Cooper about the trailer, asking,

"So, how did that idea come to you to do that?"

Cooper responded,

"Well, you know, I grew up watching the show."

Smith was impressed with the concept, remarking,

"The dramatic version of these ideas means that you can use existing storylines but, it's not going to seem like you're redoing an episode because the storyline is going to be brand-new from the dramatic perspective."

With Will Smith so onboard with this idea, it has people wondering if we could make this real.

At the moment, it's unclear what the future will bring for Cooper's reimagining. However it is very clear that he's a talented filmmaker with a bright future ahead.

Will Smith has three movies coming out this year. May sees the release of the highly anticipated, live action remake of Aladdin. September will bring wit it the animated spy comedy Spies in Disguise, and Gemini Man is to be released in October.

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