People Debate Which Thing They'd Choose To Summon Like Thor's Hammer
Adrian Swancar/Unsplash

There's something impressive about Thor's ability to summon that hammer, isn't there?

Like, he can just be vibing there in his underwear and stick his hand out and BOOM. Hammer time.

If I sound jealous it's because I absolutely am. Do y'all have any idea how hard it is to hold a flailing toddler AND pick up all the stuff they're flinging everywhere?


Reddit user DependentAd30893 asked:

"You are allowed one object that you can summon to your hand like Thor with his hammer. What do you pick?"

You'd think people would want to be able to summon millions of dollars or attractive people ... but it turns out 2020/2021 got the better of us and we're mostly interested in much more practical things. Sure money came up, but not in the way you'd expect.

2022 is looking like the year of mundane magic for everyone!


"I don't know if it's lame, but I'm going to go with pure practicality."

"I choose to summon 'dust' because it would save me so much time cleaning my apartment when I can just summon all the dust into a ball and throw that away."


"Oh. Oh wow. This is the answer."

"I'm under 5 feet tall, imagine me trying to dust fan blades... now imagine me just summoning the dust."


- [Reddit]

"Oh my god you're a genius."

- ADHD-and-dragons


Nobody Wants To Get Up

"The remote control."

- nj_stinks

"Same. But not for the TV."

"I would summon the remote for android box."

"That one is way smaller and keeps getting lost. Also my wife will not help in search for a small one, considers it bad luck."

- zatorrent123


Small Bill Brilliance

"A $20 bill. A lot of places won't accept bigger bills anyway."

"I'll just keep summoning that same $20 lol. Eventually it'll fall apart, but hopefully it'll be a while."

- HELLOhappyshop

"A twenty dollar bill."

"I can use it to pay for small items. From that I get change."

"I then summon it back to my hand and boom, I have both the change and my reusable bill back."

- AceAndMace


Same Idea, But Bigger

"A USD 100 bill."

" 'Deposit' it at the bank, then call it back. Rinse and repeat."

"Or buy something and call it back. Or find a store that'll break it and--you guessed it--call it back."

"It's not an earth-shattering amount of money, but imagine never having to actually pay for anything under $100 ever again."

"And if you've got moral qualms about essentially stealing from a small business or something, use the 'clean' money you got from the above steps for those purchases."

- shapterjm

"$100... now imagine I buy something, they put it in the register, and I summon it back."

"I can even return the product and get extra money, bootiful ;3 XD "

- BebeChickieNuggie


Mightier Than The Sword

"Gonna sound lame, but probably just a normal pen."

"I lose all my pens constantly. It would be really nice."

- ADHD-and-dragons

"I, too, lose pens constantly."

"I made an emergency pen for my wallet out of two lengths of a radio antenna, two rubber caps from a small toggle switch kit, and the ink insert from another pen."

"I installed it into the crease of my wallet by cutting some slits in the leather."

"Summoning pens would probably be easier."

- dirtymoney

" 'Hey can I borrow a pen?' "

" 'Yeah sure, just make sure you give it back.' "

"**45 minutes later**"

" 'What the hell?!' "

"**Pen flies out of pocket**"

- Colonial_Red


Nothing Worse

"My wallet."

"Nothing worse than realizing I don’t have it and don’t know where it is."

- Unleashtheducks

"My wallet."

"I'm always forgetting it at my house."

- w47willrise·

"My wallet."

"If you’ve ever lost your wallet you know how absolutely annoying it is."

"Whether it’s a short term loss like in a pile of laundry or a real loss like you left it somewhere unknown, outside of your house, losing your wallet is the top stressor of minor/major inconveniences for me."

"So yeah, I also want to say that I would make the money motion with my fingers in order to make it appear."

- PizzeriaPirate


Hostage Situation

"Mars. The planet Mars."

"Society will give me what I want or I'll summon Mars till it collides with Earth."

"Either that, or they'll kill me and dissect my body to try and steal my power."

- DaddyLittleKitten

"When Thor calls his hammer it travels at a canonical speed of 770 MPH."

"If you summoned Mars at that speed, given its current distance, it would take ~33 years for it to arrive. That's a pretty damn slow hostage situation."

"If you stopped summoning it at any point, it's course would almost certainly fail to adjust to Earth's own orbit, resulting in the two missing each other. Likely by many millions of miles."

- WorkLemming

Outer Space GIF by NASAGiphy

Three For One

"A coconut."

"Food, water, and weapon all in one."

- Kinetic_Pen


Carne Chaos


"I just want to see the confusion when a wall gets destroyed and I start gnawing on some carne asada."

"The kicker would be someone trying to explain that a man caused massive property damage with a burrito."

- Pencilowner

"A burrito. My favourite food that I don’t have often enough."

- BlindMarch


Endless Supply

"A charged battery for my laptop so that I never have to recharge it again."

"Either that or a router so that I have good wifi anywhere. Getting things done while on the move is a pain."

- youburyitidigitup


Are you on team #MundaneMagic or do you have higher ambitions?

Sound off in the comments.

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