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There's definitely jobs out there that take a special kind of person to be able to do. There's actually some research that suggests personality actually plays a role in what job you have.

Ronald E. Riggio Ph.D. wrote:

"Extraverts tend to hold jobs that involve communicating with others, such as sales or customer service."
"Introverts, on the other hand, may trend toward jobs interacting with computers or technology."

Riggio continues:

"Similarly, individuals high in conscientiousness may gravitate toward jobs involving numbers or paying attention to detail, and they may be better at those jobs as well."

But what if your job means you're more likely to be an a**hole? Like this study that showed high rates of bullying in the nursing field. Or that narcissists are better at jobs in that rely heavily on self promotion.

Redditor 29t03jwies asked:

"What job or activity do you normally associate with jerks?"

Let's see what other jobs might have the worst personalities.

YouTube Families.

"Those family YouTube channels, that have like fifty different channels for each family member including the dogs and then the one for the full family. They only shout when they talk and do a bunch of sh*tty 'challenges.'"

"I feel in real life they are total aholes to everyone in their neighborhood."

- AspiringGuitarist07

"Yes and basically exploit their kids for views."

- ursula_in_hotwater

If YouTube wont do anything about it, at least someone else will.

"I work for a union in the film industry and we're trying to organize these 'shows' so they are just like regular movies/tv shows and the parents can't exploit the child. In the same way a TV SHOW is regulated in how it treats child performers (hours of work/overtime/school/tutoring/ rate of pay). And most importantly that they get residuals- like royalties-in the future as the show is watched over time and a bunch of their money gets saved for them in trust until they are adults."

"The research we've been doing is wild. These kids are treated sooo badly. They work all the time, miss school, don't make any money off their own performances/likeness. Totally exploited."

- heyfrend



- Madori21

"'I'm a free time celebrity photographer.'"

"'Oh, you photograph celebrities in your free time?'"

"'No, I photograph celebrities in their free time.'"

- downiecatpunchface

"There's this video of Kristen Bell being relentlessly followed by tens of paparazzi and them harassing her to the point that she breaks down and cries. It's so disgusting and they're all such garbage human beings, I cannot fathom how any of it is even remotely legal."

- RwF619

"I really loved Daniel Radcliffe's way of dealing with them when he was on the West End... dressed the same exact black clothes every day."

- h2man

"My favourite is Tobey Maguire driving out of his driveway surrounded by paparazzi. I honestly don't blame celebrities for lashing out at paparazzi."

- shiftyfired1056

Ministers on the television.


- mikenyle

"Is that still a thing?"

- irctbt2020

"Oh sweet child it's gotten soooo much worse."

- Frylosphy

"That f*cker that was telling his congregation not to get vaxxed because his healing spirit will protect them."

"Or that other a**hole that told his congregation that god told him to get another 40 million dollar Learjet."

- Aevum1

"Regarding the jet, are you referring to Kenneth Copeland, that preaches in [Ft. Worth (Tarrant county)] (he was the Covid-19 viral video older preacher talking about how he was gonna kill it with heat and some devil karate chopping sh*t, idk. He was all over the place in that sermon, lol)."

"Anyway, supposedly, he claims…it's because demons (us) are on commercial airlines, and he can not be bothered to sit amongst us demons on a metal tube."

"Whatever you do - please watch the attached link. It's from April 2020. It's a remix of his sermon about COVID-19. He said he was going to 'unleash a heat wave straight outta Hell!' to kill the virus, also blowing the 'breath of God' helps, too."

"Kenneth Copeland's 'Wind of God!'"

- Redditor

Spam calls.

"Call scammers."

- stealth57

"Oh man I love getting those calls and waste their time by imitating an old man barely understanding and make them repeat 5-6 times. Then I fake the interest/fear after almost 20-30ish minutes (depending of what the call is about). Then just laugh at them and hang up."

- xNamelesspunkx

"I used to answer the calls in Spanish. Now, I almost exclusively get calls in Spanish, which I answer in English."

- bagehis

Real estate agents.

"Estate agents are 10 rats in a trench coat. Prove me wrong."

- thefloatingpoint

"My Dad worked in construction all his life. He's a senior quantity surveyor these days. I once asked him when I was younger, 'Dad, what would I need to be an estate agent?'"

"He replied, 'some hair gel.'"

- JFedererJ

"'Your bank won't give you a mortgage on that property, but for £1000 we can help set you up with a mortgage at another bank.'"

"Just a straight up lie."

- TomasNavarro

Online influencers.

"Influencers. An accumulation of narcissists. Nothing more."

- thefloatingpoint

"I think what's even more sad probably are people who think they're influencers but are not. I remember reading here some fella talkin about his wife who would not get a job because she was an influencer. She had probably [only] made 40 or 400 dollars, one of those."

- kratomstew

"Ooh, yeah. A friend from high school was a fake influencer. As her friendships began to deteriorate because she became so insincere, her 'Instagram' friendships flourished. She had 4,000 IG followers though, and then she started making real cringey cooking videos. At that point we had our nicest friend intervene and be honest with her. The world doesn't need a 10 minute tutorial of a person making a 30 second protein shake….. it's powder, water and ice."

- Shitagi-Nashi_-

"You'd be surprised at how big the 'micro-influencer' market is, and how it's both great and awful for those involved."

"Many stories I've heard were from young athletes or attractive women, almost always underage, being targeted with free gifts. Legally, not great, but if someone was at practice and someone decided to drop off a crate of unreleased clothes or sportswear, that sh*t is naturally going on IG. They're tracked by likes/interactions and when they're 'of age' they're offered deals of varying quality."

"The kicker? These companies rarely pay their influencers, and most of the stuff they give out was likely to never make it to retail anyway due to it not being mass-produced, or slight errors in manufacturing. They give out stuff that was likely to be landfilled, and let people pretend to be influencers while paying them f*ck all - unless they have legitimate use."

"Source: Was a software engineer that worked on software for influencer marketing, and heard some horror stories."

- EnderMB

Now, no one career is a monolith of jerks, narcissists or a**holes, but some jobs certainly attract a specific personality.

Whether it's influencers, real estate agents, or paparazzi, they might not be innately cut out for those jobs. It might be something else that makes them motivated to becomes a**holes.

Maybe it's just for the money.

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