People Explain What They Will Boycott Until They Die
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There are just some hills we plant our feet on and pledge to hold out until death.

We have to put our money and influence where our mouths are.

And sometimes boycotting is the way to go.

If a certain clothing line uses child labor... and you care... as you should... you buy a different line.

I'm looking at you Kathy Lee!

You get the idea.

Let's hear what hills everyone is on.

Redditor SteelTookSteroids wanted to discuss all the things people will not support, no matter what. They asked:

"What's something you're boycotting till the day you die?"

I will not give my patronage to Chick-Fil-A. How you spend your support in LGBTQIA+ issues is important to me.

A Never Clicker

​Ads on Ads on Ads Giphy

"Clicking on the ads that are at the top of my Google search. I will scroll all the way down to click on the exact same link."


I have no tolerance...

"Cable TV, I’m not going to pay $120 a month for something and still have it be 1/3 commercials, I spend half as much and have everything I need whenever I want it with no ads."


"Cable TV is so INFURIATING. I dog sit for my grandparents and their internet can be god awful and I'm stuck watching their cable tv... I want to claw my eyes out everytime. It's legit mostly commercials. I have no tolerance for it anymore."


'taking what you can get'

"My wife hasn’t been in a Walmart in 20 years. I admire her commitment and they are starting to feel the pressure."


"Same. 'No ethical consumption' etc aside, Walmart is contemptuous of its customers as well as its workers. It's stunning how few people they have running the stores now, and that hurts customers AND workers, as well as the level of actual service. What's the point of having department counters when they're all empty?"

"The quality is nonexistent, getting groceries is an excersise in 'taking what you can get' because they intentionally limit their selection to maximize return on bulk orders (hence, half an aisle of mac and cheese for instance), and the 'here's a pallet, grab it or whatever' method of leaving half-opened shipments of groceries in the aisle has turned the whole place into an uninviting supply depot. Only way I walk back into WalMart is if the zombies rise."


but never again...

"Grubhub, for making me suffer through that cringy ad."


"For me, Postmates. They didn’t bring what we ordered. Then I called them, they said they can’t rectify it. Then after a long back and forth whoever was there spoke to their manager, and said fine, they’ll do it this once, but never again. So guess who is never again getting my business. I can’t just pay for a service and not receive it, obviously."



Kylie Jenner Selfie GIF by ADWEEK Giphy

"Forbes for calling Kylie Jenner a 'self-made' billionaire."


I am so over the any name with a K at this point. And all because of that family.

Not Them!

the loud house trash GIF by Nickelodeon Giphy

"Nestle bottled water. (Also, yes Nestle anything, but they own so much it's hard to avoid, f**k their water program in particular)."


A slightly more legal pyramid scheme...

"MLM companies. I've had to cut old friends out of my life due to this."


"I'm a small business owner and sell at a lot of markets - literally every market is chock full of scentsy/Mary kay/paparazzi/etc. I don't support MLMs as a rule but I also have to befriend the Mary Kay lady and the pampered chef lady because they're the head of the local small business coalition. MLMs aren't small businesses though IMO."


In Video

"Microtransactions in video games. Not even once!!"


"Same. At first it was for principle. I shouldn’t pay a bunch of extra money to get to play the game when I already paid for it. Then it became out of a slight fear. Met a few ppl once that said they spent 6-10k a year on those transactions for a free mobile game. They said so casually to that I realized how much of an addiction it can become."


Stay Away



"Right on! Too many friends and classmates I grew up with are gone now because of that sh*t. Just lost another one 2 days ago, man. Breaks my f**king heart."

"They had kids and everything, and now they're without fathers, mothers, or both. It hits even harder when you thought they were getting on the other side of it and you were rooting for them. It's crazy to look back and remember them as kids, and just like that, they're not here anymore. We're all only in our 30s. This isn't ok."


Back off Ron...

crazy tom cruise GIF Giphy



"Yes! I worked for a place that forced me to take L. Ron Hubbard courses! I had to take a whole course on how to control people in a workplace!"


Does Scientology even exist anymore?

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