People Explain What They Will Boycott Until They Die
Photo by Clem Onojeghuo on Unsplash

There are just some hills we plant our feet on and pledge to hold out until death.

We have to put our money and influence where our mouths are.

And sometimes boycotting is the way to go.

If a certain clothing line uses child labor... and you care... as you should... you buy a different line.

I'm looking at you Kathy Lee!

You get the idea.

Let's hear what hills everyone is on.

Redditor SteelTookSteroids wanted to discuss all the things people will not support, no matter what. They asked:

"What's something you're boycotting till the day you die?"
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People Describe The Most Stereotypically 'Evil' Companies They Know
Photo by Phil Hearing on Unsplash

Why is money more important than human life? So many of these big companies and corporations seem to relish in taking advantage of us, the little people.

It isn't new you know? They destroy resources, deplete opportunities and suck up all the financial gain.

So what if kids drink poisoned water? Who cares if people are getting cancer from what you put in the air? And never mind what the staff is being paid.

As long as you stay a Fortune 500 powerhouse.

It's vile and we need to take them down.

Redditor nikenotnikey wanted to discuss the corporations that need to be taken down a peg or two, by asking:

What are some stereotypically "evil" companies?
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There's a saying that nobody would ever want to see how politics or sausage are made. The product is palatable and welcomed, but the creation process is down right ugly.

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People Explain Which Restaurants They Refuse To Eat At

The good thing about the 21st Century? Options.

There are options everywhere. For food, there are options to the point that if you don't want to go somewhere, you're under no obligation.

But also in this capitalist 21st century, our business is valuable. And if we share the reasons why we don't eat at certain places, we may persuade a ton of people away from that place too.

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