People Explain What They Would Do If They Instantly Got $30,000

Many of us have come into financially hard times, especially since the pandemic hit and the economy took a turn.

"Depression food" and "suffer food" have become popular topics on social media as people attempt to do more with fewer ingredients, and that's for good reason.

It makes perfect sense that people would want to daydream about what they would buy or invest in if they suddenly came into some money.

Pondering, Redditor positive-oceans asked:

"What would you do with $30,000 cash right now?"

Feel the Relief

"Get eight full hours of sleep."

- iDrGonzo

Looking Forward to That Taco Bell Order

"Pay off my credit card loans and maybe go get fast food for the first time in five years."

- Cautious-Marker-3131

Care for a Mother

"I'd help my mom out so she wouldn't be losing her home."

- Randyh524

A Slight Indulgence

"Buy 30,000 worth of bean burritos."

- Disastrous-Purpose-8

Back in Order

"Sadly, erase all my debt and move to a cheaper rental house. Yeah, that's pretty much all it would take to set everything back in order."

- SuperJohnBravo

Finally Debt-Free

"I have roughly 30k in debt between my car and student loans so that amount would be pretty awesome for me. I’d be debt free for the first time in my adult life."

- silverr90

Beat Cancer

"Get a reliable vehicle, stock up on stuff for the house, and not worry for a bit while I beat cancer."

- sugarandspice27

A Perfect Balance

"$15,000 on my mortgage, $10,000 into my savings, $5,000 on petty indulgences."

"Invest, save, treat yourself. A perfect balance."

- TheMightyGoatMan

Private Home Care

"Pay off my house and pay for a nurse for my dad who is dying on a ventilator so he can come home."

- DickeTittenn

Keep It Simple

"Save it."

- ZiggyStardustEP

Time to Downsize

"I'd put new windows and siding on my very large, 100-year-old house, sell it and buy a much smaller house. I live alone in this place and I never even go in half the rooms."

- OrwellWasRight101

Financial Security

"Pay off my debt and put 5K in savings so that I can finally be financially comfortable and never make the same financial mistakes (that I made in my twenties) ever again."

- DrewDiggles

Providing for Children

"Give it to my son so he can pay off his debts. The kid never had a break and he deserves it."

- Jealous_Resort_8190

Dental Makeover

"Get a dental makeover, had an accident as a kid and broke several grown teeth and while I don’t look too bad I still feel self-conscious about smiling."

"The current crowns that I have were put on in Guatemala, I know that traveling to Latinoamérica is cheaper but it’s hard especially when you have two little ones and a full-time job. Maybe when the little ones are older and more independent, I will give it another go in Guatemala, funny enough the dentist I saw there was a USC graduate."

- PauPauMoe

While it's fun to talking about winning the lottery and buying a million-dollar mansion, most of our needs and wants are far simpler.

Based on this thread, people just desperately want some financial security, less debt, a little more sleep at night, and maybe some occasional tacos or burgers.

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