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Whether it's a minor inconveniences, people being unaware of their annoyances, or things that just don't make sense, it can stir up some pretty strong emotions.

Now, anger is a totally normal and healthy emotion, but sometimes a high level of anger doesn't seem warranted. However, when those minor inconveniences add up, suddenly we are on a rampage just looking to get mad at it every time it happens.

It could be from someone cutting you off in traffic or the sound of someone chewing. Regardless, it can cause some serious internal turmoil for some people.

Redditor BaconBear36 wanted to know:

"What is something that makes you unreasonably angry?"

Try not to get mad reading this.

Get out of the way!

"People who are walking out of a shop and then suddenly decide to stop smack bang right outside blocking the door."

"Just f*cking move to the f*cking side."

- incoming-idiot

"Especially when there's like two or three people taking a whole sidewalk side by side. Sort of just waddling around without thinking that maaaaybe there's people behind them that want to get around.

A lot of people have some horrible spatial awareness. At least in NYC they get some minor sh*t for it usually. Because walking is a main form of traveling obviously."

- appleparkfive

"Riding the metro in DC was like this. Train pulls into station. Doors open. Bunch of folks need to get out before others can board. Those waiting to board stand right in front and make you squeeze past them to exit. Situation awareness duh. Step aside until all are off the train."

- ProperWayToEataFig

"Oh god the worst is when you're on a busy escalator and the person in front of you steps off and just stands there. Like HELLO I'm coming through and literally cannot stop. MOVE!"

- pintac__

"Yup. I worked at a busy mall during the holidays and the escalator turns into a literal packed-full human conveyor. Dad and 7-ish y/o kid in front of me stepped off and STOPPED. I had basically no choice than to forcibly shove them aside. And they looked at me like I was the a**hole. smh."

- cIumsythumbs

"My mother in law did this. Walked out of the grocery store and decided she needed to check her receipt right then and there. I suggested she look at it later and tried to get her to move out of the way. 'Oh it'll just take a minute!' She snaps, completely oblivious to the fully uniformed paramedic behind her who is just letting the auto door close on his back over and over."

- -Firestar-

Look where you're going!

"The one that really gets me is when you're walking down the sidewalk and someone throws open a shop door and barges out without looking into where you're walking. NO! That door Is like a yield side. The people on the sidewalk have right of way."

- DerpWilson

"Same goes for all the jackoffs at the grocery store who barrel out of an aisle into the cross aisle without looking to see if someone is coming. Would you just drive out into traffic without looking both ways first, moron?"

- co-stan-za

Online recipes.

"Recipes that start with an essay about the author."

- thisnoseisokay

"I don't need to know your f*cking life story, Jessica, I'm trying to figure out how to make fried chicken."

"I've been scrolling for 15 minutes, is there actually a recipe on this damn page?!"

- ChevroletSparkSS

Maybe there's still hope that we wont have to read the authors biography every time we're baking banana bread.

"I didn't notice until someone said something in a Reddit comment, but most of the recipes I've looked up lately have a 'skip to recipe' button at the top that I had been scrolling past."

- Mama_Catfish

"There's a chrome plugin, I think it's called Recipe Filter, that let's you skip the rambling to get straight to the recipe. It doesn't always work, but when it does its awesome."

- schmittymccute

Internet personalities.

"Force hyped youtubers who just screaming around for no reason."

- TiredArmsBrain

"The kids watch these. And think that this level of overreaction is normal."

- IdentityToken

"That's the scary part about it. They'll replicate the behavior in public and eventually realize not everyone is shouting and screaming over every little thing."

- SasukahUchacha

"This is super annoying. Maybe once every other year or so I decide I'm going to play a little Minecraft and look for any fun new mods so I'll check YouTube. It's easy to find people 'reviewing' new mods. It's difficult to find people that actually provide a review of the mods and aren't just running around in the game and randomly yelling and making weird noises for no apparent reason."

- diiejso

"Especially on twitch too like I'm trying to see someone play a new hero or something and they do one thing and start screaming or laughing hysterically, get up from the chair flex I have no idea why. I hate it all."

- FinalMention

Bank hours.

"Banks. Why the f*ck would an institution that almost all people are required to use have shorter hours than an average job?"

- Cole844

"I'll add government facilities to that, DMV should be 24 hours."


People Break Down Their Greatest Accomplishment On The Internet | George Takei’s Oh Myyy

"While I agree it's frustrating, people forget that retail banking is only a fraction of the bank's services."

"Banks are primarily concerned with serving other businesses and working with larger transactions, deposits, loans, and investments."

"In other words, the bank does not care about your $50 deposit, their resources are better spent doing business with another company that makes tens/hundreds of thousands of dollars in deposits weekly."

- DreamsOfCleanTeeth

"Retail banking are there to give them cash which let them actually do their businesses of lending money, mostly to businesses."

- stagfury

"I can attest to this I own a business and my bank caters to me. I get much better service and my own business teller if I go in."

- S8an666

Chewing noises.

"Loud chewing noises, especially if you're an open-mouthed chewer, double especially if you're also a lip smacker."

- diiejso

"I get so angry from the chewing sounds sometimes I just get up in the middle of a meal and leave."

"Sometimes I'm the only one eating the meal. Still happens."

- AHPpilot

This is actually a disorder called Misophonia.

Slow drivers at the front the line.

"People that move out of a lane so they can secure first place at a red light then drive like a f*cking funeral procession."

"WHY BRO?!?! That spot is for movers and shakers!!"

- I_Have_Nuclear_Arms

"Seriously. Duck into the next lane at the last second, and when the light turns green, theirs so slow that the cars that were behind them in the next lane are passing them... ugh. Just get off my road."

- Utter_Rube

"Yeah, when someone cuts in front of me, I'm thinking, 'You better be moving.' And then they don't..."

- Snoo_46737

"Similar to this: people who sit there and pressure the light, constantly rolling forward little by little and going way over the line, only to drive like a grandma when it actually does turn green. Bro are you in a hurry or not, you can't be both!!"

- nobutternoparm

Who's even playing these games?

"Crappy mobile game ads."

- Prize-Cup-3010

"I'd say crappy mobile games in general."

- Rexalande

People assuming you're shy.

"When people tell me I'm shy or quiet. No. I'm simply uncomfortable. I can be very loud and extroverted in a comfortable environment surrounded by people I'm comfortable with, but that's obviously not what I'm doing right now if I'm shy and quiet."

- upperslide8

"Agreed, especially when they're like 'omg I didn't know you could talk!' It's not like I tell them 'wow you are so loud maybe if you shut up for one second I might say something.'"

- Redditor

"I used to have a chef roommate who worked at a pretty nice restaurant. One night me and him and a few of his friends who were also chefs went and ate dinner there. Afterward when the place was starting to shut down, his boss and a few of the other guys that worked there came and sat with us to chat. His boss kept bugging me about how quiet I was. Dude I'm a photographer at a table full of chefs talking about food. Wtf at I going to say? Idk a damn thing about food, I just like to eat it"

- thylocene06

"Normalize saying 'I'm not shy, I just don't like you.'"

- snotking666

"My dad thinks I'm very reserved and aloof and quiet. When I tell literally anyone else who knows me this, it is met with incredulous laughter."

"Sorry dad, I'm just that way around you because anything I say opens me up to pedantic criticism and condescending judgment about every aspect of how I live my life."

- esprit_de_croissants

I didn't ask for this!

"Unsolicited and/or condescending advice."

- Sensedog

"I was once in a fabric shop looking for fabric to make a dress, I said "stretch fabric" because there were many that suited the pattern I was working with, the guy in the shop immediately assumed that I didn't know anything about sewing and told me to give up on the dress immediately and to go to a skirt making class. Like gee thanks, but if I wanted someone to tell me not to make the dress, I'd tell myself."

- SaltyHuman111

"Worse than that, people who ask for advice, but automatically reject whatever is said to them."

- dibschairenforcer

"Those people aren't looking for advice, they're looking for validation to do the thing they already decided that they want to do."

- thehonestyfish

"Those are called askholes."

- ashescapist-85

"Out of touch advice as well. Usually that goes along with unsolicited. Someone in my friend group has always been in that 'Nuh uh, I don't get treated like this, call the manager,' mind set and lately it's gotten a little ridiculous. They're not mean by any stretch, and they act like a Karen or anything, but they will suggest the nuclear option whenever you're complaining about something."

"For example, someone was talking about their apartment situation and how a homeless person has been sleeping outside of their door and using the outlet outside that they pay power for. This other friend goes straight to, 'You need to get a lawyer and go after the apartment company, this is unacceptable!' Uh ok, the person complaining works as a waiter and is in their 20's so what part of that makes you think they can just go get a lawyer?"

"This person will do that with anything that vaguely sounds like a complaint. 'Well here's what you need to do, you need to go talk to so and so...'"

- forman98

Just... people?

"Going outside and seeing other people who are also outside."

- -----jess-----


- xcesiv_77

"When you go out in public and the public be there."

- Cookie2806

It seems like people are the problem in every scenario here.

Reading these can really make your heart rate go up. Hopefully the people who do some of these things will take a hint and be a little less irritating to the rest of us.

As long as we're not acting on that anger, no harm done.

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