Man's Post About What It Actually Means To Be A Billionaire Will Have You Feeling Very Poor 😮
Pando Hall/Getty Images, thelastmemeera/Tumblr

So many people in America dream of one day being part of the 1% of ultra-wealthy billionaires who control the vast majority of wealth throughout the world. One Tumblr user, however, was fairly certain many of the people pining after the lifestyle of a billionaire weren't completely aware of just how much money the world's wealthiest people had. The Last Meme Era told Bored Panda:

Basically I guessed that most people probably don't have a clear concept of what a billion dollars actually is, and if I could put it into practical terms that are easy to understand, people would be shocked at just how rich the world's wealthiest people are. Hopefully people might be moved to become more socially engaged if they had a better picture of how society distributes economic resources.

The Last Meme Era then began to drop some shocking facts on all of us:



The Griggs Group

A mansion is a pretty good start for sure.



Oh wow...that's a nice car.



John Taggart

Well, I guess a plane sounds nice.



Oh dang! This boat has more rooms than any house I've ever lived in!


Damien Hirst

I'm not sleeping in the same room as the skull.













Please...there can't be MORE money?!




About a year later, The Last Meme Era returned and left his followers with a small update:


People online were shocked at what they were reading:

The Last Meme Era/Tumblr

And, honestly, they should be.

H/T - Tumblr, Bored Panda

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