People Share The Thing They'd Never Buy—Even If They Had A Billion Dollars
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Suppose you had billions of dollars and the ability to purchase or do anything you want. Now imagine what habits of yours might not change one bit even if you did have all that money.

If I had all that money, you still wouldn't catch me frequenting some of the fanciest restaurants in town because I am well aware–having some insider information, as one does–about the way these places treat their workers.

That's just one small example – having all that money doesn't mean I'd suddenly become unethical (and hopefully the same can be said about you).

People shared their thoughts with us after Redditor KCIJunkDiver asked the online community,

"If you were handed 10 billion dollars right now, what would you still never buy?"

"Those rocks..."

"Those jade rock eggs that Gwyneth Paltrow shoves up her lady business."


And don't forget that they're porous and could potentially lead to toxic shock syndrome!

"A PS5..."

"A PS5 from a scalper."


I wouldn't buy anything from a scalper – ever. They're gross people.

And if you're a billionaire, you wouldn't ever have to.

"Of all the things..."


Of all the things I’m happy to be fake in this world, affection is something that I don’t want money involved in.

That's totally fair. For many people, the presence of money immediately complicates things.

"I'd still sneak..."

"Movie theatre candy. I’d still sneak in my own."


Cinemas make their money off concessions, which explains why they're overpriced.

"One time..."

"A boat because I am TERRIFIED of what lies underwater. One time I was in Florida and we took a boat out to deep ocean and we were going snorkeling and when I jumped in and looked down all I saw was a deep blue void and it was TERRIFYING!"


Lots of things lurk in the deep! The ocean is a source of fear for many!

"At some point..."

"A cable subscription. At some point some company will bundle all the streaming services together and put in ads as a lower cost option and we'll all suddenly be back on cable without realising it."


Watch – you joke now but we'll get there eventually.

"I've never understood..."

"Those massive mansions. I've never understood why you need 100 rooms and bathrooms."


To be fair, those extra rooms are certainly for guests and staff.

Unless you're one of the people in The Queen of Versailles. Now there's a rich family with too much money to burn.

"You could probably..."

"Nestle products. You could probably lobby governments to ban Nestle with that kind of money."


You probably could and honestly, it'd probably be worth it.

"The price is insanely inflated..."

"Diamonds. The price is insanely inflated and labgrown diamonds are just as good if not better. Also a lot of diamonds are mined by slaves and the profits are used to fund civil wars in Africa."


This is correct. So much of the destabilization in the Congo and surrounding areas is a result of the diamond mining trade.

"Luxury brands..."

"Luxury brands known for treating customers badly as a way of signifying luxury. I’m looking at you, Louis Vuitton."


I would never go somewhere that treated me that way, money or not.

And if I had the money for an assistant, they could probably fetch a Louis Vuitton item for me.

"Just seems... overkill."

"A private jet. Just seems…overkill. First class exists for a reason, right?"


Well, if you have your own jet, you're essentially paying money to save time, so there's that. Many who have that much money probably easily could just fly first class but they won't.

"I have no use for one..."

"A f**king yacht. I have no use for one and I'm pretty sure they're part of some money laundering scheme anyhow."


Probably. Do yachts run on fuel as much as they run on cocaine? Tune in for more at 11.

After thinking of all the things we wouldn't buy, it's definitely worth thinking about the things we would do if we had that much capital.

For instance: Ensuring a more equitable society, ending hunger, poverty, and homelessness.

These things are within our reach, and that these problems have not been solved is not because we lack the resources.

Have some thoughts of your own? Feel free to tell us more in the comments below!

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