People Explain What Brings Out The Absolute Worst In Someone

We all have sensors and triggers.

Everyone has some little thing or six that will put us in a bad mood.

You can't help it.

Well, we probably could, with enough therapy.

Choosing to use anger is never a good idea.

It only leads to more darkness.

Redditor SnooPets5219 wanted to hear about the ways people's dark side illuminates. They asked:

"What brings out the worst in a person?"

People who don't use turn signals. That little inaction sets me on fire. I will follow you home! Extreme, I know.

Fun fact:

patrick star eating GIF by SpongeBob SquarePants Giphy

"Lack of sleep or being hungry."


"Fun fact: if you feel like you hate everyone, you need to eat. If you feel like everyone hates you, you need to sleep."


in many forms...

"Desperation (in many forms)."


"Ooo yes. this is a big one. I've seen a lot of ugly things come out of me when i've been desperate for something and along with anyone i've known growing up."


"Desperate times call for desperate measures. But in reality people will go to lengths way farther than previously considered when they are under the gun."


kill for food...

"A very important lesson you learn on the street. Never get in the way of a man and his next meal. You don't see crap when crap happens. You ignore it because you don't know if the person who thinks you're gonna get in the way of his next meal hasn't eaten in days and would, quite literally, kill for food. It's safer to look the other way."



"Illness. I saw my grandma turn into a bitter, angry old lady, when she had cancer. And it happened twice. She had always been hot-headed and stubborn, but cancer (the first time breast cancer, the second time pancreatic cancer with metastases all over) turned her into a completely different person. She was angry, depressed, bitter, she started rotting in her soul. She was amazing when she was healthy and I miss her terribly, every day."



War Mcr GIF by My Chemical Romance Giphy



"War. War never changes. Best intro cut scene to a game I've ever seen. I always watch the intro all the way through everytime I start a new playthrough."


Why do we tend to chose bad behavior first? Why is that the go-to?

The Finish Line

Nintendo Switch GIF Giphy

"Mario Kart."


"I am a sore loser and a petty winner in Mario Kart. I will pull up replays of my partner eating s**t at the finish line lol."



"Chronic pain."


"Yes!! Pain will. People wonder why older folks get mean sometimes, now that I’m 50 I get it. Pain makes you powerless, that turns to anger quickly. I HATE the fact that my body dictates what I can and can’t do anymore."


"Yeah long term, chronic pain wears you down to a nub. Patience for others goes out the window completely."



"Being with a manipulative, toxic partner. The longer you are with someone like that, the more your unhealthy coping mechanisms become entrenched to the point you don’t know how to function in a healthy relationship."


"Doesn’t have to be a partner. It can be a close friend, as I have found. You don’t always realize that they are changing you, but they are."


Soul Crushing



"Especially when the death was a murder. Some victim's family members turn into sadists who just want to watch somebody die in agony whether the evidence proves their guilt or not. That kind of grief destroys the soul."


"Yeah, I went weird when my friend died, cut everyone off, would be so angry at people who weren’t her friend that suddenly wanted to pay their respects, I was awful. When I came out of that state and realised how horrible I was behaving, I apologised to everyone I’d lashed out at. I’m truly embarrassed at how I was during that time, even though I know it was grief."


Hell on Earth

Sloth Dmv GIF Giphy

"The social security office or the DMV."


No matter what is happening, there are no excuses for bad behavior. Do better.

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