People Break Down The Most Unintelligent Thing Someone's Ever Asked Them

People Break Down The Most Unintelligent Thing Someone's Ever Asked Them
Image by Robin Higgins from Pixabay

People might argue there are no such things as stupid questions.

If that was common knowledge, it would prevent inquisitive minds from asking anything for fear they may be judged.

There are exceptions, of course.

And as much as there are people who ask ridiculous questions, there are those who make ludicrous declarations about things they know nothing of.

Curious to hear more examples about the things people say or ask without using brain power, Redditor JadoreB*otyNoir asked:

"What's the dumbest thing someone has ever said to you that made you lose respect for them?"

Are people really this clueless? Or are they just extremely unkind. You be the judge.

About Astrology

"Something along the lines of 'If you're a cancer, don't raise your voice against me. I'm a leo and I can make you cry in one sentence.'"

"I mean believe what you want but if you believe in Something so much you need to more or less insult people.. thats a bit too much for me."


Living Recklessly

"'Not my fault I want to live my life.' My old room mate's wife as she justified cheating on her husband who has to stay at home with the kids."


Just One Drink

"I met someone recently and he knows I'm sober."

"He asked me to meet him at a bar and have some drinks. I told him I don't drink anymore."

"He told me just once is fine."

"No, dear, people who are sober can't get away with 'just once.' Would he tell a recovering addict that just once is okay? Good god."


Arrogant Coward

"i only listened to the other presentations to see how much better i am than everyone else."

"i enjoy seeing people fail."


Lasting Insult

"I had really sh**ty teeth as a kid. My best friend at the time once said to me, 'you remind me of the orcs from the Lord of the Rings!' Then she turns to her dad and asks, 'Dad, doesn't kazoologist look like an orc?' I haven't spoken to her in almost four years now. I'm much better off without her."


When there's no vacancy upstairs in people's heads, they might say the following:

An Impossible Surgery

"Someone in my office said that I should have my sinuses removed."

"Say what? I said. How the f'k do you remove an open space."


Window Cleaners Share The Best Things They've Ever Seen | George Takei’s Oh Myyy

Blue Matter

"Is the blue part on a map the sky or the water?"


Rainbow Stroke

"I worked at a paint store mixing paint from 14-19, a lady asked for rainbow paint. Like, with a single brush stroke it makes a rainbow."


Reason For A Breakup

"Had a boyfriend who didn't believe that dinosaurs were real. Thought it was all either fake or misinterpreted fossils. We broke up soon after."


Real Wizards Among Us

"I had a girlfriend who thought Criss Angel could actually do magic. Like bend the laws of physics. Criss Angel released a video showing how he does one of his levitations. When I showed her it she said 'He just released that so the CIA wouldn't abduct him and experiment on him.' She's no longer my girlfriend."


These are majorly inexcusable offenses.

What The Hack?

"Among many other things, he told me about a 'life hack' (his words) where you go into the store, grab a sandwich from the deli, and leave without paying for it... because then it doesn't cost any money."

"It's not petty theft. It's a life hack."


Unwarranted Punishment

"A girl I knew said that she keyed another car, because the driver parked too close to her car in the car park."

"I hate people who purposely vandalise other people's property. I blocked and deleted her contact details the same day."


Deserving Of Cancer

"My ex friend once told me that maybe I deserve to have cancer because my life is too good as he thought..."


The Costume

"They said their KKK Halloween costume wasn't problematic because no one they knew was offended by it."


Sadly, it only takes one thoughtless comment from someone to be seen as dim-witted.

While people saying they don't believe dinosaurs ever existed and that fossils were fake may raise an eyebrow, there are more inexcusable offenses.

Like when someone thinks a person is deserving of cancer.

Those are the kinds of remarks that one Redditor kindly put as a "punchable phrase."

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