Underused Hygiene Tips Everyone Should Know
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There are some basic hygiene practices which we can only hope everyone practices.

These include washing your hands after going to the bathroom, covering your mouth while coughing, brushing your teeth and bathing on a regular basis.

Since the global pandemic, however, some slightly heightened practices regarding hygiene are much more commonplace.

Such as washing your hands for a full 20 seconds, not to mention every time you get home after being out for a long period of time, and always having hand sanitizer on your person when out and about.

Even when people are more conscious of their personal hygiene than ever, there are still some practices which continue to be overlooked.

Redditor Harley_mary was curious to learn any hygiene the less obvious tips for maintaining one's hygiene which shouldn't be ignored, leading them to ask:
"What's a hygiene tip that you think is underused and you wish more people knew?"

Clearer Lenses And Skin

"For those with glasses, wipe them down at the end of every day; at least every part that touches your face."

"Your facial skin will start to clear up all over."- JetxJaguar_

It Deserves The Same Attention

"Brush your tongue! It will significantly reduce bad breath."- randommillenialguy

Doesn't Need To Be The Fancy Stuff

"If you can afford tickets to the venue you can afford deodorant."- wiyoh94875

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Why You Should Test It On Your Wrist...

"Not every scent is compatible with every body."

"The bottle may say eau de cologne but on you it turns into eau de durian."- YourBrianOnDrugs

Be Sure To Get Every Crevice...

"Clean your piercings."

"Stank builds up in those holes!"- pupperama

"Wash your belly button in the shower."

"Wash between your cheeks and the rim of your B-hole in the shower."

"Wash behind your ears."

"Not in that order."- _Goose_

"Wash the inside of your butt crack."- wetlettuce42

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Your Dentist Isn't Lying..


"It makes your breath smell better, saves you pain and money at the dentist and reduces your risk of losing your teeth when you’re older."

"My in-laws have dentures and it sucks."

"Implants are better but very expensive."

"I made excuses not to floss for years."

"One day I realized that that’s all they were: excuses."

"Now I floss every day without fail."

" I also scrape my tongue with a stainless steel tongue scraper."- TheManInTheShack

... And Maybe After?...

"Wash your hands before sex."- wiyoh94875

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Some might call those who worry too much about their hygiene neurotic or obsessive.

However, if being neurotic means always having impeccable breath, smooth, glistening skin, and a sweet natural odor, maybe we might all consider being a little neurotic every now and then...