Being a driver is not an easy job and it certainly isn't a safe job. People be crazy. A lot of the time we as passengers are nervous about getting into the car of a stranger but imagine the nerves of the drivers, they are in contact with strangers (who could be complete whackos) consistently for hours on end. We've all seen the videos of passengers gone crazy on a loop. If I was a driver, I'd own stock in mace.

Redditor u/foosh124 wanted the Uber drivers out there tell us a few tales regarding their most "unique" passengers by asking.... Uber drivers of Reddit; what's the creepiest, weirdest, and/or most bizarre passenger experience you've had?

Nothing good happens at 3am....


3am. Drive up to an old bar. Guy and his friend get in and immediately start laughing. I don't question because I figured they were drunk, and from the smell, stoned too. About half way to their destination, the guy's friend asked me for my wallet because he left his driver's license in it. I started laughing because that's the stupidest thing I ever heard. My friend a few months prior bought a new wallet and left his old one in the my car, so I put a single dollar in it and handed it to him. He hopped out of the car and ran a few feet away before saying "What the hell? 1 dollar? You're broke as hell!" idiotOnAnApp

Waffle House Stories....

Picked up a girl at a motel and she was going to another motel (sex worker) she said she wanted me to pull up to the room and she'd give me $10 to wait 5 minutes. If she came up within 5 minutes we'd leave and go somewhere else.

Said she was nervous about this John. She gives me $10, goes in. Comes out like 2 minutes later and asks me to take her to a waffle house. She offered me a $20 tip and asked me if I wanted to eat with her.

I said sure since it was like 4 AM and the night was dying down anyway. Left her at the waffle house and went home. Had some interesting stories. sting2018

Switching Partners....

Was driving an afternoon in the late summer. I live in a beach town so it was perfect weather and people everywhere. Went to a pick up and saw a guy and two women. Picked them up and they clearly had been day drinking, just laughing and having a good time.

It was a husband and wife and the wife's cousin. They all were clearly sexed up a little from the booze, joking about having sex (the husband and wife). The guy makes a joke to his wife's cousin saying "if I had met you first we'd be married."

Then the wife said to the cousin, "if you weren't my cousin I'd let you join in when we get home." The guy and the cousin starting laughing their a**es off, and the guy said to the cousin, "I wouldn't mind if you didn't." They all laughed like crazy until I got to their house a few blocks away.

This was only maybe a 5 minute drive. Between the fare and tip I made about $7. Was definitely worth it, I'll gladly drive them again if I see them this summer. martorano10

I Am Shooketh!

This is from a few months ago - still gives me shakes.....

Went to pick up an Austin in NJ. It was about 2am, so it's my last ride. He's a little far out, but not awful (I'm pretty rural anyway). I meet him at his spot near the woods and he's in some sort of gown. Almost like a graduation gown, but it wasn't black. He then waves and four kids (around ten?) come out in solid white with another person in a gown just like his and they all climb in.

They are all silent other than Austin, who is giving a monologue on the importance of some animal they were with. After about ten minutes, I look back, and I shit you not, every single kid was glaring at me in my rear view mirror.

All. Frickin. Four. Immediately Austin asks to halt the ride and asks for a new drop off, about two minutes away. Pretty confident the other gent in the gown was staring at me too, but I couldn't see his eyes. I tremble and ask him to update the app. He says he won't, as it's a discrete location. I'm shivering and do that trick where you call a friend and let them listen in. I get to the location and they all pile out, except for that Austin guy, who looks at me dead in the eyes, then at my upside-down phone, then back at my eyes. He then got out and went into the woods.

Wtf man. rubidium-custard-37

Use protection kids....

I once picked up two kids from a Jewish high school on a Wednesday night. They spent the first half of the ride talking about colleges and where they were going to go. Then it got quiet and I was treated to the ambient sounds of face sucking and UNDER THE PANTS STUFF.

Then they had the self-awareness to get out of the car at the end saying thank you and CLEARLY thought they got away with it. I gagged and wiped down the backseat just in case. penisinthepeanutbttr

The Family....

Just for a positive weird one, ended up becoming a close family friend to three generations of an immigrant family. Grandpa was the only one to order a ride through Uber proper, enjoyed talking to me and decided he'd rather just pay cash to have me come get him to run errands. Not that weird of a request and it was Summer in a college town, not a bad deal.

He was there hashing out details for his daughter/granddaughter about to move to town, figured (correctly) I'd get along well with his daughter who didn't know anyone in the area. Arranged it so I'd get them to/from the airport for cash whenever one flew in, and over time he was right. Friends with her now, dude's wife loves talking to me to/from the airport, and even the little granddaughter asks about me if she hasn't seen me for a while. Drove for about a year, and that's the most interesting story I have from it for sure. rougepenguin

Crazy you are....


About a year ago a guy got into my car and just started saying, "I have the high ground! I have the high ground! deep voice General Kenobi! You are a bold one!*"

And I don't even drive Uber or a rideshare haha... OGGreenRanger69

Crazy Ladies....

I woke the dead with AC/DC's It's a Long Way to the Top (If You Wanna Rock and Roll).

St. Patrick's Day, I get a bunch of drunk college ladies in my car. The three in back are cheerful drunks, chatting and laughing. The one riding next to me is motionless. For the first 20 minutes of the trip, this woman doesn't move a muscle. Her phone is on on her lap, but she isn't looking at it or touching the screen at all. Having had similar situations before, my concern was that she would revive in a spontaneous shower of vomit.

Instead, as we're heading into the downtown tunnel, the aforementioned song pops up on my playlist. Dr. Frankenstein would have killed for the resulting resurrection. The previously motionless young lady gasps loudly, shoots forward in her seat, and eagerly asks me to turn it up. I nearly drove into the wall of the tunnel. The rest of the trip was spent telling me how she was a huge fan of Jack Black, and how she recognized the song from School of Rock. CosmicMuse

Hitting the slots....

Not really creepy or weird but definitely unexpected and a bit bizarre at the time. Three older women paid me to take them an hour ride to a casino and then by the hour to hang out and give them a safe ride once they were done gambling. I was in school at the time and one of the ladies ended up helping me restructure my resume and this Monday I'll be starting me new job as a Data Engineer. EitherChipmunk

I am Tracy!


Pulled up to a hotel and women came to my window. And I said you Tracy she said yeah I am. I said are you going to such and such address and she is like no I'm not going there. Then another women comes to my window knocking on it and says I'm Tracy. I said oh well who the hell is this other lady? Ended up driving the real Tracy to her destination and then dropped off the stranger where she wanted to go for 20 cash. So basically picked up and drove a stranger. Overall bad decision. bassetd892

Paws Up! 

Drove for a bit a few years ago and one night I picked up a dude and his buddy around a popular bar area who were pretty drunk. They were going back to a rich part of town so I took the ride hoping for a nice tip. They started talking crap close to home and when we got there they started beating the crap out of each other in the driveway as they got out of the car. I left pretty quick. sglville

Get thee to Mckidees! 

So I had a few weeks off between jobs a few years ago so I decided to try Uber. The worst experience was at 3am I picked up 2 couples from the stretch of bars downtown after some big country concert. The guys were super nice, the one in the front seat even had the same 1st name as me and we were chatting. Turns out that the guys met the girls at the bar and they were all heading back to the girls hotel. About halfway through the ride one girl decided she wanted McDonald's and since it was her Uber (it was the guys) I had to take her to McDonald's. The other girl said she didn't want McDonald's and she just wanted to get laid.

They keep arguing and I keep talking to the guy in the front seat until the guy in the backseat tells me I need to pull over. I look back and see the girls fighting in my backseat. I pullover and we get the girls out, somehow they got loose and started fighting again in the middle of the street. I call the cops and by the time the cop got there we have them separated again (McDonald's girl tried to bang her friends head against the concrete).

I tell the cop that it's McDonald's girl that is the aggressor so he goes to arrest her and she starts resisting so I help the cop restrain her. Once we get her in the backseat she starts trying to kick the windows out so we get her back out of the car because the cop wanted to hog tie her. Finally 2 other cops show up and I'm relieved of my duties. She just kept yelling about how she's a lawyer and she wasn't read her Miranda rights.

I turned off the app, took the 2 guys home and never gave another ride. cco87

Give them the Axe!


I have a passenger story about Uber! This was the middle of the day. We got in, and the car REEKED of weed. The driver started the conversation off by saying how he would never get into a stranger's car, because that is how you get murdered. We laughed and made some jokes, but he continued on and on about how you never know who has an axe in their trunk. We eventually just got quieter and quieter, because he kept bringing up the murder. There were 4 of us, so I wasn't too scared because I figured he wouldn't be able to murder all of us during our 8 minute trip. We arrived safely, and I gave him 0 stars because "the car smelled like weed." I was afraid he would find me and murder me if I told on him for the murder stuff lol. drroftarcdt

I See Evil. 

I took a guy to a nearby town across the river at 3am

When he got out he came to the driver's window and said "Ever see pure evil? I am the reincarnation of Jeffry Dahmer!"

Then he walked away down the dark street. smilingonion

Caio Fool! 

I was the passenger, not the uber driver...

I was in Rome, Italy and I got an uber with a middle aged Italian dude... the whole way through he had his window down and was yelling at every single person walking by... even worse! This mother f***er pulls to the side and has a 15 minute long conversation with a random dude at a sidewalk 20 minutes from my hotel... I finally got back and he didn't say anything... I got my stuff out myself and walked up the long a** slope to my hotel... this mother f***er parks at the very bottom of the slope... I paid him €40 and was pissed for the rest of the day. Timmy_turning

Go Back! 

Picked up a dude and his girlfriend in a well known bar district early evening during the summer. Dude is fine but gf is wasted. I'm talking slurring speech, can't walk, etc. Dude tells me where he's going and I start the trip. As soon as a I take off she says she wants to go back. Dude keeps telling her that they're going home but she keeps saying "go back go back go back." Then she starts saying she doesn't feel well. I tell her that if she feels like she is going to throw up, let me know so I can pull over and let her out. She says pull over so I do. She gets out and then just starts cussing me out for no reason and kicks at my door and the side of the car all while the dude is trying to hold her back. I take off and leave them there. First 1 star review I ever gave a passenger. FearTheKeflex

Sweet Virginia....

I was driving in Virginia Beach late one night and I get a ride that I have to pick up from the busiest bar and intersection on the beach. So I get there, call the guy to let him know he'll have to cross the street because it's shut down for some kind of event. He doesn't answer. We get paid for the time we wait, so I just sit there calling and texting him over and over. After about 25 minutes I ended the ride because it had kicked me out of the waiting screen after a while.

As I'm stopping for gas 20 minutes later, he starts blowing up my phone asking where I am and telling me to come back. He was super drunk and told me it was my fault because he didn't hear his phone ring. I reported it to Lyft since I'm sure it gave him the option to one star me because the ride had technically started. Best part: his destination was over 2 hours away in the middle of a snowy December. He got really aggressive on the phone so it was a little rattling. woolfonmynoggin

Outside the Gates....


Not me but my dad:

Picked up 2 passengers from a Halloween party after midnight in Hollywood. One wearing a full Batman costume and the other wearing a full Spider-Man costume, masks included. They didn't say a word and just pointed to the GPS on where to take them. The ride went all the way to Palm Springs (2+ hours), not one word.

The entire ride he said was scared for his life. They didn't even put in the address of a house, he just dropped them off on a random side street of a neighborhood. They got out when they arrived, said nothing, tipped $200 and that was the end of it. After thinking about it once they left, his conclusion is that they must have been somewhat famous as he picked them up at a large house in a gated neighborhood and dropped them off outside a gated neighborhood. redditor8239

Little Girl?

I have a female cousin who very briefly drove for Uber and she said one large male passenger smelled her hair by leaning into the front seat, called her "little girl" the whole ride and tried to convince her to change the destination from a bar to the middle of the damn woods.

She no longer drives for Uber. EarnstEgret


I picked up a guy who wouldn't stop talking to himself and kept mentioning he had taken a bunch of unknown pills earlier. He wasn't aware of reality at all and would randomly get angry at me, screaming that I should be telling him jokes and entertaining him since I am his driver. When we were almost to his destination, he opened the door and jumped out of my car while it was still moving. Luckily I was near stopping and only going around 5mph when he did. He didn't get hurt. timelizard13