People Explain Which True Crime Cases Live In Their Head Rent-Free
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I use to think I was the only person obsessed with true crime tales. I've been an avid watcher of Dateline NBC, 20/20, 48 Hours, etc, for over a decade. In fact when I've moved cable providers the last few times, I chose the plans that only included the ID Discovery channel. I can't even begin to tell you amount of shows I watched there. Then of course I'd top it off with a marathon of Law & Order: SVU. And this was all before the podcast frenzy. And I tell you, I've never had a peaceful night's rest since. Why do I do this? Correction... why do WE do this?

Redditor u/KyrieEleison_88 wanted everyone to compare notes about which blood curdling cases they can't shake off by asking... What true crime case lives rent free in your head and why?


So many of the stories I've followed have left me shook to the core. Some because they were never solved, which always keeps me on high alert, because who knows then where these psychos are. And mostly because these tales aren't fiction. True evil does exist and it just casually walks among us. These stories make you confront the fact that... none of us are ever really safe.


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Zodiac. We've cracked one cypher. Will we ever know who it was? Did they actually make a cypher with their name, or is it just another cryptic cat and mouse game? Are they still out there? To be so bold to give us messages, cyphers, and yet leave no evidence of who did it.



The Hinterkaifeck murders. It just makes *me so, so uncomfortable that multiple people in the house noticed things were strange or amiss in the days before they died but they brushed it all off.


The note that send shivers down my spine was when the father mentioned seeing footprints in the snow coming to the farm, but couldn't find any prints leaving.


No Words...

Ok here's something that is gonna traumatize you. I live in Greece so I doubt anyone else outside of here knows about this. A father killed his 4 year old daughter cause her mother loved her more than she loved him. We don't know how he killed her but after he did, he cut her up into pieces, boiled them with other ingredients and tossed that into the toilet and to garbage bins around the city to make it seem like thrown out food and so that stray dogs would eat it.

Sometimes I think about it and it makes me sick to my stomach. He says that he didn't kill her and that she just found her dead and that he did all that to avoid being targeted as the killer but come on... no one ever believed that.



The murder story of Junko furuta, it's extremely disturbing. I can't get it out of my head. And all of them got away with it. It shows how messed up this world is.


His mother vandalised her grave as well and said she ruined her son's life. You know... The guy who tortured her for like 48 days simply for rejecting him.


No Justice

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The murder of Shanda Sharer. The girls who murdered her are so evil, and all free.


A group of girls killing their own "friend" and getting nothing more than something akin to a slap on the wrist? Sounds totally fair to me.

The wiki article on her led me to the case of Bobby Kent, who was killed by his former best friend he started bullying.


Oof, I remember several of those stories and now they'll be back to the forefront of my psyche. It makes no sense. Well, tonight's sleep is ruined. We might as well continue...

In Australia...

The backpack murders in Australia. Saw some true crime documentaries years ago and this one disturbed me the most. Je, Ivan Milat, picked up hitchhikers and then brutally murder them. I remember he stabbed a guy in the back, paralyzing him, and then beat and killed his girlfriend. He did something similar with 2 girls: stab one and then shoot the other a dozen times in the head (target practice).



There was a torso found sealed in a barrel in the woods in my hometown. Never any explanation. Literally no one ever talks about it.

Apparently some guy also stalked a lady and then set himself on fire and died when he got caught.


They found a torso, arm and a leg (don't quote me on that) in my hometown in the late 1800s on the banks of the thames. Murders go unsolved to this day all I can remember is that there were 4 victims and only 1 was identified.


Years Ago

Delphi murders. They have video and audio of the perpetrator, yet no arrest in four years.


Definitely this case! Since it happened I check up on this regularly; it horrifies me how with video and audio they still have not found this guy, and based on what we've seen from ISP I doubt they have anything else to go on.



Andrea Yates drowning her five kids because she thought they were full of sin and needed saving. Rusty took her off the meds and they had another child despite doctor's warnings about her condition.


He should have been held criminally liable for all of this. He treated her like a broodmare. He was specifically told to not leave her alone with the kids; so he makes all of them live in a freaking SCHOOL BUS. He goes to work and leaves her alone w/ the kids. All day. Every day. Pulls her meds. Keeps impregnating her.

All the warning signs were there. I mean, I have to wonder if on some level he wanted this to happen??? Because it was very clear for a very long time that this was exactly how it was gonna end.

Not to mention that someone in her state of mind, likely wouldn't be able to truly consent. She was very very sick.

My heart breaks for that woman and her kids. But her husband should be rotting in prison.


That Guy!

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Chris Watts. I don't know why I am so invested in it. I just can't wrap my head around a seemingly normal person can murder his whole family and think that he's going to start a new life with his girlfriend.


Now there a few new ones I'm going to have to read up on. Also, I'm going to go join a karate class, just in case. The last thing I want to be is a victim in one of these stories.

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