We are really loosing the strings on what is acceptable in public.

I am at a loss on the daily from what I witness in public and in the news.

Our politicians, our friends, our movie stars.

It's all a mess.

Let's do better.

RedditorRealimTheanimalkingwanted to discuss the unfortunate acceptance of bad behavior. So they asked:

"What toxic behavior is, for some reason, becoming more accepted at this time?"

Treat your service workers with more respect! And tip accordingly!

I need it now!

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"Instant gratification in all things; politics, dating, job hunts, onboarding at a job, texting. Everything needs to be replied to immediately, you always need to be available. Some things take time for a reason, and I dread the shallow road society is going down."


The Love Search

"There's lots of bad dating advice out there on the internet for both men and women."


"Ah yes, the 'no need to put a label on it' leads to a lot of misunderstanding. If you don't want to actually be dating, say that. It's fine to be just hooking up, no strings, fwb. You both just need to be on the same page to be happy."



"A little out of left field but looks like all the big ones already addressed. People being either unwilling or too lazy to discipline their dogs , letting them get away with all kinds of bad behaviour when they're young because it's cute , then ending up with poor behaviour engrained. True also of children lol."



"Not admitting fault or guilt but instead trying to overpower people even when you're wrong; essentially extreme bluffing and bravado instead of, you know, behaving like an adult and understanding it's not a big deal to be wrong, at least when it's not the world at stake."


Pain Wars

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"Glorification of trauma. My pain is worse than yours because this happened to me on a greater scale or something."


Oh I feel that last one. How are we in a pain competition? We need help.

No Karen

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“'Because I had a bad day/ someone treated me badly, I get to treat you like crap.' This is my everyday life, please make it stop."


'Oh, wow, I hate you'

"Absurd baseless nonsense in political discussions."


"Even just shoving your bullcrap, uninformed political opinion in everyone's face. That used to be one of the off-limits topics of polite conversation (religion being the other one), but now people lead with their crazy a** politics in random discussions with strangers. Man, I just met you, I don't want to go from 'Hi' to 'Oh, wow, I hate you' in like three minutes."


"hug her"

"I knew a girl whose parents got her horse when it was a little baby, and she taught it to 'hug her' well guess what happens when 1 year later the baby is 700lbs? Total nightmare. And now the horse is 1100 lbs as an adult and lives alone in a field and they don't do anything with it because it's 'untrainable and dangerous' Like... we all saw that coming when you let IT behave badly, even other horses don't let foals that aren't their own climb on them."



"So called 'pranks.' If the other person isn't laughing or if you have to say 'chill out bro, it's just a prank' it's not a prank. It's just you being a straight up d**khead to get attention and make yourself feel better by demeaning others... otherwise known as bullying."


Me. Me. ME.

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"Freely disrupting whatever is going on because you have a personal need. For instance, the gym pool is dedicated 3 hours per week to an exercise class. In the middle of class, a swimmer comes in, stops the instructor, and demands to do laps - even though the pool has about 60 people in it."

"I see this all the time. People taking calls in the middle of meetings. People wandering in and out of church like they're watching TV. People behaving in traffic like they're the only one who needs to get somewhere and endangering people in the process. It's just basic disrespect for anything but their own needs."


Bad behavior is bad behavior. And everyone can do better. So shape up.

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