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People Break Down Which Things Only A Wealthy Person Would Know

Reddit user pambannedfromchilis asked: 'What is something only a wealthy person would know?'

Money can be the root of all evil.

But it can also be the root of all happiness.

What a pendulum.

There are some things that money simply makes easier.

And so many wealthy people try to downplay that truth.

Wouldn't it be nice to vacation whenever and wherever?

Or imagine getting sick and not caring about a co-pay or even a bill?

Redditor pambannedfromchilis wanted the wealthy to spill the deets on being wealthy, so they asked:

"What is something only a wealthy person would know?"

Tell me the secrets. Just first let me get a pen and paper.

Private Listings

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"You can opt not to be on those 'wealthiest people' lists - for a price."


"The number of people that actively avoid those lists is far higher than the number of people on those lists. Also, some people actively manage the amount the list shows."


Call Me

"The phone numbers from people who could help you out of any (even bad) situation."


"All you need is one person with the right phone number and worth that level of protection."

There is a neighborhood in Colorado Springs with a large number of former generals, nuclear scientists, corporation directors, etc. Within 5 minutes of a burglary alarm going off, the criminal was dead. I can assure you that the Colorado Springs police can't respond that quickly."



"The less help you need, the more you get."


"You have access to favorable credit lines with better rates than ordinary folk. They just throw money at you when you have money."


"Bob Hope used to say 'a bank is a place that'll lend you money, but only if you can prove you don't need it.'"


Premium Help

"How to fully use a hotel concierge service."


"Was in Australia at a nice hotel. Wanted to go to Royal Observatory but there were no tickets that evening - only the evening we could make it. Ended up in casual conversation with the hotel concierge. At some, told him how much we were enjoying our visit and he asked if there was anything disappointing."

"I said only that we could not get into the Royal Observatory. He said he’d see what he could do, catching me by surprise having been unfamiliar with what a concierge does before then. That night my wife and I were looking at the Jewel Box through the telescope at the Royal Observatory."


Celeb Encounters

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"You can rent celebrities for your private events. Not just musicians, but bonafide actors and actresses."


"I remember a few years ago the founder of Lululemon, Chip Wilson, had the Red Hot Chili Peppers play in his backyard here in Vancouver. We could hear them from the beach below."


If had the money to rent people for private events, Adele would have plans forever!

What is Rent?

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"Have a friend who is moving to the Bay area. To work for a non-profit. Part-time. She didn't know what her salary would be."


Fly High

"Private jets come with different size luggage compartments."


"I mean, do all cars have the exact same size trunk? No, some are roomy as sh*t and some are teeny. It makes sense that different models from different manufacturers would have different sized/shaped compartments, especially given there are some that seat 4 passengers and some that seat 14."



"The difference between an equity country club and a membership country club."


"Some country clubs have vested ownership (ie 100% member-owned) while others are owned by corporations. It really isn't always a prestige thing, many older clubs in the sticks only came about because they were member-owned and built by a group of families."

"Of course, nearly all of today's old-school elite courses started out as member-owned but that doesn't mean all member-owned courses are elite."


"Yeah, this is a good one. Also, the understanding that you can't just walk into most private clubs, write a check for whatever the fee is and become a member. Most of the equity clubs have a white ball/black ball system too, similar to fraternities, where two or three blacks DQ you."


When in Need

"The VIP hotline number at the children's hospital when your kid needs urgent care but there's a big wait in the ER (but your kid isn't sicker than anybody else's kid in the ER), and you won't get to the front of the line. Blew my mind when a very wealthy friend told me he did this for his child (the friend's father was a huge donor to the hospital). More power to him, but there is the wealthy and then there is the wealthy."


The Most Valuable

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"That wealth is not what people see. It's what people don't get to see. That the most valuable asset is not things, but time."


Whoever said money can't buy happiness is lying.

There is the biggest secret.

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