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They say "nothing ventured, nothing gained." Yet many of us are apprehensive about breaking out of our comfort zone.

So how is it that many of us focus on being fearful of the unknown when there is a possibility that our lives can benefit from stepping into a world full of possibilities previously unrealized?

That is the nature of human beings, I suppose. Fortunately, many people who took a leap and tried something new came out on the other side all the better for it.

Curious to hear of these successful leaps, Redditor seesnawsnappy asked:

"What were you skeptical of until you tried it?"

Some people can be tentative about their orifices.

Wax Off

"Getting my ears cleaned by a professional. oh sweet baby jesus."

– Frankuuuuu__

"My husband just did this. He's been deaf in one ear for months, watching tv at top volume and making me crazy. I was cleaning out the bathroom closet and found an ear wax removal kit. He said it took about 45 minutes, but it finally all came out and he could finally hear again."

– idrow1

Tickly Rinse


– XPepeLePewPewX

"I hate having to go anywhere without a bidet!"

– Liu1845

When There Are No Bidets

"Adult wet wipes."

– WiseFool4

These Redditors broke the stigma associated with some drugs.

Sleeping Pill

"Melatonin for insomnia. Thought it was some New Age crap, but it works like a dream for me."

– refried_pancakes



"Struggled with recurring crippling depression from the age of 8, until I was 24. Got put on an SSRI and after 6 months it had brought me out of the depression into a life of feeling genuine joy in life without the fear of feeling the lows as a result."

- Rorcanna

When Seeking Relief

"painkillers. i rarely take them now because i don't want to become an addict, but they really help when i have 10/10 painful period cramps. but recently they had been lacking in help, so my friends suggested i do 2 at a time instead of 1, which really helped.

– Salty_Interaction_32

Life suddenly became more convenient with the following discoveries.

All-Encompassing Life Tool;


– takemegravity

"I was one of the last people still on a Nokia, as the whole world praised smartphones. Can't imagine going back now, though it would be a gift of time - not spending hours scrolling through things and watching videos. If screen time tracking didn't tell me, I'd never believe how many hours I spend doing this!"

– Kartapele

Saving A Trip

"Delivered Groceries."

– cowskeeper

"The only thing that holds me up is that they pick just the first fruit/veg that comes in reach. They don't look for the best one, from what I see when shopping myself and watching the instacart people pick items."

– srirachaninja

The Convert

"Mac Laptops, i've always been a Windows user, never tried a Mac before and I've always thought that Macs were just overpriced hardware that was just used to impress, but I get a new job and they sent me one, and oh boy, now I want one! , really great to work with, easy to use, everything feels high quality. Still feels overpriced to me but now I understand why it may be."

– rosencrantz2014

Trying certain foods expanded the palates of these Redditors.

Sweet And Savory

"Salted Caramel. Salted caramel and I first met when I tried the American chocolate PayDay about 15 years ago. I'm a little over it now but still in the right frequency and volume salted caramel is a win to me."

– Artsy_traveller_82

Slippery And Slimy


– Instant_Noodles45

"Sashimi. Mmmmmm...."

– morosis1982


"Red wine... Hated it when i was in my twenties.. now i love that sh*t."

– Niphilim83

Questionable Drink

"Oat milk. Sh*t sounds sad as f'k, but it straightup slaps."


Not For Everyone

"Pineapple on pizza. I'd heard the jokes about it being a crime against humanity, but I hadn't actually tried it until the pandemic. Turns out it's pretty good. It's an unconventional flavor combination, but it works for me."

– chessrook4242

I'm very picky about TV shows. I like discovering interesting series—regardless of genre—rather than being told what to watch.

When several friends suggested I should watch Breaking Bad, I had no desire. Initial trailers failed to capture my attention.

However, when I watched the pilot episode, I was immediately hooked because of the compelling story and the performances of the amazing cast on the show.

I was very skeptical at first, but I'm very glad I watched the entire series. That was truly one of the best TV dramas I've seen in a really long time.

However, I'm not sure all the buzz about Squid Game will make me want to watch it. I absolutely have no desire, and if I'm "missing out," it's a loss I'm content to live with.

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