People Explain Which Things Scream 'I Peaked In High School'

high school students
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No two people had the same high school experience.

Some of us just can't wait to put the years of popularity cliques, varsity jocks, and drama club nepotism behind them, and find themselves flourishing in their college and professional careers.

For others, high school was the greatest time of their lives, and they remain BFFs with their high school friends and would give anything to spend their afternoons chilling at their local hangout, getting drunk under the bleachers, and reliving their senior prom.

With some exceptions, these are the people who have trouble adjusting to life in college, even professionally.

Some might even say, these are the ones who "peaked" in high school.

Redditor realHDNA was curious to hear what people thought were the telltale signs of people who belonged to this less-than-distinguished club, leading them to ask:
"What screams “this person peaked in high school” to you?"

Let's Be, Like, Entreprenurial!

"Hey girl hey!"

"'Do you wanna be your own boss babe while working from home?!'"

"And its just a pyramid scheme."- Tyler_origami94

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Dude, Get Over It!

"I had a conversation in a bar with a drinking buddy years ago."

"The guy kept going on about 'the one that got away'."

"How perfect she was and their chemistry together, how natural it was, how he hasn't felt that way about any girl since, yadda yadda."

"He was feeling pretty sorry for himself and uninterested in meeting anyone else because they could never compare."

"When I asked how long ago it was that she moved away, he said "8th grade."

"LMFAO."- d*ckbaggery

Reliving The Glory Days

"I graduated in 05."

"I was sitting at a tire shop waiting for my truck to get done and an employee slightly older than me walks up to me and asks me, with no previous interaction, if I played football in high school."

"Wondering where this was going, I responded that I did, but I wasn’t great at it."

"He asked what school I went to, and I told him."

"Then he starts talking about himself."

"How he was 'all conference' and walking me through all of his high school accolades."

"I never asked for this conversation."

"I just sat there wondering why this nearly 40 year old, wildly out of shape, tire shop supervisor was telling me all of this."

"Then just as soon as it started he bid me good day and walked off."

"It was bizarre."

"The best comparison I could make was that he was like the manager 'Dan' from the movie waiting."

"That was his vibe."

"That’s how I knew he peaked in high school."- aznuke

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Still Thinking Mean And Cool Are The Same Thing

"Still acting like a typical 'Mean Girl' when they're damn near (or past) 30."- cpsg1995

"Anyone who bullies other adults as if they were still in High School."- pkeit32

Not Something To Brag About...

"Bragging about high-school hookups in their thirties."- SuvenPan

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Ready, Okay!

"My ex stepmother constantly bragged about being a cheerleader in high school and winning a beauty walk (in a town of like 500 people)."

"She was still bragging about these the last time I saw her."

"She was in her mid 40s."- jewelsforfools

In Case Anyone Needed Reminding...

"One guy I knew literally got our school emblem and mascot in a huge 'CLASS OF 2010' tattooed on his shoulder."- Empowered_Jackfruit

Same Old, Same Old...

"Regularly reposting the same picture of the one notable moment that they had in high school."- MissingDarts

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Taking Others Down To Pick Yourself Up...

"Ridiculing the hobbies of others to make yourself look good."- littlebubulle

But Are They?

"'These are the best years of your life' on repeat."- Spirited_Tadpole_508

When Life Is Still A Popularity Contest

"Almost 10 years after high school a guy asked me if one of my friends 'was popular in high school'."- satirevaitneics

But I Cant Help It That Im Popular Mean Girls GIF by filmeditorGiphy

"The people that ask you to join those MLM schemes selling body wraps or the like."

"Anyone that has a 'salt life' decal on their car when they live nowhere near the ocean or even a salt mine."- Static_Discord

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