The Most Disgusting Things People Have Seen Someone Do Without Any Shame

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Most people know what behavior is socially acceptable and what is not. While society shouldn’t force us to conform or dictate what we can and cannot do, some social norms help us determine what may or may not be appropriate for a certain setting.

For example, there is no reason for a kid to grab someone’s lunch box, throw up in it, and unapologetically hand it back to the owner. I only wish I was kidding.

The thing is, disgusting things like this happen a lot, and a lot of the time, the person who is doing the disgusting thing is not embarrassed or ashamed.

Redditors have seen this happen first hand and are only too eager to share their experiences.

It all started when Redditor Killmunger asked:

“What’s the most disgusting thing you’ve seen someone do with no shame?”

Refund Please!

"Working customer service at Walmart I once had a customer take off her very worn, very smelly shoes and put them on the counter looking for a refund because the insole in one of them was coming apart. It was a brand we hadn't even carried in four or five years."

– stephers85

"And I bet they refunded her too. My manager refunded a sh*t-filled blanket someone’s kids had destroyed that we didn’t even sell once."

– evillalafell

Too Hard To Find The Bathroom

"A guy walked into the restaurant I was working in, tried to open the door going to the store room and realized it wasn't a bathroom. He then proceeded to pee on the door right in front of people eating at the table near it then walked out."

– bevlewisfan123

"Not me but my manager, walked into the "warehouse " at work and someone dropped a duce by the emergency exit."

"We had signs on the door in English and Spanish that it was not the bathroom."

"We has public restrooms and people would routinely smear feeces in the walls. Who ? And why at dollar tree?"

– notyourmama827

Kids Will Be...Gross?

"I was on a commuter train that broke down for about 20 minutes. Sitting across from me were a brother and sister, probably about 12-13. Their dad was next to me. The kids started licking each other's faces, then picking each other's noses. Dad was totally unfazed. Yeah. Had to find another seat before I threw up."

– SaintElmo54

Sick From Money

"Saw a customer at work sneeze into his hand full of change and give it to my coworker. I didn’t have time to warn her tho"

– amywhorlow

"Worked at a burger place, we had some right dirty regulars, and twice they paid their bill in coins. Just dumped these dirt-covered filthy moist coins into my hand."

"They would pick up old receipts from outside then come in complaining something missing from their order too."

– Mardanis

Needed A Fix

"Ok so once I had a patient who was in the ICU after suffering a brain bleed (subarachnoid hemorrhage) from a ruptured cerebral aneurysm. She was a BIG smoker and obviously couldn’t smoke in the hospital. She was also a big drinker, couldn’t drink in the hospital, and the location of her aneurysm and therefore most of her brain dysfunction was in the frontal lobe area. Frontal lobe injury causes disinhibition and people just generally act totally nutty. So all these things combined made her totally delirious and wild."

"Anyway her brain bleed had caused increased pressure in her brain, so she had a small drain tube in place that went through her skull into the inside of her brain to both monitor the pressure and allow cerebrospinal fluid to drain out to help offload the pressure while the swelling from the bleed was going down."

"One day we were called to the room by her nurse, who found that she had somehow CHEWED HER VENTRICULAR DRAIN in half and was attempting to smoke it. She had the tube draining from her brain INSIDE HER MOUTH. It was vile. Vile."

"This same woman also somehow managed to get out of her bed in the ICU and sh*t in the trash can."

"The brain is a mysterious thing."

– Sp4ceh0rse

Scratching His Skin Off

"I work with this guy who has a skin condition, not sure what it is I don’t think even he knows tbh because he’s the type of person who will not go to the doctors. Anyway fair enough he’s got a skin condition where it’s flakey."

"BUT he scratches and he scratches and he scratches and his skin goes everywhere and he does not care. He’s a delivery driver for the store I work at and the other drivers will come in furious because the dash board, the seats, the floor everything is snowed in with flakes of skin."

"It’s got to the point my manager has had to take him aside and say you need to clean up after yourself. And has given him a handheld vacuum which he still does not use"

– cherryprincessy

Middle Schoolers...

"Kid in middle school ran and dove into super long trough urinal, slid down it baseball style the whole length."

– GhostOfaFormerSelf

"That's almost as impressive as it is disgusting."

– WookieeSlayer97

Not Something I'd Want To See

"I watched a middle-aged man take his shoes off and clip his toenails onto the floor in a waiting area at Logan airport. From the phone conversation he was having at the same time, it appeared that he was a mental health professional."

– auntieboing

Apparently, Anything Can Be Snack

"Pick little cotton balls or whatever it was from under their sweaty arm cast and eat it."

– postedUpOnTheBlock

"The devil's cotton candy."

– I_Fart_Cum_Bubbles

"Omg that shocked me. I never would have guessed the end of that sentence. My jaw literally dropped."

– penelopepusskat

Should've Been A Firable Offense!

"I was the only woman in an otherwise all male office, and we had one bathroom. We all took turns cleaning it, and I was fine doing my part."

Until we figured out that the reason it always smelled bad was because a 60 year old man was urinating on the floor (there was a drain) and not the toilet."

My boss said something to him, and he shrugged and said “my wife cleans up after me at home.” He was told his wife doesn’t work here, but it didn’t matter and he kept doing it."

From then on out I refused to use that bathroom, and started going down the street to the gas station every time I needed to go. Since I wasn’t using it, I didn’t have to help keep it clean and there was no f**king way I was going to help keep that bathroom clean when a grown a** man was literally peeing on the floor."

– avotoastwhisperer

Simply Wasteful

"At a music festival, walking past a garbage bin, my buddy walks up to it to throw something in. He looks inside, bends in, comes out again holding half a kebab and goes 'look at what people throw away!' and proceeds to eat it.

E, you f**king legend."

– ilikedmatrixiv


"MIL uses her own hair to floss… while at the dinner table"

– maiatherm1205

"This is simultaneously really disgusting and also a really good use of available resources."

– I_Upvote_Goldens

What Happens In Vegas

"First that comes to mind, working at a casino, there was this one lady who smoked SO much, she complained the servers weren't bringing her new ash trays often enough, started ashing on her tongue. One time I watched her put out a cigarette butt on the machine, then f**king eat it"

– vonkeswick

Not That Kind Of Cake

"I drinking partner I once knew was very much a "shock and awe" kinda fella. He would come out with the most insane stuff but was incredibly funny and intelligent. My opinion changed on the last adjective when he went to the men's room and came out with one of the yellow urinal cakes. He put it in his mouth and ate it. to this day I don't know how he did it, but it was just really weird and disgusting."

– climber80hd

Yeah, that's enough for me too!

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