In this day and age of advancement, it's crazy how so many things leave our heads scratching.

Like how in 2022 is such and such still around?

Everyone in New York wondered that for the past decade until they took the final payphone.

I always wonder about companies that still make you send a fax.

Y'all have heard of email right?

Redditor Pineapple_WarpDrive wanted to compare notes on why we think certain things and parts of life are not yet obsolete this late in the game of time. They asked:

"It’s 2022, what shouldn’t exist now?"
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People Break Down Which Things They Can't Believe Still Exist In 2022
Photo by zero take on Unsplash

With all of the advancements in every field over the century, how are some things still so behind?

Shouldn't we be in flying cars?

Why are we still fuel-dependent?

Who in the world is STILL listening to Justin Bieber?!

Redditor joyce_kap wanted to discuss the things we can't shake, even in this modern day. They asked:

"What can't you believe still exists in 2022?"
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People Share Their Best Predictions For 2022
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Looking back on the year, 2021 was not that much of a departure from the mess that was 2020.

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