People can't function sometimes without being a magnet for drama. The good thing is, these people are also usually extremely bad at hiding their propensity for being involved in said drama.

People who put things on their social media like "I probably hate you," or something of the kind. You know immediately to run in the other direction.

So when u/P*rnflakes122 asked:

"What screams 'that person that everyone hates?'"

Here were some of those answers.

Soyyy Drama Free

"'Drama free!! F**k the haters! I'm so real everyone else just can't handle it, people are just soooo fake.'"

"Usually embroiled in drama nonstop and their personality is about as deep as an inflatable toddler pool."-inducedjoy


"Calls all mandatory meetings at 4:30 on Fridays."

"She will also push those meetings last minute to 5:30 because she's on client calls and regularly schedules stuff at noon because 'that's when everyone is available, you can just have lunch later.'"

"No, we can't... The one hour we're all available is lunch is because we're busy the other working hours of the day. The lack of respect for the team's time is wild."

"When we suggested maybe noon and 5:30 weren't great times for all hands meetings that should have been an email, she started scheduling them for 7:30am to respect our time. So considerate."-A_giant_dog

This Is Just Rude

"I was hanging out with the cute co-worker in the dining room between service. I guess the sunlight was shining on me, and she says, 'Y'know Bokb, I really love how you have such bright blue eyes and brown hair!'"

"I simply nodded and smiled really big, and she continues: 'I bet you were really handsome when you were younger.'"

"Yeah, big oof."-Bokb3o

Like, when someone does or says these things, you can't help but think about how much you'd rather they just sink into the void of oblivion.

Not Worthy Of Accolades

"If a person makes a big deal out of doing something that they should be doing anyway."

"EG: 'I take care of my kids,' 'I always tell the truth,' 'I'm always on time for work,' 'I shower regularly' etc etc that person is best avoided. They're usually anything but what they claim to be."-Johhnymaddog316

Run Away! Run Far Far Away!

"I have a co-worker that will cut your story off mid sentence to one up you with their own story that's barely even related to the topic at hand."

"They are so self involved (and long winded) that people will see him in the break room, and decide to take the elevator to one of the other break rooms on another floor. Lmao..."

"To clarify; Most of his stories are about how awesome New Jersey/New York is and how stupid Washington Staters are."

"After a while of being made fun of by him, I just wanna scream 'If you love Jersey so much, then MOVE BACK TO JERSEY!'"-conflictmuffin

Yeah, Don't Be A Jerk To Retail Workers

"Yelling at a checkout clerk at Walmart."

"I mean like seriously what could they have done to you to make you that upset. Maybe you need some anger management training."

"This happened at the self check out lane so I don't know what the Walmart check out clerk could have even done. I was in the next lane and my back was to this woman so I didn't see what happened."

"But this women kept yelling at the clerk 'I want to talk to your manager right now !!!'"

"Eventually they both walked up to the service desk together to get a manager. I felt sorry for the clerk ( and the manager !)"-Tuesday2017

You Really Need A New Outlet, Bro

"I know a guy that radiates insecurity about his masculinity."

"Any times he sees a person park slightly too close to his car, he starts going off about hypotheticals where if they scratched his paint, he'd slash their tires or he'd pull out his collapsible baton from his trunk and beat them up."

"He generally lies about anything and wants everyone to know that he is the strongest person in the room. He once told us that he did 100 lb arm curls with his shoulder dislocated."

"And how he has to constantly fight his sister every time he goes home because she is always trying to stab him, and that's how he learned hot to knife fight."

"Of course he also get really angry any time you even hint that he is exaggerating. He no kidding once punched himself in the face 5 times and spent the rest of the day pouting when someone told him that they didn't believe his stories.
Needless to say, no one enjoys talking to him."-

A moment around these people is enough to want to spend a lifetime avoiding them.

Just The Worst Person Ever

"Overly competitive for no reason, even on co-op games. If you win they get butthurt, if they win they throw it in your face. Makes jokes at other people's expense. Also can't ever take a joke back."

"Never grew out of the middle school days of bulling (wet willies, bean dips, wedgies, etc). Yells in arguments of any sort in order to 'win' the argument or not letting the other person talk."

"Pretends like they have never done anything wrong, even if they just did 10 mins beforehand. Finds the most low self esteem person in a group and puts them down to make themselves feel better about themselves."

"Will literally say something along the lines of: 'Yeah I know I'm an a**hole, you can ask any of my friends.'"-AskinggAlesana

Always The Victim, Never The Perpetrator

"Had a boyfriend for years who's ex wife was constantly making 'new best friends' with everyone. I finally met her, she seemed nice enough. Next thing you know she's inviting me over, wants me to do all kinds of stuff with her."

"My bfs mom called me and said don't trust her. His brother said don't trust her. My stupid self trusted her."

"Our 'friendship' posted about two weeks before she called CPS on my kid for mooning her kid. They were both 7. She said 'What about the trauma my child and I suffered because of you and your child?'"


Leave It In High School Bub

"There was a guy I went to school with up until the end of high school, and everyone (even teachers) hated him. He would constantly annoy everyone."

"He'd start sh*t with people for absolutely no reason. He'd interrupt the class regularly. He tried to act tough but when someone stepped up to him, he'd run away. He was nearly universally disliked everywhere he went."

"I had the misfortune of running into him a few months ago and he's still the same sh*t disturber he always was."

"He hasn't grown up, and he tried dragging me into petty drama that I frankly don't have the time nor patience for anymore. I told him not to speak to me again, and blocked him on everything I could think of."-yeetgodmcnechass

These people are peppered throughout the world and thankfully, are walking red flags that people can spot from miles away. However, that doesn't mean you can't start with caution in case one of them is hiding amongst the "normal" people.

The victims, the drama stirrers, the jerks, the bullies-they aren't worth your time or space. Don't give it to them.