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Chances are you remember what a cringeworthy idiot you were in school, especially when you expressed interest in another classmate. Don't blame yourself: It's practically impossible to come off smoothly at that age; you become suave with both time and experience.

But your teachers remember what an embarrassing little mess you were, we're sorry to say, thanks to Redditor red_x21, who asked today's burning question: "Teachers of Reddit, what's the Romantic thing a student has done for someone they liked, that failed terribly?"

"I was teaching..."


I was teaching a class of second- and third-graders some years ago and one of my little boys sent a note to a little girl in his class with 'I love you' scrawled on it, covered with hearts and smiley faces.

Her response? 'You are stupid'.

I had to leave the room to cry my eyes out laughing in the corridor.


"During our first game..."

Used to coach a coed middle school basketball team.

One of the girls on the team was barely 4' tall but fast af. She was an awesome point guard but not much of a scorer. The kid who played center was this nerdy kid who was kind of a bully. We constantly had to put him in time out during practice. But every time he was put with on the girls team, he started to behave and try his best. We just kind of went with it. After awhile, he started to only pass the ball to her. If he got a rebound, pass it to her. Someone passed him the ball, pass it to her. He picks the ball up off the ground, pass it to her. It was all this kid did. We coaches just let it go, but this kid was obviously starting to crush on her.

During our first game with another school, we were losing pretty badly. We expected it but tried to make it at least fun for the kids. Center kid kept passing to point guard girl and the other team eventually picked up on it. At one point, 3 players are marking her and he tries forcing a pass. The other team goes on a fast break. This girl walks up to him and yells "Stop passing to me all the time. I don't like you." and the boy runs off the court crying. I had to have a fun conversation with an 11 year old boy with about not smothering girls if you like them.


"I'm a teacher..."

I'm a teacher, so officially I can answer this... But it was one of my classmates, ages ago.

He was super into a girl I knew and he acted like she was some unobtainable wonder. She was kinda to be fair, because all the usual stuff hadn't worked on her.

So he wrote and drew a comic book. 60 pages, in which she was the hero and he was there as a romantic interest.

He presented it to her. She was kinda polite about it, but couldn't handle all this attention. And the class, in which he had been seen a nice enough guy up until then, people categorised him more as a r/niceguys kind of person.


"Last I saw..."

Former 9th grade science teacher here:

The class bookworm finally got the guts to talk to the sweet, quiet girl that shared his class schedule. He approached her before classes started one day with a heart-shaped box of chocolates and a rose. He presented his gifts to her and asked if she'd like to sit next to him every period. She was immediately flattered and blushed. For the rest of the day, the two could be seen holding hands down the hall, sharing sweet gestures, and just smiling at each other in general. I had trouble keeping their attention on the lesson. Even as classes ended, that rose never left her hand. All-in-all, seemed cute... until the next day.

Just before classes started, a fight broke out in the hall. Turns out, bookworm and three other boys (including a senior) were getting into it because sweet, quiet girl told each of them separately that they were her boyfriend. Not sure what punishment, if any,was brought down on the four boys, but the principal thought it was ridiculous and tried to make the whole incident forgotten.

Last I saw, the girl would only be seen hanging with the senior boy after that.


"Not really..."

Not really a fail, but awkward. 13 year old boy wanted to give his gf a Christmas gift. He waited until the end of first block and just kind of threw it on the desk. (They shared a desk pairing) It was a necklace. Her friends had to help her put it on as he was already out of the room by the time she opened it.


"He gave..."

He gave a girl an entire set of the hunger games movies and she got really weirded out by him after that.



Tried beating up some kids to win her affection, of course it didn't work out.



Compiled the conversations of their web chat and wrote a love letter in the form of a diary. He let his friends look through it before confessing to the girl and yeah. It didn't turn well for him when the girl became embarrassed and stormed out as everyone talked about it in the class.


"There was this one kid..."


There was this one kid who was bullied quite a bit and she made a big card for her crush on valentines day (these are 4th graders so they still have the party and hand out valentines), crush gets deeply embarrassed and kid gets picked on even more.



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